Which diet or weight-loss program makes the most sense for your health needs?

Which diet or weight-loss program makes the most sense for your health needs?

People looking to shed the pounds (in order to control diabetes)seem to be bombarded with new and old diet strategies. Some promise quick and easy weight loss, while others require a more long-term commitment and lifestyle change.

Can you really lose weight by solely eating fast food? Does grapefruit speed up your metabolism? Is going vegan or giving up carbs the answer? Read on as nutritional experts sound off on today's most popular diet plans.

Learn the pros and cons of the following diets: click on each , you read the details and choose what suits you

•Atkins Diet, Baby Food Diet, Best Life Diet, Biggest LDiet,Body for Life Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet Cheater's Diet ,Cookie Diet, DASH Diet ,Dr. Andrew Weil's Diet

•Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution ,Eat More Weigh Less Diet, Eat Right for Your Type Diet, Eat This, Not That!,

•Fast Food Diet, 5 Factor Diet, Flat Belly Diet Flavor Point Diet, 4 Day Diet, French Women Don't Get Fat Plan

•Fruit Flush Diet,GenoType Diet Glycemic Index Diet

•Grapefruit Diet ,Hallelujah Dieth,CG Diet

•Healthy Living With Ellie KriegerJenny Craig Diet

•Joy Bauer's Your Inner Skinny Diet LA Weight Loss Plan

•Lemonade Diet, ,Low-Carb Living Macrobiotic Diet

•Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox, Master Your Metabolism

•Mayo Clinic Diet ,Medifast Diet Mediterranean Diet

•Naturally Thin Diet ,New Beverly Hills Diet Nutrisystem

•Park Avenue Diet, ,Perricone Diet ,Personality Type Diet

•Pritikin Principle ,Protein Power Diet Raw Food Diet

•Rice Diet, Shangri-La Diet ,Skinny Vegan Diet

•Slim-Fast Plan, South Beach Diet, ,Spectrum Diet

•Step Diet, Sugar Busters Diet ,The Dukan Diet

•Thin for Life, 3-Day Diet, 3-Hour Diet, ,UltraMetabolism Diet,Volumetrics, Weight Loss Cure, Weight Watchers

•YOU: On a Diet ,Zone Diet.


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  • Rajivjee....

    I don't know what is best....but from my own experience....low carb is best..to lose weight.

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