Diabetics in India up 100% to 63 million in 13 years -- KNOCK KNOCK NIN Hyderabad. Where art thou?

Diabetics in India up 100% to 63 million in 13 years


Great progress.

Knock Knock Experts at NIN Hyderabad. Where art THOU? Looks like 80% PLANTS diet isn't helping too.

Or perhaps they will rehash the HOPELESS USDA food plate and present it as solution. Diabetes is disorder of not being able to handle CARBS and the more CARBS one pushes the more horrible the situation would get. Doesn't matter who says it -- USA/UK/EU, all are on wrong course to protect the interest of drug and food industry.

It's the CARB industry that's really making the situation HOPELESS. They will only make things worse in years to come.

Solution is LCHF diet.

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  • Nothing surprising.

    Balanced (??) HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense at work.

    NIN will come u p with some copy-paste imported (US/UK/EU) food plate and come up with NIN plate which will offer no respite and diabetes will keep growing till we start ignoring what these associations say wrt diet.

    Ignore the guidelines if one has to manage diabetes as the very guidelines are BROKEN. High Carb Low Fat diet is the PROBLEM and not the solution.

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