Cure of diabetes - Goondh, Barley, Wheat & Kalounji

My Blood sugar level tested last week showed fasting:219 and post:293. I am on medicine continuously since 5 years.  My doctor suggested to go for insulin.  Then I read about this cure for diabetes using Goondh, Barley, Wheat and Kalounji in this site. I thought for giving it a try.  I prepared this cure at home and have been taking it on empty stomach every day since 1 week.  I am taking allopaty medicine also along with daily walk for 30 min.  I tested my BS level today which showed fasting:127 and post:219, which is a great lot improvement.  Now I have starting taking the magic medicine on alt days.  I would definitely recommend to try atleast once sincerely.  Thanks a lot.


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  • Could you please describe the preparation of this medicine including the quantity.

  • Take all the ingredients : Barley, Goondh, Wheat and Kalounji 100 gms each.  Put them in water (about 2 litres) and let it boil for 10 mins.  Let the solution cool.  Filter the solution and keep it in a bottle.  Take a cup of solution daily on empty stomach in the first week and alternate days for next 1 week.  Please do continue with your medicines/ walking/excercise.  Try this cure and then decide.

  • Can we keep the bottle out of fridge or in fridge

  • It is useless.Please go through the following:

  • Also go through the following:

  • You are living in a fool's paradise!

  • :)

  • Mike. it works.

    you white skin peoples send us mails on diabetes, first give a long lecture , brain wash and then try to sell the book. Pl. stop. writing fool's paradise.

    You prople make fool of others.  Go to some of mails .

  • Mike

    you may be right but let the people try these harmless substances and decide. I'm also skeptic about its efficacy on diabetes but it can have a placebo effect and make the users aware that they are diabetics and have to control diet.

  • This is very old formula I got it in 2012 itself I was enthusiastic about this as it was mentioned  that Dr. Alamadi  of Bombay developed this medicine and permanently cure one old and chronic diabetic patient. I prepared it and started using since next day itself ! but I hardly affected my numbers I continued for about a month and was checking my numbers on regular basis on my glucometer but, I could not find any appreciable change in my condition so I discontinued. To me LWMR and LCHF worked better than this medicine. There should not be any problem in preparing this MEDICINE as all the ingredients are commonly available everywhere. But, every individual is unique and it may be possible that this preparation works certain special kind of persons.     

  • How prepare this combination

  • there is no doctor by nane mr. Almadi & we hav tried this on 5 ppl including my self  but no mprovement

  • I think I read about this Doctor who is Dr Almeida. I also tried but it was of no use.

  • This hoax is circulating on net since 2008 starting from yahoo group, IIRC

    useless  & junk

  • Please tell me the preparation

  • useless.

  • I advise you to try bgr 34 medicine for a early recovery from high sugar levels.more over you can also take herbal guru prashadam after having full details from website .guru prashadam .com. which is a miracle for sugar patient and curing a no. Of other diseases.

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