Shifed from metformin to diabeton DS

Before switching over please contact you doctor....

This was a miracle worked by a switch over..

I m 35 years old discovered type 2 diabetes recently and started metformin but issue was no matter how much diat or exercise my weight was not reducing.. From 6 months my FP and pp were normal so I switched to Himalaya diabeton DS works awesome my weight is reduced feels more energetic and good life.. Guys whats important is the food control and exercise every day I eat only veg so here is my way of diet

Food Intake - Early morning 4 almonds and walk in a park for atleast 3 km  Breakfast with coffee without sugar 11:30 am - 1 glass of gree tea without sugar1:30PM - Lunch 1/4 bowl boiled rice+ 1/2 veggies  1/4th of salad mix of sprouts cucumber onion tomato and salt and lemon for taste with 1 glass of buttermilk 4:30PM - 1 green tea again 6PM - 1 bhel/ 1 serving rawa idli Dinner - 2 dry chapatti with veggies Stopped Metformin ; started Himalaya Diabecon ds.- Doing Meditation - Kapalbhati & breathing exercise- Lost weight - 3 kgs- Goa trip was really good - Didn't feel weak or had any hypoglycaemia - HBA1C down to 7.1 from 11.7 - Water intake is not an issue any more***** Excellent Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT!!!!!!!!

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  • Good to hear Vaadhi, how many tab diabeton you take per day.

  • I take 1 after breakfast and 1 after dinner

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