I Am Back & Wear A Badge Of Honor :)

Freinds -- A big Thank you for all the support.

I am back and I wear the two week restriction as a "Badge of Honor" for following reasons:

(1) What started as a one man preaching in January 2013, has become the largest community of Indian Diabetics On LCHF diet, despite all the opposition and unilateral bashing (unprovoked) in all these years. Number runs in 1000+ with 50,000 views per month. All this because all the unprovoked HATE against me out here in 2013 I took it as a motivation to start a LCHF forum specifically for Indian diabetics and this succeeded  :)

(2) Even during my current two week restriction, I picked up four followers here (number stands at 161 and counting) and the LCHF community (check my profile)  grew by 30+ users in 2 weeks. So, the community keeps growing because the solution works and works fastest when it comes to attaining better numbers with lower drugs.

(3) For every one who may not like me or HATE me, I have at least 10 who like me for what I do.  10:1 in favor speaks volumes and it's not a mean feat. Thank you everyone for all the support that you voiced. I am honored.

(4) I was happy to see one of the staunch opponents of LCHF also trying to preach LCHF thing  when I was not around. It was just with a modification so that it doesn't sound like a xerox copy of what we on LCHF say. A temporary volte-face for seeking attention? 

For Moderators/Admin:

(1) I am not forcing anyone to switch to LCHF Diet. Yes, I don't stand by the nonsensical High Carb Low Fat dietary advise to diabetics and that's something that can be backed up with medical reports. So, if you need medical reports let me know. I am sure many diabetics on LCHF diet will be happy to send the same for your team to study.

(2) I am not abusing or insulting anyone who keep insulting anyone who talks LCHF, nor am I passing any personal comments or judgments on anyone here like few had been doing against all diabetics who are talking about LCHF. 

(3) I am not selling (directly or indirectly) any special product(s) -- dubious herbs, special grains -- in an attempt to make money (directly or indirectly) out of that. Nor am I publishing contact telephone numbers and address. Also, I am not selling the unscientific idea of CURING Diabetes.

(4) I am not trying to hook diabetics to LCHF diet by telling that I will pray for them if they switch. This is because I am not into FAITH healing and nor do I believe in that. If I have to pray at all, I will pray for everyone irrespective of diet. But, I don't pray.

(5) The LCHF forum on HU has veered into weight loss and don't see Indian diabetics there. My interest is LCHF diet for Indian diabetics and not LCHF diet for tackling Obesity in EU. Our diets are very different so I can't be of much help on that LCHF forum on HU here.

(6) Agreed that this forum is not "just" for LCHF. We Indian diabetics on LCHF diet  never said so nor do we intend to say anything like that. But, those who oppose LCHF just for heck of it want this forum to be run as per ADA/AMA/AHA preaching should also realise that this forum is not just for publishing ADA pamphlets. So, they should be told in clear words that this is not possible as this forum is not just for ADA preachers. Those who do not understand the meaning of peer-to-peer support shouldn't be here in any case as they are the ones who spew most venom against others here. They need to be educated on what peer-to-peer support means. Once this is understood, I am sure this place will become one that diabetics will not run away from.

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119 Replies

  • Welcome back anup

    Congratulations on successfully propogating a diet with brings the dreaded disease or the mother of all diseases under control and reducing the pills in the bargain 

    Not only this but this Diet called LCHF also controls hypertension and normalizes lipids 

    Also the diabetic can eat to his hearts content without having to watch the calories. 

    Looking forward to learning more from you  

  • @anup Welcome back.

  • Congrats and welcome back.  Really the LCHF forum missed you a lot and felt very dull during the last 2 weeks.

  • Thanks Harikishan 

    I was never away from the LCHF forum that I mentioned. That's the one which is noted in my profile and not here.

    Out here, even in my absence, there were many diabetics on LCHF diet who were doing the necessary talking.

  • Welcome Back!! :)

  • Shashikantiyengar shrisamarth pragyac90 

    Thank you.

    Yes, on LCHF we eat to satiety and then preach LCHF to satiety. No calorie counting as no one can count how many calories go down the loo.

  • Welcome back @Anup, keep up your good work.

  • Thanks Geodiabetic 

    Will do till I am banned for "mysterious" reasons. There are too many hidden variables operating so even if one plays by the rule, they can get banned. Those who abuse and insult fellow bloggers here have a free run.

  • Welcome back Anup

  • Thanks agrhar 

  • Anup, good to see you back on HU.  Everyone in this forum counts, whether they are on one diet or another, each one is trying to help one another. We, in this forum, are friends to all and enemy to none. welcome back, let's hear more from you. 

  • No sir, I know my enemies here and who they are -- some even have multiple accounts just for increasing the "report to admin" count. They are now playing against everyone who talks LCHF diet. So, such guys are not here to help diabetics. They are here seeking attention. I am not naming anyone so not playing against any rules of the forum. But, who they are most of old timers here know very well.

    Thanks you for your kind words but I am one who prefers calling spade a spade and not be politically correct as I don't play politics on public forums. Forums are not for people who play POLITICS. I prefer to be restricted here than play stupid politics as I am not here for "time-pass" or seek attention. The number of followers on my profile prove this point.

  • Anup, you can call me Raji. 

    I surely support everyone in this group. Please donot go by assumption. No one is against anyone or any diet. 

    what is good for me or anyone today can turn out to be not so good tomorrow, and they can follow a different diet or something else.The world is always changing, and new innovations/inventions are made, and we all believe in change. Nothing is permanent. Thumb rule is, please do not take offense to every posts. We all want you in this forum as one of our best buddy and regular commenter.

    Thank you, hope you donot take offense, please excuse me.

    Raji Nair

  • Raji

    I have been here since 2013. I can post links to posts where it has been a direct attack. But, I would love not to do that. I was one of the "early birds" to join this forum.

    It's not without reasons that people have left this forum. They have been chased away just because they followed LCHF diet. Many even politely requested the abusive lot to stop doing it, but they simply did not care.

    More than you and me, the moderators here have to take a call what is good for the forum. A bunch of abusive guys who don't even think twice before even insulting ladies or a more democratic and civilized setup.

    People who have called guys talking LCHF as lunatics, fanatics, parrot and puppet show, and terrorists etc surely haven't done it out of "love and respect" for them. Someone even has the audacity to keep calling LCHF followers fake even now just because there are 160+ followers on my profile.

    It's HATE and JEALOUSY and this has been happening since long. What's surprising is, they don't get banned, despite using abusive & insulting language and despite provoking anyone who talks or favors LCHF.

    That's why I wear this two-week restriction as a "Badge Of Honor" because it seems that only non abusive guys and gals get and will get it. Some of those who abuse and insult and play politics in a group enjoy unlimited impunity here.

  • Welcome back An up.... Thanks and congratulations for doing a great job for Indian diabetics... GOD BLESS YOU

  • kamal2505 -- Thanks.

    I am not sure how long i will be able to survive here because of "dirty politics" being played. Some guys are unhappy that LCHF is benefiting Indian diabetics in huge number. In fact, while I was not here I was studying the trends on this forum.I have found that many posts of old time preachers of LCHF diet have been deleted. So, wonder what's going on here. Looks like anyone who lives by LCHF diet and talks about it is not welcome here even if playing by the rules and anyone who opposes LCHF diet can get away even by abusing and insulting fellow bloggers here.

  • I second that. Something really fishy is going on here.

  • Yes it has been  becoming a bit more evident now when abusive guys have been enjoying unlimited impunity for years and those who cannot stoop down to level of street urchins when it comes to interpersonal behavior get a restriction. 

    Over the years, diabetics on LCHF diet have literally been chased away from here by being subjected to insults and abuses.

  • Exactly! Wonder how long it is going to go on. People who sincerely want to help will keep getting restricted and those who have nothing to offer but insults and misinformation will roam around free.

  • Congratulations Anup Sir

    You are helping people with all your heart.


  • Thank you.

    Some here are unhappy about this.

  • Congratulations and welcome back.. Appreciate your determination towards helping diabetics through your experience and science of LCHF even after getting humiliated and banned multiple times.. !!

  • Thanks pnglr 

    Well, if guys who humiliate are having free run and enjoy unlimited impunity I have nothing to say. I am focused on what I am here for and what I have been here for since jan 2013. 

    That's the reason, why I also have been able to build the largest community of Indian diabetics on LCHF diet -- now over 1000 and with 20+ K messages. Jealousy and hate is not the way to seek attention. Just do right things and if people find it good they will follow it. That's my belief. That's how I have 161 followers here (check my profile) when those who have been after me haven't even managed 20 odd, despite operating in a "GANG" and the entire GANG put together wouldn't have more followers than one single guy like me preaching LCHF diet.

  • Glad you're back. I have further progress on LCHF diet. More weight loss, half metformin, lower sg, lower bp, fewer atrial fibrillation episodes(!)  and I'm pretty sure my fatty liver is normalizing, though I can't prove it. Everything is good, for my hb too who has lost weight. Yippee! JanR

  • Thanks jan-ran 

    Glad to hear all the good things that happened to you and yr hb on LCHF diet. I will repeat what I keep saying -- LCHF diet is great and excess insulin (due to nonsensical high carb low fat diet) in blood is the real culprit and not FAT. WRT NAFLD, just stay away from PUFA loaded industrial vegetable oils.

    It's never late to switch to LCHF diet and your case just proves it YET again. Here's one 80 year old Indian diabetic's case -- he was one of the first Indian diabetic to switch to LCHF more than three years back, despite CVD/CHD issues:


  • 👍👍👍


  • Thank you cure 

    No sir, no ji please. I am happy being called anup -- 21st century

  • @anup..."-- 21st century"  that was funny :)..."No sir, no ji please. I am happy being called anup" BTW you just replaced "ji" with sir ...so we will call Anup sir from now :) :)

  • karch 

    "No Sir, No Ji" means none of those suffixes to be used :)

  • BTW, I can't help noticing that this is an Indian diabetes forum (🙄). I m not sure how I managed to wander in here, but I m glad I did. Just saying. JanR. 

  • Jan ran

    Don't worry 

    We will learn a lot about each other's food habits

    What works and what not 

  • jan-ran 

    Doesn't matter even if this is Indian diabetes forum as diabetics across the world respond similarly to carbs when it comes to spiking of blood sugar. In fact, I learned about the concept of LCHF from forums that were primarily on western diet. Learned the concept in 2011, and then quickly started switching and tweaking.

    No wonder even 600+ (number keeps growing everyday) Indian diabetics that I know of find it so great in managing diabetes, lipids, neuropathy on far less drugs. We all learn from each others experience.

  • Thanks gphilip 

  • Heartiest welcome!

    "Roshani gar ho khuda ko manjur to andhiyon mei bhi chirag jalte hain!"

    Nice to see you!

  • Thanks alwaysoptimistic 

    I wonder if you will also be targeted because U follow LCHF diet. I already saw some attempt to provoke u on one of your posts.

  • May God forgive them because they do not know what they are doing! 

  • :)

  • Welcome back, Anup Ji.

  • Thanks banku007 

  • Great you are back to where you rightly belong.

    Helping & guiding others !

  • kanchan13 


    if public opinion mattered here, I wouldn't have been restricted in the first place. Historically most abusive users enjoy impunity and I get restricted.

  • I have been watching go2.thetruthaboutcancer.com...

    It makes you think. The LCHF is something similar. In the former, Ty Bollinger showcases many alternative treatments with equal or better success and far fewer side effects. But all these treatments are not mutually complementary, but they work. LCHF also works. It takes perseverance. No need to hate. If I speak Malayalam and you, Hindi, that does not make one language wrong. Both can effectively communicate. But no one can deny the differences either. It is far easier to manage blood sugar with LCHF. 

  • Yes mam,

    It's far easier to MANAGE blood sugar with BETTER Numbers on LESS drugs when it comes to LCHF diet. Hope you manage to get off your remaining insulin shots soon. IIRC, you already climbed down from 22 units to 6 units - on LCHF diet of course :)

  • Thank you AHaleelRahman 

    I am always rejuvenated with lot of optimism as I am on LCHF diet since half a decade and seen how it has worked not just on me but huge number of Indian diabetics even with 25 years of diabetic history.

    Regarding writing a book, some day will try.

  • Hi Anupji welcome back you are the person who rally do a nobel work for dibetics.

    please continue ........we all are with you.

  • Thanks SMore 

    How far have you progressed with handling TYPE1 on LCHF diet (IIRC, you have a case of Type 1 in family).?

  • No ther is no any family history, and I am really struggling to to find out the grosarry and food details for selection to start LCHF diet.

    it will be more helpfull if you suggest any book or document which had details of food items.

  • Details of food items -- there are 200+ Indian meals on the other forum as posted by diabetics who live by the LCHF diet. The link to the other forum is in my profile.

  • Hi Anup

    Glad to see you back. 

    Please refer to pontno.3. You can count me as no.11



  • yparth 


    While point point 3 what I meant was ratio. So, if 10 guys hate me here, there are definitely more than 100 guys who like me here for what I do. 161 followers on my profile. I know, except for a handful guys here who hate me for some mysterious reasons, others do find my posts helpful.

    For Jealousy and HATE even modern medicine has no solution.

  • @Anup

    Accept my salutes!!

  • meenaraju 

    Thank you and what a surprise to find you here. I still remember how u were unnecessarily insulted by one old man while you were trying to discuss LCHF with MRA13 and surprisingly abusive guys still manage to be here.

  • Exactly!!! Anup, those people actually drove me away from expressing myself on this site. Intolerance blinding their thought process...can't believe that none of them has any actual data to provide..dont take any ownership for ány suggestions neither share any personal experiences so that others can also be benefited...

  • And, surprisingly, "THEY" ENJOY unlimited IMPUNITY here. They can get away with insulting LADIES too, not that they have any freedom to insult men here. But still ... IMPUNITY is so EVIDENT, and you weren't the ONLY lady on LCHF diet who got insulted.

  • Wish they understand that they hurting others will do no good to them! confronting first-hand data with some copy paste is the most ridiculous thing i must say...

  • Precisely.

    Either copy paste or as jingale mentioned on some thread -- "strawman" logic.

  • Wow, Congratulations. Nice thoughts put forward. And you can count me in 90 % population . :-)

  • cnt22 

    Thanks for being on the side of 90% :)

    But, that doesn't necessarily mean that I won't be restricted again here because it seems that most abusive guys enjoy impunity and I get restricted. So I have odds against me here as I cannot talk in the language of street urchins.

  • Welcome back. Cheers!!

  • Thanks Aiyaraj 

  • Welcome back Anupji. I cannot call u without ji, please dont mind this is our culture. Due to ur advice n comments i have adopted lchf n come back from my sadness due to sugar level. Now i m improving day by day but ur nd all senior members advice is necessaty for further improvement. U r doing wonderful help for the welfare of indian society. Please keep it up. Thanx

  • Thanks Vpbhatia ji :)

    I am here against all odds. Some here have spent all their time fighting me and talking against LCHF, directly or indirectly, rather than helping. When they couldn't fight alone, they formed a group. I care two hoots about such groups. 

    Last time in 2013 when the group was successful in getting me banned  I started my own forum. Now that has grown into largest forum dedicated to Indian diabetics on LCHF diet. I am able to spend time here because there are huge number of Indian diabetics who now devote their time for FREE on that forum in helping others with their experience.

    We on LCHF diet aren't seeking attention. We are helping whoever needs help and do it FREE, though opponents keep spreading LIES that we are doing this for MONEY.

  • Looks like helping people without any ulterior motive is a bigger offence than senseless trolling and abuse :)

  • Ignore them.

  • I have heard a lot here o n LCHF but could some one will tell me exactly what it is . I mean how i can follow this

  • You can go thru my old posts and replies by clicking on my username.

    Else, check your PM

  • Dear Anup

    Keep up the good work. LCHF dos make a difference and life of diabetics is much better in control. There will and always be oppositions but brave people always face opposition when they try to  swim against the tide. 

    welcome back .

  • Thanks RPTP 

    If the opponents are not playing a games with undue HANDICAPS being offered to them, I can beat them with data, science and logic. 

    Swimming against the tide had resulted in setting up my own forum dedicated to LCHF diet for Indian Diabetics, when I was banned in 2013 :)

  • welcome back.  u are doing a great service.  we need people like u in the forum.


  • Thanks vpviswanathan --

    Being here is not in my hands as restriction for hidden. mysterious reasons is difficult to handle. In case I am restricted in future too, you can always connect with me on my forum where besides me there are 100's of Indian diabetics on LCHF diet who share their experience and also help each other.

  • Welcome back Anup. You have been doing a good service by sharing what you learnt, so that peple could start thinkning out of the box. At least,  I am a beneficiary of this forum and what you shared in this forum. Glad that good sense prevailed on those who wanted to keep you out. 

    The forum gave us the option to hear you and your opponents and we are sensible enough to accept what we find logical. Keeping the proponent of a view out is not a good option for a forum.

    Apart from the known beneficiaries like ke,  there could be people benefited through multiplying effects. Example. Recently my nephew was detected type 2 D. Being a dentist in a big hospital he had his own doctor frindes that included diabetes experts. Somehow he decided to follow my advice rather than the mainstream doctors. Today, after six months his fbs, ppbs and two 3- monthly  A1c numbers rs are normal without having to swallow any tablets. I hope he will continue my path which I follow for last three years. His doctor friends ate surprised. 

  • Sugu 

    Thanks. I was banned as few old timers who have been after me since early days have been playing dirty games, in group, for reasons unknown to me. However, when I was banned last time in 2013, I started my own forum and that has grown by leaps and bounds. This was done to make sure that LCHF preaching continues whether I am banned here or not.

    Good to hear about your nephew going the LCHF way. 99% of diabetologist and doctors know nothing about LCHF diet. Your nephew's case isn't unique. My batch-mate has doctors in his family. He and his mother are diabetic. On switching to LCHF, my batch-mate went off Jalra and  colitis medicines after 8 years and as in the case of your nephew, his relative doctors were surprised. He put his diabetic mom on same diet and she lost 10 kg weight and started going for walks after decades.

    As I say often -- Only guys and gals who fail on LCHF diet are those who haven't tried it. EEven if I am restricted here in future, you can always connect with me on my forum where not just me, there are 100's of active Indian diabetics who preach LCHF diet.

  • what is the name of your forum, Anup? 

  • jan-ran 

    I am posting since you asked and also because posting links to same site once in 10 posts is legally allowed here.


  • I welcome you back. All new comers, as I am,might also  have noticed your absenteeism, as a result of which, precious motivation, that we used to seek from a very senior founder member of the LCHF protocol for controlling diabetes, without increasing drugs, rather without it a while later when LCHF is set in life style, with facts & figures, was missing all these days.

    Thanks admin-moderator, too. Kindly do not give such harsh punishment to us, new entering diabetic members.

    B T Shah

  • Thanks btshah 

    I will keep spreading the message and helping here till I am again restricted for UNKNOWN and MYSTERIOUS reasons. If i go missing again from this forum as a result of being restricted, you can always connect with me on my forum.

  • You were really missed. Welcome back, dear Anup. 

  • Welcome back Mr.Anup

  • Thanks srinigo 

  • It was expected and we are happy administrator at lest understood the reality.

  • basudev 

    Restriction was for two weeks.

    But, I cannot be sure about the freedom being long lasting. I never have been abusive against fellow bloggers here and yet I was restricted. But, most abusive lot on this forum enjoy all the impunity since 2013. 

    Unfortunately, just to avoid being restricted, I cannot talk in the language of street urchins and insult women. I don't have a bloated EGO to satisfy so can't be abusive towards others here :)

    Even if I am restricted or banned permanently and all my posts deleted, those interested in LCHF can always find me on my forum.

  • Great to see you back on the forum.

    Welcome back.

    We are all happy to see your post.


  • Durham24 

    Thank you.

  • welcome back shri Anup

  • Thanks klgksharma 

  • So happy to see you back anup 👍👍

  • Thanks suramo 

  • Welcome back... 

  • Thank you Sp007

  • Welcome back anupji.


  • Thanks nasrullah ji.

  • Welcome back Mr. Anup and best wishes to you.

  • snair12 :

    Thank you and best wishes to you too.

  • Welcome back.....

    Your LCHF advices are very very beneficial and technically result oriented. Keep doing the good work. Thanks.....

  • Ralh 

    Thank you.

  • Thank you arunkumar3112 

  • 162 followers on profile and still counting. I am not trying to brag but just trying to show to even moderators here as to what is being preferred the most so they have a holistic view before restricting anyone. Holistic because I got restricted for some "mysterious" reasons whereas group of abusive users who play games in groups have been enjoying unlimited impunity/immunity since 2013.

    But, naysayers will be naysayers. Some even have the audacity to say that most of LCHF testimonials here or people following LCHF are fake -- indirectly trying to say that 162 is full of fake users. It's hilarious to read such statements. They are insulting everyone's intelligence and insulting every LCHF follower by making such statements. Yet, they enjoy all the impunity/immunity.

  • Welcome back sir...didnt follow this site for long as i was quite busy vth work and personal commitments. But i am still on  reduced carb incresed healthy fats  diet being indian vegetarian...my fbs are successfully in the range of 87 to 99 range sometimes spilling to 103 vth some sweet or piece of kulcha i had in outside party...but in control...cut my morning 500 mg metaformin...need to watch for few more months.

    Sad world runs on pharma lobby, food lobby etc etc...positive side of restriction is you vl gear more lchf supporters...lchf is not a brand to sell it is something to try on their own nd figure out if it works or not....also for me physically being active is must vth lchf.

    Keep your efforts alwys up sir...

  • Thank you no2diabetes 

    Glad to hear about your numbers on LCHF diet.

    Since you were not active for long, here's one bit of news for you. Someone (who obviously hates popularity of LCHF diet here) thought that I have TWO accounts, one of them being your username. This just shows how much time some spend to play games and effort that some guys are unnecessarily putting in to find some "Non Existent" reason to have me permanently banned and/or all my posts deleted.

    I won't lose anything. This forum will lose for sure if that happens.

  • Oh so sorry that they tagged my id...one notification to me i would have come with bang....

    Folks i am 48 year old female...busy vth home office work family of grownup children dog etc etc nd diabetic too...

    No time to bicker nd banter...so please if u want try things ...free of cost else let it go..no one asking u to buy something or pay for it....good luck

  • no2diabetes

    Thank you.

    Good that you spoke. At least this will ratify what I have always maintained -- I don't have multiple accounts here. I don't need to maintain as I am not playing GAMES/Politics here.

  • Anup sir or anyone please tell me how to upload my pic as display in profile....i hv an identity nd would like to put it. Neverv bothered bcoz ....disbetes meant nothing to vth appearance...but if its causing probs let me upload...thanks

  • (1) Click on your username

    (2) Then Click on Edit Profile

    (3) Then on left where avtar is, click upload, select image and then upload and save profile.

    But, all this will not stop some guys who have multiple accounts here from pointing fingers at others who don't have.

  • Well said and thank you for doing a great job.

    You don't have to prove anything to anyone. The LCHF community is a testament to your  research and the zeal with which you help everyone.

    Words can't express the gratitude I feel

  • Lucky77346 

    Thanks and Welcome back after a long long time. 

    Yes, the LCHF Community that was started in August 2014 has grown really big now - 23k + messages and huge number of successes on LCHF diet among Indians also. You are there too  :)

    How is your diabetes control?

    In India or US?

  • Welcome back Anup on this forum

    Great work on LCHF

    Keep it up 

    We all with u with strong support 

  • Thanks you shailesh1 

    Just to refresh my memory, are you the same Shailesh that I know of who was on Tresiba and was going thru a horrible sugar control with numbers all over the place? 

    If yes, did you insist with doctor to take u off from expensive Tresiba and put on something like lantus? I am asking this as I haven't had updates either here or on dlife.in from the Shailesh that I knew who and was on tresiba.

  • Yah Anup

    I am same . Salute to ur memory

    Shailesh1  here and shailesh on dlife

    same. Due to some technical I have to register here by shailesh1

    Yes I was on Tresiba  with uncontrolled nos 

    But now on Ryzodeg,very much controlled with LCHF

    I will come with nos some time

    Thanx to u and LCHF

  • Actually I was waiting for update from you after i suggested a change from tresiba to lantus in consultation with yr doc while you were discussing about it with us (we diabetics on LCHF diet) on dlife.in

    My memory is good. karch also complimented for that  :)

    I am not sure how long I will be allowed to post here. But, I will always be available on dlife.in :)

  • Welcome back anup sir...  

  • Thank you sumitrocks2009 

    Your A1C will make Dr Bernstein smile with happiness :)

  • Welcome back Anup

  • TVMP 

    Thank you!

    For those who don't know, you have reduced 50 units on Insulin on LCHF diet -- from 70 to 20.

  • Sorry for being late on this as I wasn't around for few weeks.

    Welcome back and keep the good work on, no matter how many go against you.

  • Thanks aks666 

  • well come back sir.

  • Thanks kptcl 

  • One clarification needed. While diabetics who are High Carb & Low Fat eaters do not lose sodium and potassium (they urinate frequently and in large quantities), LCHF dieters do lose these electrolytes and do get muscle cramps at night disturbing sleep.

    Your reply pl.

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