The tech team behind the software development should consider this as a feature request:

(1) Add a FEATURE to IGNORE Users.

(2) If someone IGNORES a USER then none of his/her posts would be visible to user who ignores the given user till ignore is removed.

This would help in Ignoring few habitual trolls who have no better job to do than just provoke others, pass judgement on others.

Many professional forum software has this feature. If implemented I would be the one to pit on ignore five or six users who are constantly trying to PROVOKE. Putting them on IGNORE List and boom -- their messages would not be shown to me. I would really want not to see messages from Habitual Trolls to be shown on my feed.

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  • Simple and very common quote feature is absent. Search gives irrelevant data.

  • More than forum, this is a blog style posting S/W.

  • he he is very trivial ...

  • ignore/block feature is very much required...many posts are distracting ...over all block score of an user along with report to admin feature r can be used as measure to block a user from site :) simple thing ...worth giving it a try :)

    Why are non-diabetic people allowed to post in forum...that does not make sense ...they are the ones creating most of the nuisance ...diabetics are busy taking care of their valuable health :)

  • Yes.

    Report to admin looks like doesn't work. Else trolls and provocation of last four days would have stopped. So, looks like report to admin has hit some bug.

  • he he...customized bug :) 

  • I can take the hints so can understand what you mean.

    Very loaded phrase - "customized bug" :)

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