The British Medical Journal Slams Unscientific and Biased Low-Fat Dietary Guidelines!

Dr. Fiona Godlee, The BMJ’s Editor in Chief adds:

“These guidelines are hugely influential, affecting diets and health around the world. The least we would expect is that they be based on the best available science. Instead the committee has abandoned standard methodology, leaving us with the same dietary advice as before – low fat, high carbs.

Growing evidence suggests that this advice is driving rather than solving the current epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes. The committee’s conflicts of interest are also a concern. We urgently need an independent review of the evidence and new thinking about diet and its role in public health.”

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  • Dr. Fiona Godlee, The BMJ’s Editor in Chief works for Diet Doctor? If anything is factually incorrect BMJ should have sued diet doctor by now.

    BTW, a Indian MD with 11 years standing didn't ignore LCHF when it came to her daughter's TYPE 1 --

    HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsensical dietary advise to diabetics is being rejected by diabetics slowly and steadily.

    One 60+ year lady went of 22 units of Lantus. Will post that LCHF success story some other day ... will keep posting one success story after another :)


  • Go ask the editor of Diet Doctor if you doubt it. Diet doctor would have been sued by now if they were misrepresenting facts.

    I have no doubts.

    Where's your proof of 60% carbs being healthy? The research and not OPINION of experts working for industry. Yes Swedes have accepted LCHF. That's why you have LCHF Highway restaurant chain in Sweden ;)

  • Doesn't matter what you think of them :)

    We love their recommendations and enjoy better health. Books sell only if they are wroth their price. Making money from book giving great advise and improving health in lesser drugs is better than buying BMW by forcing sale of drugs and insulin and making human body a dumping ground of drugs ;)

    Anyways, we have heard this many times from you. Talk Science Of Medical Reports, or if you cannot, then ignore these posts. They are not for you :)

    Not responding anymore on this, unless you talk SCIENCE and not reproduce what ADA/AMA/MAYO says.

    Sorry, in no mood for irrelevant discussions.

  • We don't believe in FAILED science of ADA, USDA and Mayo. It's FAILED as Diebesity is increasing globally. Unless these guys can fix diabetisty problem, their recommendations are worth zilch.

    Saturated fat is the best drug to fix LIPIDS on LCHF. Medical reports of diabetics on LCHF diet prove it.  :)

    There's no link between SFA and CVD/CHD. It's a BIG FAT LIE.

  • Sorry, not interested in meaningless discussions. I discuss "Science Of Medical reports" on LCHF diet. 156 followers feel my responses are to the point ;)

    Those who never respond to the point hardly manage 14 followers in three years. Most who come here want solutions and they tend to follow people who provide solutions that give results.

    Good luck to you too!


  • Welcome change. You are being read and replied to.

    Keep up the good work. As the number of successes on LCHF keep increasing it will become increasingly difficult to ignore you :)

  • Yes I saw that and came in as a surprise as none of my questions have ever been answered to the point. Last one being --

    No one answers as to where is the scientific evidence that 60% carbs is healthy diet. Even ADA and Mayo doesn't provide any proof. All they provide is OPINION from behind an IRON Curtain


  • Precisely. This is an Open secret now.

  • I was not attending to this forum as I was trying out LCHF at dlife. I found that I can manage without Lantus if I strictly follow the diet.  It needs a bit of preparation and planning, just as I had to while learning to inject Lantus. Lantus is a good medicine. But why am I trying to go off it?

    I am a grandmother. I have stretch marks on my belly and the top of my thighs. These are indications of scar tissue. But it is difficult to distinguish which is scar and which is normal as they have faded. The needle will not go in smoothly at these places and the medicine will not lodge in subcutaneous fat as required. This would mean that the desired control is not achieved on the days when injections go wrong. 

    The Lantus does not, in my body, have a seamless 24 hour effect. At bedtime my BS was always high, even with just one chapath. ( Long wheat gruel did not raise it so much). So for some time, I split my dose into morning and night.

    Injecting basal insulin ensures that your body always has a particular level of insulin. Therefore, unless you ensure that you have adequate meals at appropriate intervals, you are sure to have hypos. I have hypoglycaemia every Sunday and on days I have guests or on days that I go shopping because my mealtiming is disrupted. Sometimes it saps my energy for the whole day. Who knows what else?

    I am disappointed by the diabetologists. They may be good, but they are carried away by the selling techniques of the medical reps who push the medicines advantages but mask the disadvantages. Again, they are busy ensuring maximum footfalls in their clinics and hardly have time to instruct patients properly. They keep inexperienced and under paid dietitians to do this.

    No one ever told me that I must adjust my Lantus depending on my lifestyle. We are asked to come for tests and consultation after 3 months. In between  if we are down with stomach flu or viral fever, and our food intake is minimal, how must we adjust the dose? They are hardly scientific in their approach.

    The saddest part is that many unidentified cases of damage caused by hypoglycaemia from modern drugs exist. Muscle weakness, neuropathy etc., can be caused through prolonged use of the much proclaimed Metformin, which is indeed a truly super medicine. Some statins are suspected to cause depression.

    Most affect liver and kidneys with prolonged use. That is to be expected.

    If LCHF causes problems after years, how is it different from the medicines?

    After all, our bodies are the only thing we truly own. We must have the freedom to make informed choices on how to take care of it.

  • "After all, our bodies are the only thing we truly own. We must have the freedom to make informed choices on how to take care of it."

    Precisely because USDA/ADA/AMA/AHA have failed. Their dietary recommendations and diabetes has increased by four times in 35 years. It has increased by close to 4%. So, absolutely no benefit:

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