Dr Jay Wortman Type 2 -- More Than A Decade Drug Free On Low Carb (High Fat) Diet

LCHF diet works like wonders. 600+ Indian diabetics have also switched to LCHF and even worse cases of 408 on PPBS at diagnosis have climbed down to sub 130 within less than a week. Here's another DOCTOR (and not some self seeker) who shares his success of managing diabetes and being drug free for more than a decade now. LIPIDS Normal despite eating lots of SATURATED FAT :)

He talks so coherently and doesn't jump from diabetes to solar system to toothpastes while talking. High Fat Diet is good for the brain too. So DUMP the HIGH CARB LOW FAT NONSENSE and switch to LCHF diet and attain great numbers on less and less DRUGS. :)

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  • As a diabetic and a doctor himself, I am sure he knows far more than few self proclaimed experts on Saturated fat here. Experts without knowledge of LCHF. 

    So, one more to the list of Dr Richard Bernstein types. Will post more as time passes every time some propaganda is done against Saturated Fat by guys who don't know anything about LCHF diet :)

    Saturated fat doesn't cause CVD/CHD. 

    It's a BIG FAT LIE.

  • Dear sir,

    From the post of 'indiacratus' the following is quoted. Please clarify the following:

    "The American Heart Association, World Health Organization; The Institute of Medicine; The Governments of the United States, the United Kingdom; and the European Union – independently reviewed the scientific evidence and concluded yet again that saturated fat is associated with heart disease."

    Regarding consumption of saturated fats and related risk of heart disease:

    -Are they fool ?

    -Only 'Dr Jay Wortman' and 'Dr Richard Bernstein' are competent enough to rule out the above ?

  • The whole world believed that the earth is flat. 

    Someone or some people theorized or hypothised that the world is round 

    Does it make the masses the fools?? Or the ones who found it are fools??

    Does the ada, mayoclinic etc believe in LWMDR? 

    Does it make the believer the fool? 

    Are you not contradicting your self? 

    I believe that Mr shooter George has stumbled onto something 

    But I cannot follow that diet due to practical difficulty at me end.. He may or may not be right 

    But one man saying it works and you believe him. Ada or mayoclinic does not recommend his diet. 

    so by your own logic where do you stand.. 


  • Men face it like Men.

    Others send emissaries :)

  • Some thing more (old data but FACTUAL):

    AHA charges $2,500 (plus a yearly renewal charge of $650) for a company to put the association's heart-check symbol on a package. Florida Dept. of Citrus paid $450,000 for exclusive promotion and advertising contract from 1994 until early 1997. The National Cattlemen's Beef Association paid $25,000 for its arrangement with the AHA to promote lean cuts of beef. For an agreement with ConAgra in 1992-93, the AHA received $3,500,000 for a TV program on nutrition. For companies that want an exclusive agreement with the AHA like that of the Florida citrus growers, the cost is $55,000 a quarter or $200,000 a year. Without exclusivity the cost is $25,000 a quarter or $90,000 a year. (New York Times, 10/22/97)

    National Livestock and Meat Board gave $189,000 to the AHA to sponsor the HeartRide cycling series. AHA says the program will help ensure that people don't think that AHA recommends abstaining from meat. (IEG Sponsorship Report)

    Merck is spending $400,000 to finance an AHA program teaching 40,000 doctors to treat cholesterol according to guidelines. (Wall Street Journal, 6/14/98)

    American Heart Association has endorsed only Bayer aspirin. (NEJM 9/4/97, p. 700) According to Kramer Laboratories, Inc. (Miami), "Bayer, as we understand it, contributes over $500,000 a year to the American Heart Association." (Letter to AHA, 9/23/96) Web site is sponsored by Pfizer, Campbell, ConAgra (Healthy Choice), and Hoechst (Tufts Nutrition Navigator web site).

    All food and drug companies involved. Only an ignorant will believe that they will not protect the interest of the donor.

    So, let's talk on "WHY they say what they say" instead of selectively telling what AHA says. "What" is known to everyone. "WHY" is hidden in $$$? Isn't it?

  • Even this sort of or a bigger ones happens at political level also by the food industry to push the genetically modified seeds. 

    So big bucks earned. 

    Then comes the pharma industry offering some solutions to the problems caused by these ailments caused by improper diet triggered by these foods 

    In the bargain lots of adverse effects are suppressed and we continue using it. 

    Who cares about the public in general 

    And we keep believing these so called authorities and suffer. 

    Who cares. We are just some statistics. 

    LCHF is more than necessary in today's time as all the newer drugs are very costly and will cause a big dent in pockets with the biggest and looming threats of serious threats like cancers and heart failures as side effects 

    I recall some 25-30 years back we have only glibenclamide, glipizide and couple of other sulphonly ureas + metformin and some cheaper insulins. 

    These were very cheaper options for diabetes 

    Now we have newer class of drugs called DPP4, SGLT2, GLP1 analogues and costly insulin analogues 

    More dent in our pockets. 

    Diabetes is a disease where a great deal of research is going on with few other newer mode of action drugs expected 

    More costly 

    It's better that we spend money of butter, cheese, VCO or other premium fats and be happy eating it rather than on costly drugs with hidden adverse effects 

  • Are you batting for indiacratus ? I am sure he can't discuss with me as he has no knowledge about LCHF because he says LCHF means EAT MEAT EAT FAT. 

    Answer to your question in form of questions first (hope you answer them):

    (1) Do you think only AHA is right and Swedes are wrong? Has CVD/CHD in USA come down by 50% with LOW FAT and STATIN to every 5th person? If not then WHY NOT. Who is WRONG (or a Fool in your language)? 

    (2) Swedes have shown that SFA doesn't cause CVD/CHD at 20% carbs.

    Why is AHA in denial? Money involved? How many billion dollars in donation from the industry involved? Numbers please.

    (3) AHA equivalent of Sweden cancelled UNILEVER's Contract for using Heart friendly label on "Chemical Junk" called Margarine. Why was it cancelled? Swedes love butter and butter is better than Chemical Junk. Do you think entire Sweden has gone mad to start serving LCHF to truckers on Highways and few high profile guys at AHA are right?

    (4) Why has AHA rejected all studies which have PROVED that SFA doesn't cause CVD/CHD and still persisting with Ancel keys JUNK study which itself was fudged? Ashamed to go back on 4 decades of LIES being exposed?

    (5) Do you think millions around the world who are on LCHF diet are on some suicidal mission or they are fools and only AHA is right? 

    (6) Do you think that 600+ Indians that are following HIGH FAT Diet and watching their medical reports are fools and only @indiacratus is right because he parrots AHA everyday?

    (7) Why don't the so called experts at AHA / ADA/AMA come out in open forum for debates. They just issue position statements and vanish? Why?

    (8) Why did AHA not accept the Challenge of Atkins Team? Were they scared or fools? What do you think?

    It took them 35 years to STOP  talking crap about dietary Cholesterol. It will take another 35 to stop lieing about SFA. By then AHA will have made billions and only IGNORANT who believed in them would have paid through their nose for choked arteries because SFA doesn't cause CVD/CHD.  It's a BIG FAT LIE.

    And, Dr Bernstein and Wortman are not just two. There are many more like them. Not one or two. It runs into hundreds. What they say is right. Those who understand LCHF VERIFY it through medical reports YEAR AFTER YEAR. 

    I am into SIXTH year. Is your GURU or any of AHA fanboys willing to take the challenge to discuss my last report? I am sure no one will. Because when I talk with diabetologists and when they RANT against Saturated FAT, I show them the report and they go quite. Some start cursing the internet like @indiacratus. 

    And, I am not alone among Indians. You will find many on dlife.in like me.

    Hope to have answers to my specific questions.

    For @indiacratus world ends with associations. There's no world outside.

    For the intelligent minded people who lead from the front world begins outside of those associations. Associations are head quarters of corruption.

    We have a medical body in India as our client. We know what corruption and lobbying goes on. We just don't YAP for sake of YAPPING like some do here.

    PS: I have mentioned indiacratus because you started the communication with that. Else I have no interest in mentioning name of guys who cannot discuss  "Science Of Medical Reports" and basically are "followers" (or should I say blind followers) and not "leaders"

    It takes Guts and Conviction to be leaders and everyone on LCHF diet across the world are leaders in their own right as they are following their intelligence and not some orders based on failed science from AHA.

    Also, pl remember that when you are talking on Diet Heart Theory, you are basically confronting not one but a whole team of ell read diabetics on LCHF diet who are proud of their achievements, despite AHA/ADA/Mayo/WebMD/AMA

  • Go Anup go!

  • asoreka

    If we have to believe our medical reports we have to consider them fools. One of the two have to be fool. Either the lab that conducted the tests and prepared the report or the experts who say saturated fat chokes arteries.

    What would you conclude if your medical report on high fat diet show absolutely normal values for lipids, inflammation markers excellent, insulin resistance down to optimal level, lp(a) at sexy levels, cardiac markers excellent, no red flag on ECG, A1C 5.3 w/o drugs.

    Wouldn't you also conclude that AHA is making fool of people? What's say?

    Forget indiacratus as he doesn't understand these nitty gritties. Let's keep him out of discussion between me and you.

  • Yesterday I posted a link in a different thread. I think you did not read it.

    Posting again.


    It is a meta analysis of studies so we can believe it.

    Check affiliation of the author for reliability of the analysis. 

    The study is not specific to LCHF diet.

  • Anything that says SFA doesn't cause CVD/CHD, they don't read. Samjha Karo :)

  • जो नही समझते उनकेलिए बार बार सर पटकना पड़ता है  :D

  • Samajhnay walay Samajh gaye hain

    Jo na Samjhay....

    Jo Na samjhay woh anari hain.

    Old Hindi Song :)

  • Also French consume good amt of cheese and saturated fats. But this is twisted as French paradox due to wine consumption.. 

    Ha Ha 

  • Anything that EXPOSES their lies is a PARADOX. Great English term to impress the ignorant. Unfortunately, we get impressed by numbers and not ENGLISH.

  • asoreka 

    What's your reply?

    Who is a fool?

    The Lab or AHA?

  • Men face it like Men.

    Others send emissaries.

    I am not sure if he was really interested in serious discussion. And, I only offered serious questions to reply to :)

  • Lively stuff guys, love it!

  • Dear Sirs,

    It's my reply to all of you. One thing is very clear that not only you are very adamant (except ask666) at the same time you are also to prove that LCHF is only the solution for t2 diabetics with C:F:P=20:60:20 and every time I have seen the same pattern of answers being communicated to all. Why are you so rough and tough in your reply ? Why personal attacks like 'are you batting for---', where your logic stands @ asoreka ? have I tried to prove that LCHF is not science ? I have only tried to clear my doubts as confrontation is there in the post of veteran members like 'anupji' 'indiacratusji'.

    Pl. remember that neither 'Shooter George' nor 'indiacratus' is my 'father in law' or 'son in law'. 

    My only intention was to clear the doubts of consuming high amount of saturated fat as being stated in LCHF. it's a question of life of crores of diabetics througoht the world. I may follow LWMDR and I am getting similar results like LCHF, so what ? I may consume 50-60% SF if no harm is there. So, being follower of LCHF, you should clear doubts of mine/any other member in this forum in a polite manner. Please don't be rough and tough in replying queries of forum members like me.

    God bless and thanks to all of you.

  • Asoreka 

    These replies comes when it's seen that you are not clear as to what to follow

    Mainstream recommend diet or long wheat or...

    I appreciate indiacratus for strongly following mainstream

    I appreciate anup for strongly following LCHF 

    Each according to his own 

    Since I saw the mainstream not worked in my relatives since my childhood days I started following LCHF when I was diagnosed diabetic 

    Got wonderful results with normal lipids, renal and liver function 

    I am a fanatic when it comes to monitoring myself and I do it 4-5 times a day to see how I respond to diff foods

    Hence I concluded that LCHF works best 

    I also don't follow anup blindly. 

    Only on seeing various papers in low carb as well as the non association of high fats with cvd did I shift to LCHF 

    So I suggest that u stick to one diet. See if it works. 

    Share with us if long wheat works after following how Mr shooter George instructed  

    Let's us know the lab numbers and also if u are cured (stopped all drugs) 

  • Dear 'Shashikantiyengar"

    Thank you for your message. Like your relatives,  the mainstream diet did not work for me also from 2010 to 2015. It was perfectly alright till 2010 (T2 diabetic since 2005 with heart problem). Being hopeless, I have followed so many things (aurveda, gomutra, pranayam, vigorous excercise etc. and obviously consulted with big images (diabetologist/endocrinologist) in the field of diabetes) but unfortunately, nothing did work for me. Finally, I came across the post of Shooter George , immediately started following LWMDR and got miracle results within 15 days. That time neither anup sir's post nor post on LCHF was there . Gradually, I have educated myself from different posts of all veteran members (both LWMDR & LCHF) of this forum and I have prepared my diet accordingly keeping both the views in mind. Now, please tell me, being a heart patient, should I clear my doubts on consuming high SF or not  when controversies are there (anup & indiacratus-both are veteran members).

    Now, coming to last part of your message. I thank you specially for this. Out of 6 medicines in different time, I taking now 2 only. As far as my current BS levels are concerned, I hope, from Apr'16 onwards there will be 1 only and from Jun'16 I will be drug free (I will not claim cured that day, however, will be a happy man).

  • Excellent 

    If you see anup's posts there are many links which speaks of the safety of SF 

    If you are not sure then take just 25% of fats in your diet. Rest 25% proteins and 50=% carbs. 

    This is the ideal diet for all non diabetics 

    But since we are diabetics we should aim for reduction of carbs 

    Please keep reading about saturated fats and also see youtube in thsi subjects. 

    Wealth of info available 

    I suggest that you read Blood sugar 101 by Jenny Ruhl. Available as kindle and as hard copy. Very low costs from amazon 

    Please arrive at a good diet for your own sake 

  • Short reply on rough and adamant:

    (1) Have I abused, insulted anyone like few 60 to 80 year old uncles do here more often than not?

    I don't. In fact if you go through the entire history, I have been abused and insulted the most by few 60 to 80 year old uncles. here.

    (2) If things have to be said strongly without abusing and insulting others here, then that doesn't make the style rough.

    (3) Well arrogant or not, it's a perception problem.

    Yes, I don't prefer to be politically correct sounding, but at the same time I don't abuse and insult anyone here like few 60 to 80 year old uncles do. If calling lie a lie is taken as insult, that's "perception" problem of the perceiver and not fact, because absolute LIES will always remain a LIE and one such example of a LIE is

    LCHF means EAT MEAT EAT FAT. Now, if this statement is called a LIE, it's neither rough nor arrogance. It's a FACT. So, it's a perception problem.

  • @asoreka

    Where's the reply to my questions?

    Who do I consider a fool? AHA or LAB which gives me my reports year after year? One of them has to be fool for sure. Both can't be right.

  • Hello Sir ,

    Please advise me on LCHF Diet , I have Fasting Sugar 130 and PP sugar level was 200 . So Please advise me on right kind of Diet . I take only vegeterian Diet .

  • You can click on my username to check all my posts and replies here as I have posted meals many times, but searching to get specific posts is a bit difficult.

    Else sent you a PM.

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