Over a third of people in UK and US will be obese by 2025

So USDA Plate and Eat Well plate working great right?

Three Cheers for the "Balanced & Healthy Diet" and all the "Funky" Plates and Food Pyramids :)


Wherever this plate goes, Diabesity follows.

1/3 obese, 1/3 overweight? So who is healthy on this Healthy diet?

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  • By 2025 ? ? ?  Isn't it there ALREADY ? ? ? ! ! !

    See: gamapserver.who.int/gho/int...

    With acknowledgement to the fine work of Alanna Collen - see for example:


    The epidemics of many chronic illnesses ( - of which weight gain may well be ONE symptom, rather than a primary CAUSE) and the proliferation of sleep disorders in certain parts of the world is less to do with diet and nutrition than many would like to have us believe.  The simplistic "move more - eat less/better" model does not come close to adequately explaining this empirical evidence.

    SOMETHING else, quite FUNDAMENTAL is going on - but what ? ? ?

    Immunology in chronic illness may well be one fertile area to explore further !


  • "The simplistic "move more - eat less/better" model does not come close to adequately explaining this empirical evidence."

    This theory -- "eat less more more" FAILED long long ago. It's a NONSENSE peddled by the Food Industry and supported by PSEUDO SCIENCE.

  • So, what is FUNDAMENTALLY going on that begins to explain the rapid increase in all types of chronic illness, sleep disorders and obesity in India, as well as many places around the world ? ? ?

    Which other mechanisms COULD be at play in LARGER and LARGER portions of the population . . . . . to which we're not yet giving adequate attention ? ? ?

    Any eye deers ?  No eye deers ?


  • Ban the dietary advise that comes from experts who work for the industry. It's not surprising that each of the plate seems to be out from the same xerox machine :)

    Science has no business in telling us what to eat and what not to eat. Our granny knew better than them. Ever since the industry started controlling what goes on our plate, things have really gone down hill very fast.

  • As you implying that we'd better:

    a) eat REAL food . . . .

    b) mainly plants, . . . . and

    c) not too much ? ? ?

    Is that ONE main issue ( - if not the only one) ?


  • Real food for me also includes eggs, fish, chicken, full fat dairy on my menu. No Soy, No Corn, No Potato etc.

    Grains terribly restricted. Fruits as much as fructose limitation per day would allow. Nothing more.

    Eat lot of fat and less of carbs.

  • So, you do not see a vegetarian, or vegan diet being suitable for many, let alone any ?


  • Vegan doesn't make sense to me as it eliminates even dairy and forces one to be on plants and flowers and the dreaded Soy for proteins. Eating 60% Carbs (whichever diet it may be) doesn't make sense for a diabetic.

    Lot of cherry picking from China study.

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