Heart Attack Patients Getting Younger, More Obese -- Humans Data & Not Mice

March 24, 2016

Analysis of 2 decades reveals risk factors are on the rise, despite greater awareness

Healthy and Balanced Diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT Nonsense -- doing great work.

Average age reducing so more money for drug industry for longer period :)

And, this is not MICE study. It's on HUMANS


So, achievement in 2 decades, part of which also belonged to the FAILED USDA Food Pyramid :)

Plate waits the same fate as Fod Pyramid. Give it a decade's time and we will have Plate V2.0

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20 Replies

  • In spite of the fact that we know that carbs incl sugars fuels fat storage we still guzzle it in tons 

    Food industry like colas are so powerful they will prevent any study pointing at them 

    The main stream is still so influenced and or scared by these bullies that they are yet to warn about the excess consumption o sugar. 

    Forget funding which as it is happens.. these guys are so powerful that they can kill anyone who goes against them 

    And like FOOLS we still keep looking at these main stream recommendation as God given

    Alongside comes pharma who offer solutions for these man made ailments 

    In the process they suppress adverse effects 

    They also fund the main stream who will not oppose them 

    Where does this leave us?? 

    To fend for ourselves 

    So we use our intelligence to know what is right and wrong and have to arrive what is good for us...

  • This is for dietary SFA Critics:

    Don't mix-up lipogenesis (due to HIGH CARB nonsense) with Dietary Fat. Once this distinction is drawn, it gets easier to understand things ;)

  • Sugar is a sweet poison even for nondiabetics.

    It's only energy. No nutrition. 

  • Sugar toxicity is now implicated in cardiovascular diseases also 

    I am surprised that there are people here who are doing a lot of research on Fats just to highlight the harmful effects and posting lopsided and biased trials 

    But sugar being a big and slow poison is never spoken by these people 

    This is the biggest bane of humanity which finds its way into all processed foods. 

    Forget being empty calories: It's actually harmful 

    USDA and all medical bodies are yet speak against this poison as they are heavily funded by food industry 

    And fools keep highlighting their recommendations 

    Foolish recommendation still goes for bakery prepared marie biscuits for diabetics in place of peanuts or plain Channa..

  • No. Medical industry speak strongly and fiercely against sugar. It's called white poison by doctors. But opinion is a different thing and implementation is different. Putting ban on anything is not in the control of doctors.

    I recommend putting total ban on cold drinks like coke, pepsi, thumps up at el.

  • I agree

    What I meant is put a complete ban on usage to their patients 

    They still say that very small portion was be used 

    They should strongly recommend to their patients to avoid these foods with sugars  

  • I don't agree.

    Doctors don't recommend such drinks to their patients.

    I'm talking of putting ban on such drink all over india. Not just to the patients.

  • When India banned sales of Coke due to pesticide, George W Bush Yelled from USA. Remove the BAN or FDI will stop. Then some guys here drool over anything American.

    In the GST bill, proposal is for SIN Tax of 40% and Coke et al are already lobbying.

  • But today we have 56" chest prime minister!

    Rather than running for a nobel prize he should act for the benefit of this country.

  • He is working for the benefit of the country unlike the Italian mafioso (Ganpaths Of Janpath) and her team that looted the country through all possible means. Chachu and Mamu Jaan of Ishrat are nervous and dirty secrets are being revealed :)

  • And this guy is looting directly from our pocket by

    1) not raising income tax limits

    2) reducing the interest rates on small saving schemes 

    and last but not the least

    3) shamelessly not reducing the prices of petrol and diesel et al to the logical low levels although the prices of crude has come down from 140$/ barrel to around 25-35$/ barrel.

    Service tax increased to 14.5%

    If you count manmohan as an italian! Outsider his looting us can be tolerated but as you say your own ghar ka admi hi aap ko loot raha hai kya kahenge?

  • Really? I think these are usual rants of "CON"grace & Marxists. You can't get high interest on your deposits and low interest housing loans. High interest rates are a sign of inflationary economy. So, lower interest rates are always better. We should not look for freebies. I would prefer interest rates of US where one can get a car for interest rate as low as 2%. When that happens, auto sector booms. 

    Lower interest rates = low cost of capital and good for economy :)

    Interest rates should be inflation+3% max for lending. Lower still for deposits. You can't have inflation of 4% and expect interest of 12% on deposits.

    Who pays for 6000+ KM national highways in current fiscal? "CON" race was constructing only 2 km/day. 

    Who pays for 1 lac km of optical fiber cable work in last 20 months? He isn't stealing money and depositing in Swiss banks. :)

    MMS was a puppet.  Italian Mafioso was his master. Now Chachu and Mamu jaan of Ishrat are feeling nervous as the details are being leaked.

    Look at broader picture. Think of COUNTRY First. Situation is FAR better than it was barely 2 years ago, when India was recognized a SCAM ridden country.

    Petrol is not necessity. It's LUXURY.

  • I'm not a congress or a marxist man.

    Again western thoughts on economy. I don't agree. 

    It's a typical situation where state is rich but the people are poor. You put your money with inept people. You can't claim progress just by reducing interest rates. The essential requirements should be available at affordable prices to the people of india.

    Roti, kapda, makan health and education are the basic requirements. Do you say that these basic requirements are avail at affordable prices? I don't agree. Yes in gujarat too people are weeping.

  • Teesta Setalvad weeps a lot these days and runs away from TV debates :)

    Politics we can discuss at some other place.

  • Ya. True. I also don't want to engage in political talk.

  • "Petrol is not necessity. It's LUXURY." In singapore ac is considered necessity and acs are not taxed heavily. Common man can afford ac in singapore. Here in india acs are considered luxury and taxed heavily. Both are tropical countries. Samaj apni apni

  • Yea because Singapore did not have the Italian Mafioso looting and it did not go through Jeep Scandal right from the moment of independence as it happened in India. Countless loot by "CON"grace

    CON grace ruined for 6 decades and people want magic in 2 years. Samaj apni apni. 

  • Gujarat has experience of 15 yrs of unopposed rule. 10000 Crores were looted in those 15 yrs. Ya. Not by italian mafias but by indian real estate developers and education mafias under the shelter of indian mafia! Lands worth crores were given at throw away price. Big amounts were given to tata as a loan at a whopping! interest Rate of .01% to be paid after 30 yrs. What a progress!!

    Thousands of acres of the land have been acquired by bjp mafias and their kins. Adani is given land at a price of 3-4 rs/ sq mt and the daughter of present guj cm was given land at a rate of whopping 15rs/ sq mt. The builders were given free hand to loot the people here in the name of super built up area which went up to 52% of the said construction. Lands are sold on super built up price. If you buy a 300sq yds plot it actually measures 30% less that is you get 210 sq yds plot at the price of 300 sq yds.

    If you buy a 150 sq yds apartment it actually is around 100 sq yds. But you are paying for 152 sq yds.

    Jobs of teachers had been given by taking 2-3 lakhs rupees as a sewa. And again the money were demanded under the threat of "fajal " means surplus and not required.

    The feather in your favourite's cap is that he gave job at a fixed salary between 2500 to 9000 per month without any other benefits for 5 yrs. And confirmation your job is solely dependent on the will of the employer. Search for "vidhya sahayak " on net and you will get all information.

    There is a long list. You are awed by his speech but he has adopted a policy " tell lies, talk loudly and talk repeatedly.

    I know all the arguements in favour of this gentleman. But you have all rights to believe in him. And i have to abhor him. And you are blaming italian mafias for the loot. Agreed. But our indian mafias have glutted major share of the loot.

  • But anupji. I was talking in context with your remark about petrol. You consider petrol luxury! I consider petrol necessity. Apna apna najariya hai

  • Coke was one of the sponsors of AND -- Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. For $20,000 AND can promote anything, unless it gets caught in public outrage.

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