low carb foods have been the main principle of treatment till the end of the nineteenth century and probably from time immemorial -----

but when the insulin was discovered in 1921

 diabetics  were able to take carbohydrate containing.-foods.[LOW CARBING EVEN CONTINUED TILL THE END OF THE 20TH CENTURY.

consider the scenario when dr Allen -Joslin diets were prescribed-

diabetics used to die with those diets .

starvation deaths!!!

why ?

carbohydrate  and its correlation to diabetes was not clear at that time.and no insulin available.

curiously ,

dr joslin was able to fix it -carbs-at 40%[also the latest limit]

WHY lchf is not approved by world bodies?

first of all what is lchf?

no definitions available from any authentic source.you can even eat any amount of saturated fats  which are limited by all the world medical  bodies

1]low carbing prevents many usual foods.fruits and vegetables.

2]constipation due to absence of fiber is one of the first crimes on the body with lchf..

3] nutritional torture on the body.absebce of many nutrients usual through plant based foods .

4] in the long run it is not clear what would happen to the fate of these people on lchf.

5] it is time tested that








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  • Balanced diet with proper life style is the key to the management of diabetes. Medications can be added if the need be.

  • What a balanced diet is?Please!

  • A lot of times ,a great deal has been posted on this forum about balanced diet. Please search previous posts. Nevertheless I define it for your benefit. It is a diet which contains all the nutrients required by the body,in a proportion which is beneficial for the health and that full fills all energy requirements adequately. It suits individuals taste and conforms his traditional diet.It also must provide full satiety.

  • Thanks a lot for expressing your views.Further,I would like to know the following:

    1.Which is better- taking carb 40% or more with increasing doses of medicines or taking low carb without medicines?

    2.If balanced diet is appropriate for a diabetic then fat should be included or not?

    3.There are examples of some people who have lived a long life on LCHF diet.Can we believe on them just like the case when diabetes is cured using LWMDR?

    4.LCHF following people also take low carb nuts and vegetables.Are these things not appropriate?

    5.What about side effects of medicines which a diabetic need to take while eating any thing and every thing?

    Waiting for reply!

  • First of all let me start by saying that I am not an opponent of LCHF, Low Carb Low Fat diet or any specific diet. What I am against is

    *   People making blanket statements

    *   Being disrespectful of others and forwarding one's views/ agenda in an aggressive/ disrespectful/ bullish way

    *   The conspiracy theory of pharma companies, ALL doctors working only for the sake of money and peoples rants along those lines

    This is a forum where people should mainly exercise their freedom of speech to express their views in a respectful manner, support each other in dealing with diabetes.

    Having said that let me express my thoughts about this specific post -->

    Medicine and our understanding of human body, diseases and cures has evolved over the centuries. We have made significant advances in the last few decades yet some things have remained the same over a long period of time. E.g. people from the coastal regions all over Asia tends to be rice and seafood. Throughout the years the remedies and diets have been dictated by foods and medicines that have been available locally and used traditionally.

    The western hemisphere has had the money and resources to conduct research and study various foods and diets etc and make recommendations. Yet the USDA plate is not the same now as it used to be. They rather took a bit longer to make that update.

    My point is that what has been the norm or the conventional wisdom (for a long long time) is not always the best thing to continue. One should at least  objectively assess other alternatives rather than jumping on a bandwagon of a particular diet. I see people fighting with each other over the LCHF versus moderate/high carbs and low fat diets. But I don't see people looking at what is at the core of each of them. Take the time to understand the fundamentals and more importantly present them to people in a friendly way, instead of childish arguments which are basically nothing more than "my diet is better than yours".

    Low carb does not mean "no carb". And the high fat in LCHF is supposed to be good fats. Let us leave aside the controversy around saturated fats for a moment and take butter to be a good fat. The message is eat good fats -- ghee khao, makhaan khao, malai khao and not deep friend stuff where the fats have lost their goodness. The low carbs are also supposed to come from complex carbs.

    Likewise when a diet recommends moderate use of carbs but low/ no fats the carbs are still supposed to be complex carbs. How many people understand and follow what complex carbs are and eat only complex carbs while on the traditional diabetic diet?

    Too little or too much of anything and everything is bad and when one eats in moderation you help your body maintain an equilibrium. Although generally speaking the anatomy of human beings is same, we all exist as individuals and our bodies work with different things differently. Which is why when you look at pathological reports you see a range of readings that is considered to be a normal reading as opposed to one single number. We have to acknowledge these individual differences and not every diabetic is equal when it comes handling carbs, fats and proteins.

    Besides all of what I have said about diet so far there are other factors to be considered which I hardly ever see mentioned by proponents/ opponents of various diets. What about someone liking certain foods and disliking certain foods!! I have been a vegetarian all my life and if someone asks me to switch to eating meat for the sake of avoiding carbs that tend to occur in larger quantities naturally in plant based foods, I won't do that. Some people look at eating as a chore and it is relatively easy for them to make changes to their diet. A large number of people though enjoy food. My message to everybody is try to find a diet (the optimal proportions or ratio of carbs/ fat/ proteins) that works for them, then be creative about foods you can eat within that diet. Certain foods will be off limits either ways e.g. a person who loves dosa will be able to eat a dosa made entirely with pulses and no rice but you are not eating that sweet pongal or jalebi more than a spoonful of it.

    If you are a non vegetarian think twice before eating that deep fried chicken and go for a roasted chicken with other healthy condiments and healthy fats.

  • Thank you for the balanced, polished & scholarly response. Hope the post & this response will have positive impact on our community. 

  • I agree you completely

  • India cratus

    Your views are also said by Australian dietetic Association.I have posted it a few days back under heading diet for diabeticsc

  • dear rao,

    my views are the same as that of the worlds most acknowledged scientists ,

    which are depicted in the national recommendations of each country.

    i am fed up of this million billion  dollar pharmacopeia talk--

    someone just said elsewhere something  and it has become internet junk circulating.

    there is no scientific or rational basis for that.

    people have an absurdity of a belief:

    there is nothing wrong tampering with diet if it just covers a minor aspect of the many variables in health care.

    it originated in the classical days of medicine when medicine was a concoction of herbs,.

    when a tile in the roof of a building is damaged

    we should replace it, put a new tile


    or just leave the house for staying in a farm house-

     where it is a thatched house-- no tiles can be broken now--ha ha.

    absentee insulin has to be supplied= is common sense.

    by the way how many of these critics have at least a ten percent idea of the techniques of modern medicine.

    i don't think even one percent.

    the American heart association asked elsewhere.

    what about the laboratories of the rest of the world?

    what is the consensus opinion of the world medical bodies? i follow the same..

    no  wonder  you found my opinions in the Australian paper.

    good luck

  • Why should we look at west for everything? There is a great difference between them and us right from race to genome to diet to living conditions and so on. Why do we not have our data? Simply because we don't have national data. Our medical system is the worst. Anybody literate or illiterate can do medical practice here. We have to study our people and collect genuine data and have our own treatment strategies.

    Our food is a medicine devised by our ancestors and we happily follow. We should look at their philosophy and if anything seems to be wrong correct it.

    Think of the days when humans had zero knowledge about food. From that point of time at least our ancestors found out about what to eat. They found out condiments and many food items like oil and ghee not growing naturally. What they found out about food and condiments and taught us how to prepare food and how to use condiments is still valid even after hundreds of years. What i'm saying is that we should not underestimate them. At present we have far more facilities and knowledge but their role cannot be denied.

  • indiacratus 

    Very clear cut case of you misguiding diabetics

    LCHF does not mean lack of veg or fibre

    In fact all on LCHF take a lot of high fiber vegs excp high starch ones like potatoes ect 

    I used to suffer from constipation prior to detection 

    After diagnosed as a diabetic I changed to LCHF 

    I eat a lot of vegs. So for me the moment I get up in the morning I have to run to the loo to relieve myself 

    Also your knowledge of fats are less 

    Even ayurveda recommends milk with ghee at night for constipation relief 

    So stop misguiding and instead learn about LCHF 

    I will be more than happy to guide a person like you 

  • This is a typical strawman argument from @indiacratus. I am not aware of any LCHF proponent recommending restrictions on non starchy vegetables.


    Please let us know where you got this info from.

  • Please stop parroting western diets 

    Instead learn what your grandma used to take 

    They have consumed ghee and makkan in good amount. 

    As also raw cold pressed the oils like mustard oil, til oil or groundnut oil 

    Not what's the Americans are now recommending i.e. canola oil, junk soya bean oil or table margarine, sunflower oil etc. All junk oils. And they dare to recommend these after eating money from food industry and destroy the world 

    Why should we listen to the junk diet from this country which has given is sugary coke, junk industrial oils and junk diets 

    Biased report from Ancel keys... Also? 

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