'My diet is 82% FAT and I've never been healthier', dietitian claims - as research shows it's carbs that fuelling the obesity and diabetes

Some chatter on the forum here around the UK Plate.

However, something interesting -- LCHF -- from a dietitian in the UK and it counters the whole so called healthy plate/diet:)


Those who understand SCIENCE, know how good is LCHF diet. Other are stuck to same old high carb low fat crap.

Read the article and as a diabetic, switch to LCHF diet and see the wonder happening in a week. No promises of CURE. Only great numbers and reduced drugs.

Impt excerpt:


'I won the debate and was amazed afterwards when I started being contacted by diabetic patients and GPs who had started a low-carb diet and found it to be successful.

'Despite that, patients told me their diabetes care team were still promoting a high-carb diet.

'GPs were telling me for years they had seen patients coming through on a low-fat high-carb diet complaining it wasn't helping them.

'I started to do some additional research last summer, reading lots of fantastic books and studies.

'I now have a very clear understanding of how a high-carb diet has fuelled the obesity epidemic.'

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  • All plates and pyramids are same -- HORRIBLE. All rehash after earlier versions fail to achieve any benefit and then fool the innocent for another decade. That's why diabetics who self manage their diabetes, don't care two hoots about these standards and associations recommendations. When they see their medical reports they never repent their decision. In fact, they do get some envious neighbors :)

    High Carb Low Fat dietary advise to diabetics is the most nonsensical advise that can ever be given. Yes SFA causes choking but in reality it chokes the funds flow of industry and associations. 

    Januvia missed the sales targets so all associations must  now be worried about their reduction in donations if the trend continues going forward. So they will peddle the same old crap, same old nonsense. But, we diabetics on LCHF don't care. We have better research and data to fall back on. The more they peddle nonsense the more convinced we are about LCHF diet :)

    Science is not about "CONSENSUS". Science is in CHALLENGING the Consensus.

    We know what "CONSENSUS" did in ACCORD Trial. The consensus decided conclusion in a closed room ignoring the researchers comments. Corruption exemplified.

    No one here is taking the challenge to discuss "Science Of Medical Reports" on LCHF.

    If I followed the mainstream nonsense, I would be eating 2000 mg Metformin as bare minimum. Against this I am on ZERO drugs for sixth year.

  • You would have been on metf plus one DPP4 also maybe new drug like SGLT2 inhibitor if not for LCHF 

    Same case with me. Would have been on two drugs at least and facing the prospects of Heart failure or pancreatic cancer at a later stage 

  • I would trust your's and Arun Kumar's judgment as both of you are from Drug Industry and both advise and train field staff and doctors on drug/drug doses etc.

  • We can expect a flurry of rx of sglt2 inhibitors now that EMPA Reg trial has showns benefits in reducing cv morbidity and mortality. 

    Though this was with one particular molecule empagloflizin but is being extrapolated to all sglt2 s like dapagliflizon of Astra and canagliflozin of J&J 

  • But Invokana raises LDL.

  • The study with empagloflizin. 

    But others trying to say it's a class effects 

    Anyway empagloflizin is said to be useful even in prediabetics. Hence more pts will be put on these expensive drugs 

  • Not us or wherever we are able to convince to switch to LCHF :)

  • I'm always skeptic about the results of so called clinical trials.

    There are myriads of factors affecting the course of a diseases and effect of a particular medicine and the group.

    My understanding of medicine never allows me to accept the results of so called clinical trials. Many a times such reports are forged to suit a particular pharma company. Reports are written in offices like phd students write their dissertation.

  • Well you are right.

    GSK forged the data on AVANDIA by suppressing the cardiac risks due to this diabetic drug. Later, after making billions, pleaded guilty and paid some billions fine. 

    There should be a law that bosses of such companies which manipulate/suppress data and if that has lead to deaths, they should be jailed else, 5% of lifetime profits from drug paid as settlement for doing fraud isn't a deterrent.

    Every major drug company has been involved in drug fraud that has cause loss of human lives.

  • Sir My daughter a non-practice doctor only a housewife stop me not to take LCHF diet as it may affect my kidney.I am diebetic since 2003 under gone open heart surgery in 2003 stenting of both renal arteries since2004 and taking Mat+gli 3 1/2 tab daily gli index between 7.3 to7.8.What is your view in my case. All my family members are oversease doctors of senier status say consultants

  • Pl Ask you daughter for clinical trial report for study done with 20% carbs and 60% fat on humans (not rats studies with hydrogenated corn oil).

    If she can''t provide it, then I don't believe in opinions, no matter what the qualification. Doctors normally are trained to hate fat. They have no scientific evidence to back their hate.

    Contrary to your daughter's belief, please check what kkjng reported when he went on LCHF diet with a partially impaired kidney. His creat dropped from 2+ to 1.7 and after 3 years on LCHF it is stable at 1.9. So before LCHF to 3 years after LCHF his kidneys are still better.

  • my cret is 1.5 to 1.7 since 2005 and i take 7 to 9 glasses of water everyday.My daughter has not practies medicines since2000

  • Your A1C will damage it more.

    We don't like any A1C more than 5.6 We on Low carb High fat diet have that as first target.

    It is because of ADA's stupid targets that diabetes is a progressive disorder.

  • "Never take advice from this forum"

    Is also ADVICE from the same forum. हा हा हा 

  • :D :D :D

    problem is now we have two drug industry professionals and one MD doctor also in our network. :)

  • Dear Anup ji

    Hearty thanks for sharing your experience and enlightening others

    In 2006 I went for a routine check up and discovered the my FBs is 205 and PP is 257. I started contolling died. Reduced rice intake, avoided white rice and patato totally. Took three chapatis , the flour comprised of whole wheat , soy,and Besan. Also took some ayruvedic powders. I am a vegeterian.  I maintained like that till 2014. My Hba1c was  always with in Good Control as per the specified range of lab. As you know the daily reading flactuates and I started monitoring every day with Bayers contour Monitor. I have compared with the lab results also same day , same time. The lab result always shows 15-20 less than my monitor. The 2006 result is never repeated, the pp is always less than 200 till date. 

    In 2014 I visited few places in Gujrat with a tourist group and my diet could not be regulated as I had to take white rice all the time. After that fbs and ppbs remained at 140-165. I took some Ayurvedic medicines and as a result the fbs came down in the range of 103-114 and ppbs125-140.  One day I experienced the symptoms of hypo. I thought the ayurvedic dr must have mixed allopathic drugs.  I stopped taking. 

    In November 2015 I visited US and to control sugar I brought Metformin- 500SR. Now taking twice . Also Diabecon two tab bds. Every day monitoring and the range is 105 to 124 FBS and 130 to 160 pp. PPBS after one hour 165 , after two hours 140 , after three hours 124, after 4 hours 110.

    My diet is

    BF- 7 almond,7 walnut daily+soaked , 3/4 apple and pears, and boiled barley 3 days, soked and boile one cup of Chana (2 days), Rajama(1 day),chole(1 day)

    Launch- Salad consisting of lettuce , brocolli, asparagus onion and two chapatis(mixed flour of whole wheat+Barley+soy+besan in equal proportion) and veg curry. One cup hand pound rice 0ne or two days in a week.

    Snaks at 5pm- One cup(25-30gms) murmure and tea

    Dinner- Two/three  chapatis and veg curry cooked with VOO  followed by a cup of black tea with lemon and ginger. Also I am taking apple cider vinegar(With mother) 15ml twice.

    I am giving the results of two lab test on different days

    19.05.2015                                         31.10.2015

    FBS-       161                                            143

    PPbs       218                                            193

    HBA1C    8.5                                             7.6

    LIPIDs                      L. range                        range

    cholestrol   180      /_200             183     150-200

    tryg               242    /_150               165     50-150 hdl                33     40-50                 42.4    40-60

    vldl                48     /_30                   33        20-40

    ldl                  98       /_100              108     70-130

    I highly appreciate the concept of LCHF.  I donot know How can I increase the fat content. If i Take Ghee with chapathi, I experience the burning sensation on my throat and  i have noticed reading spices more than a piece of sweet. If I take samosa it is still worse. Please suggest me other type of fat. If I take Ghee I feel energetic in spite of acidity. 

    For the last 15 year my body weight was maintained at 58 kg and now it is 56kg. Height is 5.2 and age 63.

    Last week fbs was  with in the range of 104-124 and ppbs 120-134.

    What does the daily fluctuation means and and what to conclude?

    After gong back home I will have HBA1C and lipids tested and gradually stop metformin. Kindly suggest me where should I modify. I am giving the case history  as you have done lot of research.

  • My journey is here:


    Sent You PM

  • I agree. Doctors are trained wrongly. 

  • Sezal.

    I'd recommend 2 things.

    1) cut down carbs as much as possible. Even to the extent as good as no carbs in diet. Because excess carbs get converted into glucose which in turn gets converted to visceral fat. This visceral fat is very bad and very difficult to get rid of.

    2) reduce your total calorie intake gradually. Or i'd say we you may be overeating. Reduce your food intake to the deficit side.

    More over i'd recommend you to do some yogas under the guidance of a qualified yoga expert.

    I'm sure you will benefit a lot. Wish you a good luck and a better life ahead.

  • People don't listen to you here. Only 12 followers in 3 years shows what value your advice carries. You kept saying don't follow LCHF but people kept switching. Wise people learn from their mistakes.

  • Universally accepted method has got the kidney to this level and A1C that still remains high. Few more years like this and a permanent cash cow for dialysis industry generated. Vested interest at work?

  • I would 2nd the thought. But problem would be the the doctors are conventionally trained and would recommend low fat diet. This would bring more carb diet to fullfil caloric requirement. So in addition to expert medical advice i'd recommend to  apply our own instinct and knowledge and experience.

  • More carbs will get sezal faster to dialysis machines.

    As it is, with that criminally high A1C eABG is high

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