Diabetes Diet Care For Special Conditions as per Ayurvedic concept

Diabetes Diet Care For Special Conditions as per Ayurvedic concept.

Sushrut Ayurved says

”,We all know that diabetes leads to several health complication and we all understand that diabetes requires diet and lifestyle modifications. However, we often fail to realize that we develop a complication of diabetes, we need to further modify our diet to address the special condition as well. Some of the complications include hypertension, increased lipid or cholesterol levels, heart disease and kidney disease.

Based on the complication, in addition to managing the blood glucose levels, your dietary goals may also include managing cholesterol, blood pressure, minimizing electrolyte intake and also weight management.

It becomes critical to take a special care of the meal plan and balance food with medications. It is best to consult a physician or diabetes educator at such stage. However, here are general dietary guidelines for some common complications of diabetes, to get you started.

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  • Concepts of cholesterol never existed in olden times

    It's a recent concept. 

    This link leads to some commercial site selling expensive products in the name of Ayurveda 

  • in old times there was no pet method to know the level of cholesterol etc.

  • That's why they were free of worries 

  • The whole cholesterol scam started once LDL testing became available somewhere around 70's of last centiry. Then started the experiment of feeding the rabbit with cholesterol to show that cholesterol chokes arteries. Obviously it will choke in rabbits :)

    Then Uncle Keys came up with a brilliantly fudged study.

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