10 Year Old Type 1 Indian Diabetic Girl On LCHF Diet -- Great Results :)

Few days back, I had talked about a 10 year old Indian girl -- Type 1 diabetic since 10 month of age -- and her success with LCHF diet. Here's the real life experience as shared by her mother (who is a registered MD with ~11 years experience). Yes, few who don't understand the science of LCHF keep talking about DKA and keep mixing Nutritional Ketosis with DKA. But, even as a Type 1 -- who are vulnerable to DKA if not monitoring sugar levels -- this little girl proves that LCHF diet is great and even type 1 can live by that diet.

Age: 10 years

Diabetic from: 10 months of age

Switched to LCHF: Around three months back.

A1C before switching: 6.9

A1C after 3 months on LCHF: 5.7

Initial weight loss: 2 kg.

Eye Report : Excellent.

Testing: 8 times a day


Few other details:


(1) Insulin dose down to 1/3 or what it used to be on High Carb Diet

(2) Nagging headache gone

(3) High energy levels

(4) The child feels great and in fact she insists on checking sugar levels if in doubt.

This was a team effort of mother and daughter that achieved great results. No hypo, no DKA at all. Her mother had been posting monthly status updates and she posted the third month status few days back. Here's a small excerpt from that -- and remember she is a registered MD herself and LCHF was new to her:

"Well, I got my own proof that lchf diet improves average bloodsugar in children on insulin!, even those who don't have a cgm but who check very frequently their bloodsugars. (more than 8 times daily)

 Today after three months of lchf diet, my ten year old daughter's Hba1c improved from 6.9 to 5.7! :). I won't be checking her Hba1c every three months as with the frequent bloodsugar checking and today's result I will know the trend, I don't want any more medical procedures than necessary, today's checking was important for motivation and proof."

Now, her mother is preaching about LCHF diet to other diabetics, specially rural areas, as she herself is convinced as a MD.

Also, y'day had one more mom posted about her Type 1 daughter hitting A1C of 5.4 to 5.8 -- NOT ON THE NONSENSICAL HIGH CARB LOW FAT DIET of course.

So, 10 year old TYPE 1 girl could do it, any Type 2 can surely do it and see the benefit of LCHF diet for managing diabetes with LEAST dependence on DRUGS.  

If anyone wants to go through the three month detailed journey, shoot me a private message and I will give you the links. This is not just some one off case being quoted by googling but from someone with whom we have interacted on LCHF diet as a means for managing Diabetes -- YES JUVENILE diabetes :)

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  • If type 1 person can do then type 2 can surely do it I wanna do LCHF please PM me all necessary link and guide me throughout process... 

  • Not just Type 1 but a Type 1 school going girl :)

    For rest, I sent you a PM. Pl check your inbox.

  • Congratulations to the child and her mother. 

    Congratulations Anup as yet again you are instrumental for this progress 

    Really inspiring real life success 

    I am sure that this case will prove the success of LCHF and motivate more towards this.. 

  • We all are striving hard to spread the LCHF message. Every single success just adds to the ever growing number of successes. Since this is a first TYPE 1 that all of us followed up with, it just proves that LCHF is GREAT for TYPE 1 also. All those talks and scaremongering about DKA etc is for scaring the ignorant. If one follows the rules of the game, one cannot fail.

    We try and BUST LOP SIDED OPINIONS against LCHF with Reports and Numbers -- aka "Science Of Medical reports" :)

  • Dka in t2d happens only when the diabetic is very careless about diet  eating lots of sugar and junk food and taking calories more than required. T2d always has enogh insulin in the blood to prevent dka.

  • DKA can never happen in T2.

  • Kudos to the little very brave girl, & to the mother too.

  • Yup kanchan13 

    Since you are there on the forum where mother had posted monthly updates, you can also go thru the same ;)

  • Anup ji God Bless you for being instrumental& guiding 

  • No Ji please :)

    Well, what started as a one man army in Jan 2013, is now a full blown Battalion that is gradually inching toward being a Regiment :)

  • God is Great.Has made you instrumental& wishes through you to give hope to ppl desolate because of diabetes.

    With good results showing with the lchf diet, ppl will get more than convinced that this is one way open to them to get rid of their diabetes medicine, & control with diet alone

  • “Winners and losers aren't born, they are the products of how they think”

    ― Lou Holtz


  • At some stage a critical mass will go exponential and the tsunami that follows will drown out the nonsense and ignorance keeping people sick and medicated.

  • Yes Mike,

    In whatever little way, it is happening. All this needs to go viral is around 100 doctors in India who start pushing LCHF as mainstream treatment for diabetes.

    97 more to go so long journey ahead. There should be a vertical divide in the medical community itself and then all the prevailing nonsense will be buried faster. Dr Google also will make this happen faster :)

  • Brilliant!!!

    So hopefully we will have less of LCHF Vs Diabetic Keto Acidosis lectures now!

    This girl proves that it's literally "Child's Play" to tame diabetes on LCHF diet, even for Type 1. Many Type 2's on insulin don't achieve the A1C that she achieved. Wonder how many really achieve less than 6.5

  • I doubt if DKA talks will reduce. Despite 600+ success on LCHF, LCHF bashing continues. However, such bashing is irrelevant

  • Well, at the end of the day I guess it doesn't matter. People will still switch, despite all the bashing.

  • Hi anupji as you might be aware that My 13 year Son has Type 1 with celiac (gluten sencivity) Please share me the link so I could get some help regarding to follow the LCHF.


    Suresh More


  • Sent you PM

  • Gluten sensitivity means wheat and it's products not to be taken at all.

  • Great!

  • Yes one LCHF victory at a time.

    Some day will post the case of a 60+ year old female going off 22 units of LANTUS. Prefer challenging Lop Sided Opinions with "Science Of Medical Reports" :)

  • Hi anupji

    My 12 year Son has Type 1 . Please share the link so I could get some help regarding the LCHF.


  • Hi H_Devgan,

    Sorry for delayed response. I see you are already there on the other forum where this cases originates from, so guess I do not need to post the link.

    If however, you need the same, let me know and I will send you a PM


  • Anup sir,. Many thanks for sharing great ful idea with us. We request to send us detail of lchf diet plan...my email id is ankulakp@gmail.com

  • Check my old posts here. I don't offer one to one service on emails. No time.

  • This girl hits A1C of 5.5 in recent report.


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