the best some medical situations when we find it difficult to choose between this or that opinion of scientists we must choose

 the consensus opinion

of the world medical bodies.

searching through the research papers should be

done only as a hobby.otherwise it will waste all our

time and will be a matter of confusion.

for example please  view below the right opinion


"The American Heart Association isn’t the only leading

health organization to find a definitive link between

saturated fats and heart disease. Eleven authoritative

bodies – including the World Health Organization; the

Institute of Medicine; the governments of the United

States, the United Kingdom; and the European Union

– independently reviewed the scientific evidence and

concluded yet again that saturated fat is associated

with heart disease".

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  • Something new please. No one believes in rigged research sponsored by industry. CVD/CHD deaths have reduced drastically lets say 50% after Low fat? Low fat and Statins should have made CVD/CHD deaths almost zero by now. Did it happen?

    Lot of proof that dietary saturated fat doesn't cause CVD/CHD and it's all a lie.

    Obviously associations are finding it hard to take back all the lies spoken in 30 to 40 years. One small correction step was cholesterol. Also, lot of donations at stake. Before they change their stance on SFA, people will prove it in large numbers that they are wrong. In fact, they already are proving.

  • in case of diabetes for example ,there is a consensus committee between the ADA and the EASD ,european association for the study of diabetes- the world opinion is to be preferred to the common man's cursory understanding of a medical situation.

    see for example.

    how to prevent common cold

    this is  from one of the top ten medical websites of the world webmd.

    unquestionably better than a common mans advice.

     No. 1: Wash Your Hands

    There's no mystery about how cold and flu viruses spread. Someone who's sick sneezes in his hand and then touches the telephone, the keyboard, or a kitchen glass. You can pick up the germ when you touch that object, even hours later.

    So wash your hands often. If you can't get to a sink, rub them with a hand sanitizer that's got alcohol in it.

    No. 2: Don't Cover Your Sneezes and Coughs With Your Hands

    Do your part to keep germs away from your family and friends. Viruses cling to your bare hands, so don't use them to muffle your coughs and sneezes.

    When you feel one coming, use a tissue, then throw it away. If you don't have one with you, cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow.

    No. 3: Don't Touch Your Face

    Cold and flu viruses enter your body through your eyes, nose, and mouth. Teach your kids not to touch their faces -- and follow your own advice.

    No. 4: Do Aerobic Exercise Regularly

    Aerobic exercise is any activity that gets your heart pumping. It helps increase your body's natural virus-killing cells.

    No. 5: Eat Foods Containing Phytochemicals

    "Phyto" means plants, and the natural chemicals in them give the vitamins in food a supercharged boost. So put away the vitamin pill and eat dark green, red, and yellow veggies and fruits.

    No. 6: Don't Smoke

    Heavy smokers get more severe and frequent colds. Even being around smoke hurts the immune system, your body's defense against germs.

    Smoke dries out the passages in your nose. It affects your cilia -- the delicate hairs that line your nose and lungs and help sweep away cold and flu viruses. Experts say just one cigarette can stop them from working for as long as 30 to 40 minutes.

  •  More    than    any     thing    else      what`  surprises   me    is   the   notion`     of   mineral`   water``    consumption  to   keep `   the`  bacteria   away . Those     users   use     ordinary  plain`  tap    water   for`    brushing``  the   teeth   or  cleansing   the`  mouth  . Does  bacteria   has  any   rule    that  it`  should   not`  cause    any   harm  if  used  for   cleansing . Is   there   any   filter   to`  stop  the  bacteria  `  to  go   down`   the`   gutter . What    is`   the   great  idea    of   consuming    mineral   water    only`   for   drinking . If   water   is`    muddy    or   unclean  we   can   filter   and    boil   and   take    it . The   idea    of  mineral   water   is   introduced`   just    for`  the`   gains   of  some   commercial  iterest

  • Well said. These are all very responsible health bodies working for the welfare of mankind.

  • And choking the arteries to an extent that guys seek answers here on forums


  • dear patliputra,

    to get the senior's proper advice is the best way to "healthy ,wealthy and happy" in addition to early to bed ------"

    in this context the world opinion.

    when i was  in college i was misguided by a nature cure book.

    i had only small stomach problems.

    i was attracted to the many arguments in the book and followed a food change

    finally caught up with duodenal ulcer[through their fasting recommendations and the subsequent acidity i think ]

    it was something that destroyed my career.

    you see how innocent looking is this indiscriminate ,high fat eating.

    people just think ,

    diet !they can do anything.


    good luck.

  • Just because you got misguided doesn't mean we will also be misguided. We have lot of brain to delve deep into details and not just do superficial skimming from limited sources.

    We are not Ignorant for sure :)

    Indiscriminate fat eating? What's that? If it was indiscriminate body weight would increase. Indiscriminate fat eating is not possible. Indiscriminate carbs eating is very easy leading to obesity. fat eating reduces obesity. I am not surprised that you got misguided by the book. Your understanding about fat is completely wrong.

  • indiacratus ...We already fall in trap of diabetes like disorder  because of ignorance of diet and you really think we will accept anything which sellable ..because of good marketing?...its era of Internet and its affordable...people cross check many times before buying a tv on internet...why not for our health?

    We all are talking to each other through www ...its just a matter of a click and some typing's brain has really evolved over time :) just gives you what you want...

    Most of the people present in forum are well educated, who can fool such a elite crowd :)   We are not kids afterall :)

  • karch -- Don't expect any logical answer as you are also LCHF follower :)

  •   They    used   to  prescribe  steroids  for    some   medical  problems    and`    while    curig  one    thing  , those   prescriptions     lead   many    health`  hazards.In   one    case   I     saw  , the  so   called   cure   resulted`  in`   making  the    entire   body          white  skinned    like    in      leucoderma``   

  • Steroids are double edge sword.

    Unavoidable in many cases -- organ transplant, sometimes even reviving a patient after heart failure. 

    I know of a doctor personally who was given steroid after heart failure and he himself says that he has second life.

    At the same time, he quotes that many cases where steroid are given for a specific case has resulted on fractures that happen w/o warning or any sign.

    You can't deal with GCA without steroids by and large. There are many other cases where steroids are unavoidable.

    Corticosteroids raise blood sugar so many a times have to be covered with insulin.

    I was prescribed a steroid for what doctors called allergy that didn't respond to any anti histamine drug. 

    I refused to take the steroid. Alpha Lipoic Acid solved that non solvable allergy in one month. I do study a lot still from all sources :)

  • dear kashi,

    steroids are medicines or chemicals that act similar to the hormones inside our body.

    no doubt they have side effects.because when prescribed above the body's natural levels they suppress inflammation.they also work against an over acting immune system-the defence system.

    the usual principle of treatment  is

    benefits of steroid treatment  should outweigh the risks.

     kindly read the sentence above carefully.

    if a doctor makes mistakes on this ,such calamities happen as you said .

    my daughter in law's mother had high fever and inflammation.

    doctors gave her steroids...

    she developed diabetes on returning home from hospital.

    while talking to her

    what a mistake  i said

    she told me she would have died otherwise.

    she was a scientist in the ISRO.

    good luck

    a joke

    when my son married her daughter

    she  to her daughter:

    see that indiacratus get the food of good taste.

    the girl: he often complains of too good taste, salt, masala , causes him to over eat.

    he just wants boiled grass and straw only!!everybody in the family  laughs..

    most people overeat.

  •  Dear      sir     ,

     The     benefits       should       overweigh      the      problems   . Many  times     the    indiscriminate       use`   of  steroids   just   play  havoc with`   the    lives .  With  the   awareness     in   the`  general`  public    now     a`    days   a  caution   is  being   exercised   while`    prescribing.

  • agreed

  • Indiacratus is yet to answer my query and is avoiding 

    If main stream is so well informed about why do diabetologist and dieticians still recommend Marie biscuits with 78% carbs and 22% sugars 

    If fats will increase the wt how come I am stable at 61.5 kg for the last 4 months on high fats

    How come my friend from gujarat lost 1.5 kg in 5 days on reducing carbs and adding up fats like butter cheese and ghee? 

    Medical mystery

    Please read Nutrition journal 

    Which will debunk high carb and low fat theory 

    Nutrition journalhomepage:www.nutritionjrnl

    Dietarycarbohydraterestrictionasthefirstapproachindiabetes management:Criticalreviewandevidencebase RichardD.FeinmanPh.D.a,*,WendyK.PogozelskiPh.D.

  • Few names mentioned in that paper are all the names that few people don't like. For example, Bernstein, Volek, Westman, Annika Dahlqvist, Jay Wortman etc.

    Bernstein is type 1, Wortman is Type 2 as doctors. Dr Jay Wortman and his diabetes -- drug free ten plus years down the line :)

  • David Mendonsa is also VLCHF follower and drug free since last 8 -10 years at 77 +. And he is very active.

  • mr iyenkar,

     i do not read the responses of many people here-

    not only yours.

  • Some only responds to people who do not ask tough questions, specially not loaded with numbers and data.  

    I busted the two 500 ml milk pouch calculation (or wild assumption) with national dairy per capita data and asked questions. All went silent. Some can only like discuss Geography and History. No Science :)

    They still cannot provide answers as to where from 100 grams carbs from non plant source comes as per NIN :)

    Whether they read or not is not our concern. There are many others who visit this forum. The posts are for them :)

  • The sad fact is these people quote main stream and ignore some of these main stream references. 

  • I always prefer to go by experts opinion.

  • Yes we also follow experts opinion. We don't follow the associations opinion at all. The are better experts outside the associations. FAR Better who deliver fat better results. Sydney Diet Heart was also expert opinion but later was found to be all cooked up and fraud and the whole results were cooked up by throwing part of data tapes in a garage.

  • So far I failed to read in the internet the reasons (the process by which) that high fat diet leads to heart attack. Just we have to take the experts without explanation.

  • The SFA Vs CVD/CHD relation (useless) study as done by great scientists is something similar to this study:

    Give a set of data to a Class XII student with basic understanding of statistics and he can publish 100 such papers every day on Saturated fat versus CVD/CHD. So, such studies are USELESS.

  • One thing lchf dieters may explain,have they become lchf dieters after diagnosing of diabetes,or were lchf dieters before its diagnosing,if affirmative,then how they become diabetic as they were already following lchf? if lchf can cure or control T2

  • This thread has answers  to yr qstns:

    Not just T2, it helps in T1 also and as posted by a "Doctor Mother" of a 10 years old Type 1 daughter. The child attained A1C of 5.7 within 3 months of switching and the "Doctor mother" has posted monthly experiences. The doctor mother of the child understands that Saturated FAT isn't bad and it's the CARBS that kill. Both the daughter and her doctor mother are thrilled. I am sure as a registered MD with 11 years experience she knows what she is doing with her child. Insulin doses have drastically reduced and yet A1C also reduced. So, better numbers on lower drugs. :)

    I will post about this success story of this 10 years old Type 1 diabetic on LCHF diet  in a separate thread.


  • My question has not been replied. My question was"how you have became diabetic,when you were already following lchf diet? or otherwise you have followed lchf after you were diagnosed with diabetic. If followed lchf after diagnosing T2,from where you have obtained this formula? Is it your own invention,then what is the scientific  value and history of it? 


  • dear 2015,

    it will be difficult  for the lchf advocates to accept

    that in a small range of near diabetics only fat readjustments  will  work.

    that is why i have been telling

    returning to balanced food [reducing over weight , reducing overeating ,and avoiding sedentary life]..

    will work for all near diabetics .

    [in the average indian diet to reach this balanced food  you have to reduce carbs by half and  fats increased THREEFOLD.   is this LCHF or not?] see my articles on this quoting from THE NIN hyderabad.[ indian national institute=nin]

    and for  diabetics  far away from the beginning [ ie, 126 fbs and ppbs  141,] considerable reduction in the dose of medicines s they take currently..

    you have an excellent ability to resolve a situation.congrats

    good luck.

  • LCHF fails in only guys who haven't tried it.

    Sugu reduced A1C from 13 to 5.x with ZERO drugs. 100's of cases like him.  In fact 600+ successes that I know of. No calorie counting no 8 times eating a day.

    One of the latest successes was posted recently:

    Will post the success story of a Type 1 10 year old girl diabetic  on LCHF.  Her mother is a registered MD with 11 years experience and she is thrilled with the science of LCHF and results that she got in 3 months woth her Type 1, 10 year old daughter. Forget about the mom, even the 10 year old kid is thrilled with the LCHF diet results. Will be posting this real detail soon here. So watch out for that post :)

    LCHF works and works like charm. As I said, only people who failed with LCHF are those who never tried it ;)

  • Balanced diet did wonders in India --

    Diabetes increased by 100% in 13 years. Good going ADA and it's fans across the globe. Drug industry will donate more to associations to preach a wrong diet.

  • Already answered. Go through my post carefully.

    Click on my username and go through all posts since Jan 2013. You will have answers to all your questions. 

    Few questions for You:


    (1) Where is the science of SFA versus CVD/CHD? SCIENCE and not Ancel keys FUDGED Study. It has been disproved many times. Also low fat nonsense has increased all disorders and disease. Numbers don't lie.

    (2) Where is the SCIENCE of 45%-60% carbs being healthy (and necessary)? Need Direct SCIENTIFIC Evidence and not just lop sided OPINIONS.

  • It can be presumed it is hit and trial formula.

  • It's only HIT and no TRIAL. Works with everyone who tries. Only fails with guys and gals who haven't lived by that diet.

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