An Extreme Case Of Success Of LCHF Diet For type 2 Diabetic Lady

Gender : Female

Weight: 105Kg at the time of switching to LCHF diet

Sugar Level at detection: 650

Put on Insulin infusion

1 year on all sorts of drugs (3 drugs) and horrible control and continuous weight gain despite all calorie counting and she being a working lady. She had almost gained 7kg before switching to LCHF, despite all the stupid calorie counting and starving theory of weight management as per mainstream

Switched to LCHF = 20th December 2015

Drugs dropped within a month = 2. Only MF continued. All SU drugs dropped.

Sugar levels = Non diabetic numbers consistently.

Weight now: 90 Kg

No calorie counting, no starving. Eat to satiety.

This is one of the recent cases with extreme sugar levels at detection and now only on Metformin.

One of the 600+ cases of Indian diabetics on LCHF diet and she thanks LCHF diet for consistent non diabetic numbers on just Metformin.

So, no matter what your drugs are and what your numbers are LCHF diet is the only way to achieve such a drastic reduction in drugs and achieve non diabetic numbers. Diabetes management is all about carbs management. HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet is the most nonsensical dietary advice to a diabetic that can ever be given.

We have many such interesting cases and we help FREE OF COST, though some naysayers have been spreading rumors that we are making money by helping diabetics. In fact we are helping them save money on drugs and spend on good food :)

If you want to check this lady's case, send me a private message. I'll point to the link where you can read everything that she has been through and how we have helped her, like we help any diabetic who desires to switch to LCHF diet.

Give us any diabetic and same success can be replicated. Diet based approach where DRUGS get LAST preference and not FIRST :)

Saturated fat improves LIPIDS. Only in rare cases of hyper responders or those who suffer from FH will this cause issues but that's a very minor population.

If anyone says that Saturated fat causes CVD/CHD, I am sorry to say that they are completely ignorant of science of LCHF diet and entirely out of sync with latest studies on Saturated fat versus CVD/CHD. It's the CARBS that cause all the problems.

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26 Replies

  • Congratulations !

  • It's congratulations to everyone who stands by LCHF diet as a means to manage diabetes on minimal drugs, including YOU. The number of diabetics switching to LCHF diet keeps growing and as the number grows we dispel the MYTHS and LIES that naysayers spread against LCHF. We let the successes do the REAL talking :)

  • Right!

  • I am diabetic. FBS 105 & ppb 225 age 56 suffering from diabetes 2011 taking Glitarise M 7.5  2time daily. I am pure vegetarian. I have gone through your post. How to start LCHF?  Please give me detail with all vegan recipes. I have ordered Ala and also  started ashwagandha one month before feeling better. But can't understand LCHF provide me in simple terms with all recipe. 


  • Check for everything on LCHF for indian diabetics. Your PPBS is too high. There are many vegetarians who are on LCHF diet.

  • I am diabetic and my fbs-150 and ppbs-220.Pls help me how to start lchf diet.I m Indian email ID is

  • Suck it up guys!

  • congrats.

    hail LCHF diet


  • Yes, LCHF works and it works out of the box. 

    I will post such random cases time and again. Next would be a vegetarian who dropped from peaks of 408 to non diabetic numbers.

    Vegetarian because some guys spread the LIE that LCHF means EAT MEAT EAT FAT. Will post about this case some day :)

  • Pls, what r t food items tht can give

    me 60% Sat Fat for bf, lunch & dinner ?

    I earnestly want to follow  LCHF DIET. 

  • If you follow western diet, you can take a look at :

    We are Indians and we have worked our way up adhering to 20:20:60 rule and modifying meals accordingly.

  • Congratulations.

  • Every success is a huge success :)

  • One lady from kolkata posted this (diabetic since 2007):


    its a miracle diet .. who can feel this miracle... only the person who experienced it.. 

    on my request or by suggestion two other people in my family started this diet and getting amazing result.

    now we are on the way to advertising this diet to more and more people who are in need of this.

    in hindi "Chamatkaar ko Namaskaar'


    LCHF will grow by word of mouth when diabetics on this diet speak to others and show their results. Slowly as the numbers grow more and more, it will dispel the AHA MYTH that SFA cases CVD/CHD. It doesn't. It's a BIG FAT LIE  :)

  • Brilliant

    As time passes, this will only grow and keep growing and growing and growing.

  • the diet sample

  • I have done many times in the past. Please check my posts/replies. You can reach them by clicking my username.

    Searching is pretty difficult for me.

    There are 200+ meals elsewhere as posted by Indian diabetics on LCHF diet and I can't post that here.

  • I can't keep quiet. LCHF is ace read Michael moseley's book the 8 week sugar free diet. JanR

  • Yes jan-ran you are absolutely right. 

    LCHF fails only for the guys n gals who have never tried it or who find excuses for not trying it. For others it's a blessing. 

    We just have to convince our-self based on our medical reports and shut our ears to ADA et al. :)

  • Very good .

    It is difficult to believe but that is true strength of LCHF.

    It will be good if we can see her LCHF menu & daily routine mainly exercise.

  • I had been to YOGGRAM,Patanjali,Haridwar for 8 days from 17th March.There I was under Naturopathy treatment and YOG.and Medicines were totally stopped.

    I am still doing Yog on regular basis and cthe Sugar Reading is between 110 and 135 only,

    Should I continue with Naturopathy treatment and or I should start Alopathy 


  • Monitor your PPBS & FBS at home and A1C every six months and then take a call.

    Aim for:

    FBS ~90

    1 hr PPBS : 140 max

    2 hr PPBS : 120 max

    A1C: 5.6 max

    Diabetes management begins with drastic reduction in Carbohydrates as diabetics cannot handle carbs. Since carbs are reduced, good FAT -- included saturated fat -- has to be increased.

  • As a mother and diabetic now on LCHF since 20th December, she shares:


    My children 16 yr olds (twins) and 19 yr old all love this diet. They have left eating biscuits, Maggi, and any other high carb junk food. They love the ghee , butter , milk and lassi. Grain intake has drastically reduced and energy level much more, which they need, according to daily cricket and sports schedules.


    Good going. Younger generation once they catch up no amount of scaremongering against FAT will have any impact.

    LCHF for family too :)

  • Sir,

    My wife is 62 years old,5'4" tall,  weighs 108 kgs.she is not diabetic, but suffers from Thyroid problem. We have tried various methods, but her weight remains the same. Can anybody suggest suitable LCHF diet to be followed.  We are strict vegetarians. She takes  the following.

    1) Morning   :-  1 slic of Rusk, One pc. of Khakra and 1 cup of Coffee with Sugar.

    1) AN Lunch  :-  1 cup of Bajra/Broken Wheat watery Kanchi,Boiled vegetables, Butter Milk ( In all of these, without any salt).

    3) One cup of Tea with Milk and Sugar.

    4)  50-100 gms. salted peanuts/chana

    5)  One plate of Green salads containing tomatoes,cucumber, sproutes etc., without any salt.

    6) One cup of warm milk before  going to bed. and 3 cloves of Garlic

    7) In the early morning, she takes one Mug of Jeera water with 1 tablespoon full of Powder containing Neem,karela,methi,billipatra,jamun,Jeshtimadh,Triphala etc.,

    Even after this, her weight remains constant, she is taking medicines for Thyroid and pressure.

    Can you suggest something?  As all our children away from us, I am little worried. i will prefer a natural or Ayurvedic treatment.

  • try yoga for thyroid ...take coconut oil daily...if access to seaweed ...take it daily has good level of iodine, vinegar ...ashwagandha twice a day wife cured her elevated TSH by this method ...just cut down wheat and other gluten ...cutting on gluten helped further , if possible take grains in limits and cut down carb and add nuts to daily diet

    If not diabetic can get fruits to fulfill daily vit requirements ...add more fat to life ...and I am sure she would be Vit D /Magnisium /Vit A deficient...get Vit Suuplement with a spoon of ghee and daily sunshine is must and a good laugh with every meal :)

    banana has good amount of potassium/Mag , so good for BP,

    Get sweet potato/pumpkin in daily diet to get Vit A

    Get fresh curd daily

  • Here's her latest update in her own words as posted on (once in 10 posts is allowed so mentioning the name of the forum. Also not a commercial activity site).

    "I have been on LCHF since 20th Dec 2015 and have been part of many discussions on this forum.

    After 4 mths I can say confidently now that I have been able to control the spikes as well as the fasting levels. It is all due to the spontaneous and selfless guidance from all veterans of this forum.

    I started seeing the results from 1st mth itself and was successful in controlling weight as well as eliminating many medicines.

    Then I stuck a plateau in wt loss as well as sugar control. Thats when I got advice from @Anup Singh to start IF. After that , my sugars levels are perfect now.. Wt loss again started. Will do my tests in one weekm I am sure of good readings cos I feel so energetic and healthy. LCHF is a perfect way to live!!!! Thks to this forum to guide me to healthy life. I hope to spread the word as much as I can and show others the healthy way to live"

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