What to Learn from the New 2015 Nutritional Guidelines | Mar 21, 2016

What to Learn from the New 2015 Nutritional Guidelines | Mar 21, 2016

The new nutritional guidelines from the United States departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture were recently released. These guidelines are updated every five years and provide Americans with new answers on what to eat and what not to eat. Each year, the guidelines carry a similar tone: Eat more fruits and vegetables, and cut down on foods high in salt, sugar and cholesterol. Yet a few things also changed this year. Here’s what you should know about the new nutritional guidelines. They come with recommended diets  

The average American may know some things about nutrition, but not much. So when the guidelines come out every five years, it can be difficult for people to truly understand the ramifications of what these health organizations are saying. Sure, people might understand the overall message, but applying it to everyday meals can be hard.

 On average, Americans consume much more than the recommended amounts of sodium, sugar, saturated fats and red meats. A large part of the reason why has to do with our diets.

Now, the guideline writers have come to realize this and have included three recommended diets for Americans, so people can easily apply these suggestions to their meals each day. The three diets vary based on people’s lifestyles and preferences. - See more at:


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  • Expect 0.5% growth in diabetic population in next 5 years, much in line with the history of last 35 years of such a  useless-in-hindsight guideline -- 35 years and diabetes grew by four times and diabetes care industry becomes a 800+ billion dollar enterprise. Target seems to be 1 trillion US dollars by 2020 when next guideline will come.

    Healthy diet which increases diabetes, obesity, CVD, CHD every year as numbers prove. Only thing getting healthier is the balance sheet of drug companies.

  • washingtonpost.com/news/won...

    The above link speaks of: 

    USDA now recommending eggs

    Dietary cholesterol is not associated with increased serum cholesterol 

    Skipping breakfast is not a hazard. 

    Many more. Please see the link 

  • It  will be a great  help our 

    National institute of nutrition hyderabad 

    Translates all these to Indian Conditions. 

    Good luck. 

  • Funny isn't it that we as a species have been around for 200,000 of years (ancestors for 6 million) and have managed without the benign interference of government.

    Yet since the flawed research of Ancel Keys and the McGovern committee in the 70's we have had a string of recommendations you would have thought would be absolutely on the money  by now. 

    Yet look where we are - fat and sick - and that's just for starters! Your grandparents knew more than the recommendations of those clowns in the pocket of the lobbyists representing the agricultural, pharmaceutical, and chemical companies.

    Don't believe me? Look up the committee and see who sponsors them! 

  • Ignore the authority and all will improve.

    USDA, whose job is to sell "GRAINS" shouldn't even be involved in formulating dietary guidelines. 35 years of High Carb Low Fat nonsense and Diabetes grew by 4 times. What more proof does one need? My Grandma knows more than USDA about what's healthy and what's not.

    No self respecting French woman of his time would ever eat what's there in the lower end of the FAILED USDA PYRAMID.That's what Garry Taubs said :)

    BASF and Monsanto promoting the idea that GMO is healthy too.

    Someone called Pizza a Vegetable just because "Tomato" ketchup gets served with it :D :D

    Using Ancel keys style research, once can prove that using kerosene will reduce diabetes :


  • Ask any parent or grandparent in the fifties what makes you fat. Invariably they would say 'bread and potatoes'. As would any French pâté farmer fattening geese. For heaven's sake if you want to fatten ANY animal (we're talking us here people) you stuff them full of CARBOHYDRATE. 

    Am I chiming with anyone?

  • Preaching to the converted here, Mike. its probably coincidental, but everywhere I turn these days, someone is talking about lchf diets, and all related matters. The word must be taking root by now, surely  at grass root level at least. 

  • Or am I being naive?

  • Hi Jan - a little!

    Yes the word is getting out, but it's a long drag down fight. I've been on the case for around 7 years chipping away. It won't be from top down with their vested interests, but from intelligent discerning people who have access to the internet and can show the science and the RESULTS.

  • I will be doing my bit when I next have a check up, with fbt s showing dramatic improvement across the board (hopefully). Plus my charts to show the clear difference in my bg levels. I am confidently expecting to stun my diabetic nurse and will explain how I got to this point. Onwards and upwards! 

  • I'd be really interested in your results Jan, make sure of a long fast the evening before testing, and post what they are.

  • "Closing a water tap stops the increase of water level of the bucket under it". Nothing great in it.

  • Actually that's a wrong analogy often stated by people who haven't understood even basics of LCHF. Since it has been "wrongly" quoted over and over again, time to clear the misconception. Correct analogy is:

    "We let the tap running just sufficiently to ensure that the bucket doesn't overflow. There's always some headroom left."

    Liver stores around 120 gms glycogen. So we keep our taps set at 100 grams per day as max leaving a headroom of 20 grams per day. That's the stricter version of Swedish LCHF which has cut off for carbs at 20%. Just explaining so that people don't make the same mistake of quoting that wrong "Closing the tap" analogy and then MISGUIDE others who are trying to understand LCHF. 

    LCHF doesn't mean ZERO CARB (ie it doesn't mean closing the tap). For some LCHF wrongly means EAT MEAT EAT FAT. It's not so. We have Indian diabetics who are vegetarian and on LCHF diet. shrisamarth is one such vegetarian Indian diabetic on LCHF diet.

  • The analogy is not wrong. You have agreed that tap is  closed partially. I also did not say that tap is closed completly.

    So both are same.

    Partial closing of tap also cause artificial deprivation. That is why an alternate input route of high fat becomes imperative.

    In my village people describe it as closing a whole wirh darkness.

  • So morning is same thing as afternoon and evening is same as night by your TAP explanation because morning is just partly sun out or evening is just partly sun down? 

    Not sure how many scientists (or even a layman) will agree if I say evening is same thing as night or morning is same thing as afternoon. 

    Is your village diabetes free? It should be if healer is there and the long wheat is available mostly in south. Seven years time, all should be completely cured.

    Don't expect any more replies from me on this.

  • I will, but it's a few weeks to my next check up. I will ask specifically for a gamma gt test, as  a rise in g gt is what alerted my doctor to a liver problem a couple of years ago. I will also ask if they could do another liver scan, but I don't think that is very likely. If the tests are all good they will not want to bother. But I would love to have proof. Re your advice about fasting before testing, I have noticed that even after up to 14 hours of fasting overnight, my bg can be slightly raised (7.0 to 8.0 ish) . I know there is an explanation, and I intend to discuss this with the nurse. She is not a fan of everyday testing so I expect an interesting conversation! 

  • Yes.if it had any beneficial long term results, all would have fallen for it. It did not require so much of canvassing and hard preaching 

  • The advice given by USDA is for americans.We indians would follow what is beneficial to us. Let us follow LCHF and stay disease free. Karim

  • Sadly, the USDA and the philosophy that they espouse has travelled the world like a virus. No society is immune.

  • USDA recommendations are based on which industry should benefit 

    They 1st demonized fats so that they can sell their oils 

    They recommend 10 tsps of sugar so that we consume sugar Instead of local Jaggery 

    Etc etc etc 

    These recommendations will be blown away by our grandmother's wisdom.. be it western or indian grandmoms. 

  • Yes, food industry is the vehicle through which they make the population sick and then Pharma giants step in to make sure you are on some drug or the other for life long.

  • This is an unfounded allegation without proof based on prejudice and to advertise your own theory.

  • These guidelines are just a rehash of the Failed USDA Food Pyramid and will just achieve more drug sales and finally fail like the Food Pyramid. AS long as the paradigm remains unchanged all these things are an eye wash.

  • aks666 

    Yes, and I find these "rehashes" being advertised more aggressively out here than LCHF. Every second day there's a new thread on LOW fat whereas a new thread on LCHF can be counted on finger tips.