testimony in diabetes or any medical situation

one should not accept any testimony in diabetes or any medical situation

with out scrutiny.

in any forum and especially in this forum

an ill motivated person can enter in multiple names and give a testimony.

the way out is

ask oneself:

have i followed the scientific recommendations and failed?

no one has said yes in my memory.

there is a very few percentage of obese people

for whom[ having failed weight reduction]

American diabetes association recommends a low carb diet.

it should not be generalized and used as a treatment methodology  in diabetes.

it contains 130 grams of carbs daily .

keep the right fats only in this.

see the calories [total food per day] is also limited.

otherwise it will not work.

the Newcastle guidance is wonderful.

good luck

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  • in other words do not trust with out taking a test

    if indiacratus tells ,

    his 180 ppbs fell to

    115 on splitting the meal,

    and 115fbs reduced to 90 by purely by weight reduction by 10 kg and retaining the right calories per day since then.now more than ten years.

    .test yourself.

    take several small meals is the principle he followed. try yourself before blindly following him.

    that is the scientific way.

  • As I always say " Health is yours,life is yours so decision is always."

  • On health matters,I believe,every thing said here or elsewhere is a theory based on  scientific research or personal experience of individuals.it s also possible the information passed on is for commercial reasons for attracting customers or for other reasons not for health education.It is worthwhile to filter all that is told and decide for ourselves prudently what appeals to our commonsense and experience what is good for us as each of us have different genetic code inherited from our parents and our body reacts differently  on diet climate etc.,

  • Well said.

  • Science just provide guide lines. There are many paths to reach your destination. Science provide pathways. You have to choose yours considering others' experience and trial and error method.

  • Great advice - you might like to follow it yourself!

  • Good information While starting discussion or  post for comment persons sjare  their  Hba1cand if used drigs /  insulin

  • Anant ambani son of mukesh ambani lost 108 kg in just 18 months by low carb and enough fat diet plus exercise. He became obese because of medications for asthma.

  • 108 kgor108lbs.?

  • 108 Kgs as far as i know . 6Kg in a month. Not impossible.

  • What is approximate weight in kilogram  of little Am bani after loosing 108kgs.(as per your statement)?

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