For the Attention of Moderators and Admins of this Community

This is concerning the recent ban imposed on a veteran member of this community, Mr. Anup. The ban imposed on him is simply outrageous and unacceptable. I would like to know on what grounds he has been banned. I am a regular user of this forum and I have never seen him flout any rules or abuse or insult others. All he does is help other people embark on their journey to a healthier life.

I have observed that there are some members who regularly and unabashedly abuse and insult anyone who dares to speak against the views they want to propagate. I will not shy away from naming them, if required. I would like to know why such members are not being banned. They are only befouling the atmosphere of this community. What is giving them this special immunity?

I hereby boycott this forum until the ban on Mr. Anup is revoked and I know that there are many others here who will follow.

I hope the moderators and admins realize that it is this forum that is gaining something from the immense knowledge and extreme helpfulness of Mr. Anup. If he is not allowed here, there are other places where people can follow him and learn from him. Either way, this community loses, not him.

I sincerely hope the admins wake up and ACT!

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  • This is utterly unacceptable, as is taking down protest posts!

    I support Anup 100% as I would people disagreeing with my point of view. 

    Please reinstate this deeply effective, honest and sincere man.

  • we all support Anup 100%; only morally bankrupt people will behave and demonstrate their immaturity; get anup back;

  • Absolutely right, pragyac. Well said. JanR. 

  • Thanks JanR. We will not stop until our voice is heard. 

  • Anup never got abusive with anyone except using language for the diet

    But even I got abuse when I presented my case. I was abused by indiacratus which I reported but no action was taken

    All points presented by anup and all LCHF are either science based or anecdotal either which are useful

    We just don't conform with the mainstream recommendation! Which many are anyway frustated

    I keep questioning as to Why dieticians and drs recommend a health damaging bakery product like marie biscuits in place of natural almonds or peanuts for which I am abused

    While promoting LCHF we don't sell anything

    But we could see vested interest selling untested ayurvedic preparations which can have heavy metals or other unproven therapies

    I would appeal to the moderators to remove the restriction and let the masses benefit from some strong but unconventional science backed regimen 

  • He never abused anyone. He always countered views and opinions with facts and science. Some people had a problem with him advocating LCHF as it does not suit their agenda.

    If people with diverging views are banned because of the dirty games played by a handful of people, it defeats the very purpose of this forum.

    Hope the admins are listening!

  • Friends Lets stop playing politics.No one has the right to ban the individual.

    Its the choice of Individual and his conscience to follow LCHF.

    If you have views  against LCHF,please try to implement for a week and assess the result.Based on the results , one is at liberty to follow LCHF or drop it.

  • Yes, it is for an individual to follow or not follow a diet. People dissing this diet should sincerely try it for some time and see the results, before senselessly bashing it and trying to get other people banned.

  • pragyac90  16 hours after your post no one from admin has responded.  So it seems that admin here don't follow their own rules. :)

    We will continue with our endeavour to spread the word about LCHF diet.

  • We will continue speaking until they hear :)

  • Let's see hope for the best.

  • Please cancel the restriction of  Anup from this forum and help to  members.

      No members may have not any knowledge  why Anup is  restricted from the forum and what is the reason

  • Mr. Anup is banned because a handful (3, to be precise) of people do not like him talking about LCHF. To promote their agenda of ADA, mayo clinic guidelines they are ready to go to any length. They form private groups and then keep reporting his profile to the admins. The worst thing is that the admins seem to be completely oblivious to the dirty politics going on here!

  • Please have tolerance. We are here to help each other. Nobody should be insulted or banned.

    Anup is a nice guy. There must not be any ban on him and for that matter on anybody. 

    While India is getting accused of being Intolerant!!?? i request all the highly educated people here to ease their egoes and be tolerant.

    We all should welcome Anup back.

  • This is not about tolerance or intolerance. This is about how a handful of people are playing dirty games and are willing to go to any lengths to further their propaganda. The outrage is because they are succeeding in playing these games and no action is being taken by the admins of this so called social network for health. It isn't a social network when a handful of people are able to bend it to their will.

  • I tell everybody including myself to have tolerance. If some people are vindictive that's not good for the forum.Those who are vindictive also should behave maturely. We may have difference of opinion. Anybody can have incorrect knowledge or information. There are many theories put forward by the experts. One can follow any theory but we have to give respect to each concept. This is a stage where everyone should be open minded. No harsh words, no ban but respect and love for everybody.

  • I agree. But it is impossible for some people to wrap their heads around this simple philosophy. They will leave no stone un turned to run everything to their liking and beliefs.

  • What a bunch of decent statements :)

  • I agree. He should not be banned.

  • We want clarification for restriction ... We file RTI for this ban

  • This is a privately run forum. You cannot file an RTI for this.

  • Actually that was a sort of joke ...first I drew a smiley then I erased :) :) Nobody is going to file RTI for this...

  • Haha. Yes, It would have been better with a smiley. Easier to understand that it was meant as a joke :)

  • No one should be banned as long as the recommendations make sense and helping people, and not dangerous to the general health of the people. The senior members here caution the public before recommending any regime as it may not suit everyone.

  • Thank you everyone for all the support.

     I am honored.

    Even if I get permanently banned for some "unknown" or "mysterious" reasons, I am sure that LCHF discussions cannot be muzzled out here, just because some don't like it. Now the momentum is all set :)

  • I second that. God forbid, but just in case that happens, everyone will know the actual reason behind it. But the movement will go on, at some other place if not here.

  • I won't be surprised if you also become a target, just because u, as a diabetic, live by LCHF diet and preach it. I would love to be proven wrong.

  • I won't be surprised too. The backdrop for it is already being set.

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