Eating Every 2 Hrs - A Solution Or An Expensive Band Aid?

It's often heard that eat every 2 hrs to control blood sugar. Is this a solution or an expensive (to the Nation) Band Aid put in place in an attempt to try and cover the impact of most horrible diet to a diabetic -- High Carb Low Fat :

Smokers waste up to 45 minutes per day and this adds up to nearly 16 hrs per month ie 16 man hours per month cost to the nation. Now let's extend this loss of productive time to this theory of eating every 2 hrs.

(1) Normal lunch breaks at workplace are 30 minutes.

(2) 9 to 6 job means need to eat 4 times as per eat every 2 hr theory. This means 3 additional breaks beyond the official one.

(3) Even if one creates a world record on eating fast, each break would take a min of 5 minutes to eat, wash hands, drink water etc.

(4) 3 additional breaks means 15 min of national productive time lost.

(5) Considering around 20 million diabetics in India and around half being professionally active (conservative figure), total man hour lost per day if all were to follow this 2 hr eating schedule = 2.5 million man hours/day

Multiply by the average cost per man hour for the workforce in India and that would be the loss to nation. Do the math to compute the annual loss . It would be in billions of rupees per year. This is just for the productive time wasted on eating -- NATIONAL LOSS.

In addition, humans aren't designed to be grazing whole day -- ie eating every 2 hrs.

BTW, what does a diabetic travelling from Boisar to Churchgate (Mumbai) and vice versa for daily work do? Eat in local train where one cannot even stand on two legs comfortably? How? And, eat what? Low Fat Potato Chips?

So, just like the horrible diet, this eating every two is an expensive Band Aid and not a solution. 

We diabetics on LCHF diet don't even bother about eating beyond the regular meals or calorie counting. Many of us even comfortably skip a meal -- Intermittent fasting. Needless to say, we have far better control of blood sugar, lipids etc on far less drugs.

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65 Replies

  • The problem is that we have stopped thinking 

    So medical science needs more of engineers like you who think of "Cause Effect"

    Only this thinking will get LCHF to the mainstream 

    Else the fear still persists and all have closed their mind 

    Even if nothing could be conclusively proven against LCHF 

  • Doesn't the drug industry thrive on creating FEAR and then marketing its drugs against that fear? As the ex chief editor of NEJM (New England Journal Of Medicine) said -- first the industry convinces that you have a condition and then markets a drug to cover that condition. Simple example is one of the most over-prescribed (and perhaps useless) drug on earth -- STATINS. There's no proof that Cholesterol is responsible for CVD/CHD and yet STATINS is a BILLION DOLLAR industry.

    Medical Science has becomes so advanced that there's no healthy human left on planet earth.

    Yes, you aer right. We have to have people who start looking outside of "Marketing Pamphlets" of various associations. We have to ask ourtself -- why does a pill for headache cost 10 paisa and a one month dose for one steroid post organ transplant cost Rs 60,000? Are chemicals so expensive to manufacture or is it a case of profiting out of human "FEAR" against "DEATH"?

  • True 

  • Sorry I missed on one point --

    There's absolutely NO PROOF against LCHF. Guys who talk against LCHF should also know that pouring VOO over Pizza doesn't make it LCHF. I am saying this because Joslin did some experiment on few (7 or 11) Type 1 diabetics by lacing a bun with butter to show that FAT increases insulin consumption.

    In reality, look at latest case of MRA13 -- Her insulin consumption declined from 22 to 6 as last reported. This is on LCHF and not the Joslin version of HIGH FAT experiment. Problem is these bodies are scared of LCHF diet as it HITS the drug industry very hard. Look at Naqsh -- she posted today -- two years of drug free life. She had switched to LCHF after trying everything else.  :)

  • Other than vague warnings no one could say anything adverse about LCHF 

    But adverse effects of high carbs... We are seeing it and still,are blind to it

  • 35 years of HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense and Diabetes has grown by four times. 

    This is what so called HEALTHY AND BALANCED nonsense has given the world. Now, in my city, even 8 year old KIDS have diabetes. Thanks to another bit of nonsense that comes from companies like KELLOGG, General Mills (both companies are facing declining sales of Breakfast cereals in developed countries so dumping it in India, China, Africa) and all those "Hep n Upmarket" soda/drinks companies which show on TV how Sonali Bendre's son goes crazy for packaged "Pomegranate Juice"

    Vague warnings without any science to it is just TRASH. The associations want their donations to be safeguarded so they spread "FEAR" :)

  • Frequent eating is like mud-coating a wound.

  • Rightly said.

  • Leaving aside wastage of time, and it's impact on productivity and efficiency, is this approach even effective in controlling BS?

  • Gives a false sense of satisfaction. It's like driving from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and filling fuel every 2 hrs. Who would do that?

    Human digestive system also needs rest but wonder what these experts were smoking when they suggest this useless and expensive-to-nation theory of 24X7 grazing. All just to cover their own mistake of calling HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense as HEALTHY & Balanced?

  • Eat max three meals in a day to satisfaction. 

  • Yup. Experts should also look at cost benefit analysis for the nation, instead of just try and protect the financial interests of the food and drug industry.

  • Have yet to come across someone who has controlled their diabetes by eating every two hours. a sufficient gap between meals, on the other hand, works wonders for reducing my BS.

  • Eating every 2 hrs is a HORRIBLE Idea, no matter who designed it. We should always question the authority instead of just following them blindly.

  • Exactly!

  • 16:8 is most ideal condition. I am sure you would be aware of how a diabetic -- Anu -- on Vegan diet for years couldn't manage to go down below 7 and hit 5.x once she switched to LCHF with 16:8 rule of Intermittent Fasting daily.

    You yourself have dropped TWO Drugs after 25 years of diabetes history and managed A1C of 5.x. This is the power of NOT EAT every TWO Hours :)

  • do you manage to keep track of people with their history :) Thats amazing and infact it shows your dedication towards helping people

  • karch 

    LCHF diet does good things to brain too -- besides diabetes, skin, dental health, lipids, hypertension. 

    VCO does amazing things. I just have to read once to remember it for life. I can also recall names of all people who have insulted and abused diabetics on LCHF on this forum :)

  • How is VCO good for brain and what about non diabetic people ?I think it will increase the weight of non -diabetics

  • MCT doesn't go thru Lymphatic system. MCT cannot be stored. It gets shunted thru portal vein to liver where it is converted to energy and so It can only be disposed off as energy. 

    This is why, Dr Peter Attia (one of my undisputed favorite - also because he is an engineer before he became a surgeon doctor so he  looks at everything with an engineering mind too) says this and his day starts with 30 ml pure MCT (which would be roughly 50 ml VCO as VCO is roughly 2/3 MCT

    Weight gain is because of High Residual Insulin in blood. High insulin is a feature of High Carb Low fat nonsense.

    1 TBSP VCO == 2 slices of bread in terms of energy with ZERO spike in blood sugar/insulin.

    BTW, FAT metabolism = Ketones. Ketones are jet fuel for brain too :)

  • Anup

    how about coconad from klf. It contains 90% sf of which 47% is lauric. Asking because its very economic 187/ l at your door step. Half the price of vco. Vco has 52% lauric of its sf content.

  • KLF's normal coconut oil is not RBD as per their site. So it should not be a problem.

    Whether VCO or CO lauric acid will remain the same.

  • Thanks. That's my thinking too. I have used coconad and found no difference tastewise and lookwise.

  • What is this "granules" controversy in Coconad? I have never seen granules in VCO. So, why in this version of non RBD?

    Difference between 187 and 500 (lowest) is too big and that raises some suspicion.

  • I'm using it. I don't find any granules inside nor am i aware of any controversy.

    Tests good. Looks good.

  • I can't understand the language. Maybe if some one who is aware of the language can and let us know what he is saying. Their FB page is full of talk about granules.

    The youtube video also has users commenting.

  • Dr Richard Bernstein 

    Dr Peter Atilla

    Anup Singh 

    All engineers. 

  • And Ivor Cummins -- A Chemical Engineer --  who blames TG, PUFA industrial vegetable oils and excess INSULIN in blood for repeat heart attacks and he has shown that STATINS do no good to prevent them:

  • Good for nondiabetics also. Now we are using vco/ co in my family. 

  • Anup JI pls tell what is intermittent fasting & what is 16:8 rule? pls 

  • (1) Skipping a meal is intermittent fasting. Like many on LCHF, I skip breakfast almost daily. If not breakfast then lunch is skipped. Basically I eat only 2 meals a day.

    (2) Eating 25% of regular intake for 2 days a week is intermittent fasting. This is 5:2.

    (3) 16:8 is eating only during 8 hr window in a day.

  • I wonder if skipping breakfast will cause acidity...dont you face problem of acidity when you skip meals ?

  • Nope never. GERD  and LCHF aren't good friends.

    HIGH CARB AND GERD are best of pals ;)

  • yes sugar is highly acidic ...but fats are also acids ...I think fats also increase acidity in body ...

  • Not on LCHF once settled into it. I don't even remember when I took ENO last. People may have transition problems  when their fats are increasing and carbs are being reduced.

  • I don't think it is possible to eat every 2 hours.

  • how long can we continue ... the ritual of eating at every 2 hours ?Its a way to keep you reminding that you are diabetic at every 2 hours can one work with free mind :)

  • Precisely and I haven't even taken into consideration the waste of time on account of:

    (1) Drop in efficiency post eating. One feels drowsy / lazy etc post meal.

    (2) Waste of time and pre-meal preparation activity. It's not like a switch that we stop working - start eating - start working again.

    National loss is colossal. How does the nation recover that loss? By paying such diabetics less? Smokers in the US get paid less at many places to recover the loss.

  • And think of the spouse of diabetic , who has to prepare meals for diabetic ...if eating every 2 hrs much varieties of food can he/she can prepare in a day to make the eatings less boring :)  :)...will seem like an unending search of recipes :)

  • If you ask me, anyone under the spell of mainstream advise and TV ads for diabetics will do this:

    (Eat more sugar loaded biscuits with some husk added in name of fiber to fool)

  • huh!!!...Fat is now a villain in our society...nobody cares about carbs...recently I heard someone blaming excess ghee and oil for getting diabetic :) :)...its a tough work to change the deep rooted fat phobia which is residing inside common man in society...Irony is that if go to preach them they will not listen to doctors recommend sth else

  • Society still has people who are willing to listen. Yes, majority are of "herd" mentality. Haven't u seen that ad on TV? 

    Others will listen when they face premature ED -- say ED at 35??? They will then follow you because no Manforce/Suhagra/Vaigra can take care of ED due to high sugar. 

     Don't give up :)

    Yes, 4 decades of BRAINWASHING isn't going to go so fast. The dogma sticks like plague

  • I dont watch tv :) ...thats a wastage of time, eyes and brain too ...I take a walk outside instead of watching tv

  • I do watch Arnab Goswami's Newshour and Savdhan India :)

  • Karch

    your mind also needs relaxation. Watch comedy serials and movies. Your stress will decrease and you will have sound sleep.

  • @suramo...For relaxation I watch movies anytime:) I am a big fan of movies ...I can watch any time and any number of ...feel bored in front of tv except when watching discovery or nat geo :)

    I use my spare time in gardening, walking in front of books and of course movies ... rather than in front of tv ...I feel tv makes me sit forcefully:)...

  • Pasand apni apni 👍👍

  • suramo 

    For sound sleep consume food rich in L-Tryptophan. This is also said to suppress cravings for carbs.

    Add to this Asgvagandha 250mg BID and sleep like a baby :)

  • Yes. There are many means to have sound sleep.

  • Karch

    you are right. First strong resistance comes from the family members. The idea of low fat diet is so deeply penetrated into their minds that they fear high fat diet lest something happens to us. Their fear is worth. Not their fault. We have to convince them patiently.

  • @suramo...You can forcefully convince people younger than you but what about elders ...they will start telling their experience ...In my home people drink no fat milk and if ask them to start full fat , this is really a biggggg change for them ...they say very less oil in curry ....almost no ghee in anything much can you change secretly :) :) ...and convincing really needs the opinion of a doctor who back me up...Nobody says eating sweets/biscuits everyday is bad...but full fat milk or ghee/butter daily is strict no-no

    Question is : how much can we change ...HCLF and LCHF are opposite poles ....I am not able to convince my mother/father for the same ...but I know they need this change of mind

  • Karch

    you are very right. You can't change mindset forcefully. You have to tell them about the changed concepts. Show them the articles. Aged people could be convinced easily by citing old traditions. Our rituals are proof of good diet.

    Younger generations are smarter than old ones and even us. They have net to surf and they will find out facts more than you. So don't worry. Firstly you need to convince yourself. Once they see that your health is improving everybody will cooperate.

    But don't do anything forcefully. Docs are of no use. Blame their faulty training and our mindset to look to the west  for the solution of our all the troubles, be it health or economy. That's why very educated economists have ruined our economy. Look at the old time village economy. Everybody was included. 

  • There is a physician in my locality whom I consult. He calls himself a family physician but is far more knowledgeable than all the other 'specialists' combined.

    He was saying the other day "I don't know what is wrong with people. All they eat is carbs, carbs and carbs. Nothing else and then keep saying we have got diabetes and hypertension."

    I also told him that I got my BS down by cutting carbs from my diet, and he said yes, that is obvious. The less carbs you eat the less your BS will spike.

    He just told me to be wary of too much fat when I told him about LCHF, though. This fear of fat is ingrained so deeply in our minds.

  • We should eat LOW CARBS but not eat High Fats. Where do we get our energy from as proteins cannot be high? This is something no one tells us. 

    Most of the doctors don't even know difference between MCT and LCT. I doubt even if Dietitians know it.

  • Exactly. For a week last year, I ate low carb but not high fat (due to some reason, fat was making me nauseous). Used to feel extremely lethargic all the time.

    I don't think they do. Most of them keep repeating the same "eat more whole grain and less fat" advice.

  • Whole grain concept is another NONSENSE.

    Whole wheat flour GI more than table sugar? Watch some videos by Dr William Davis (cardiologist), the author of Wheat Belly. One of the job of USDA is to sell more grains.

  • Will surely watch. It's true. In my high carb days, never noticed any significant difference in my BS reading after a whole grain roti/bread and a maida roti/bread.

  • I never found any diff between brown bread and white bread. All this brown, whole grain, multi grain is just marketing gimmick and nothing else.

  • Yes, just like the recent diabetes flour and sugar free atta. 

  • Anything labelled "Diabetic Friendly" should never make to kitchen cabinets. Never ever. They are most UNFRIENDLY.

  • I don't take names of people who say this or recommend this theory as True Science on this forum. But, there was (I say was as the user doesn't visit here any longer after his one of the two accounts got deleted) an insulin injecting diabetics with two user accounts here. He also was in the "AGAINST LCHF" club. 

    He used to say that if he didn't eat every 2 or 3 hrs he landed in HYPO so he had to eat every 2 or 3 hrs. When someone asked him what happens when he sleeps for 8 hrs -- does he wake up every three hours to eat? He had no convincing answer. I can even name the person who asked him that question, but as I said, I normally don't name persons on forums :)

  • That is what they do. Cannot provide an answer when confronted with logical questions.

  • We need some kind of super food conaitaining all essential vitamins and minerals and atp cells which will never make us feel tired without increase in sugar levels.. 

  • Best is to eat when you are hungry. I am talking about normal healthy people as well.

    About loss of productivity, I have been working for 10 hours at a stretch five days a week last year, and let me tell you...a break is extremely essential every few hours to increase productivity and efficiency. Nobody can work at a stretch for more than 8 hours in a day with only one lunch break of 30 minutes. That is why, 2 tea time breaks are there in every office. The company where I worked gave flexibility to choose the break timings as per individual's need..since there was a id card which has to be scratched while going outside the door of office to canteen or elsewhere where time was noted computerized by server. There was total of 1 hour 15 minutes break in 9 hours of working. There used to be a report from IT dept of people who took more break than this much interval of 1 hr 15 mins. So, every company take care of productive hours..especially all privately owned companies. We employees need not worry for that!:-)

    Forget about national loss...nobody cares! People waste so much time on internet and social media nowadays. Type the same thing repeatedly, share, like for no reason!:-) How much waste of time has this social media created? What about people who watch TV and meaningless movies? Not a waste of time of our own lives?

    Real life interactions has already reduced to a large extent due to internet and smartphones.

    Grazing every two hours means you do not have to eat loads and loads of food like 1200 calories at one go!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-) Eat small quantity, when you feel hungry...that's it. It depends on what you have eaten last. You may feel hungry after 2 hours if you only had coffee in the morning without any breakfast. If you have taken a big meal, probably you won't feel hungry within 4-5 hours.

    I know you might not believe in increasing metabolism either by exercise, walking, being active or eating 3-4 (not 6-8 meals as you always say) meals a day! Our internal metabolism is increased by eating few smaller meals than 1-2 large meals. It becomes too much load also at a time if we eat only once or twice in a day. Heavy carbs may make you lazy after a meal but following LCHF may not have that negative effect of being sluggish after a meal!:-)


  • Grazing every two hours means you do not have to eat loads and loads of food like 1200 calories at one go

    Who told you we on LCHF eat 1200 kcal/meal? No fun in pushing up insulin every 2 hrs just to defend a wrong habit. Perhaps you carefully need to study just a few Indian diabetics who follow LCHF + IF. And, BTW a cup of Bullet Proof Coffee can be 400 kcal. So volume wise, it's too less too.

    Ladies may get some special concessions at workplace. Not everyone does. Saying this as I also employee people and I have also worked for 13 long years where even back then 10 to 12 hrs of work was normal order of the day for every one in middle and senior management level.

    Normally at workplace people are behind firewall so social media etc is blocked out. So, not relevant here.

    Nobody can work at a stretch for more than 8 hours in a day with only one lunch break of 30 minutes.

    People do live. Yes, on LCHF they can and many do. That's what Intermittent fasting is all about.

    You may feel hungry after 2 hours if you only had coffee in the morning without any breakfast.

    Nope. People addicted to so called healthy diet, yes they will feel hungry.

    Forget about national loss...nobody cares!

    You may not, but many care and once they start getting a pay cut they start caring.

    Our internal metabolism is increased by eating few smaller meals than 1-2 large meals.

    Metabolism increases in following order:

    Ketogenic > LCHF > High Carb Low Fat

    Our metabolism is already on higher side compared to High Carbers, so we don't need to artificially push it up by grazing every 2 hrs. We don't like the idea of pushing up insulin levels in blood every 2 hrs by eating some wholegrain stuff or some fruits.

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