Keep The Cars, Dump The CARBS & Live Healthy

The High Carb Low Fat dietary advise has been one of the biggest failures.

To cover this failure they started coming up with more stupid theories like sedentary lifestyle, calorie-in calorie-out etc and always kept MUM on biggest marker -- High Insulin levels in blood.

In short, they only blamed others and not their stupid dietary recommendations.

Many diabetics on LCHF don't do moon walking for 2 hrs. Why? because they don't need to as they are on LCHF diet. Why eat something and then set out for 2 hrs moon walk to burn it? Why not to eat less of that and avoid the MINDLESS walking? Do you know that reading book for one hr a day and Fidgeting while watching TV for 1 hr a day can burn 360 Kcal/day? So why do something else? Moreoeverr, BMR on LCHF is higher than the stupid High Carb Low Fat diet. Some strength building exercise of 10-15 kin a day and you are all toned up.

Sedentary Lifestyle, Calorie In calorie out useless theories were just to cover a horrible diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT. In short, one nonsense after another just to cover the bigger nonsense -- HIGH CARBS.

Ample studies are there to show that SFA is not responsible for CVD/CHD.

So, Cut The CARBS, Keep The CARS -- Switch  to LCHF diet as a diabetic and forget all this talk about sedentary and second law of thermodynamics.

As it is, a long term study on High carbs Low fat Diet with exercise on Type 2 diabetics failed BIG TIME in providing any benefit wrt CVD/CHD. So what's the fun in living in fool's paradise that HIGH CARB LOW FAT DIET and Lot Of Walks is a great thing for diabetics. A 10+ year FAILED study showed that it is not. 

If you need to walk 2 hrs a day to manage sugar as a Type 2  -- YOUR DIET is HORRIBLE.

I have managed a drug free life for more than Half A Decade as a Type 2 and land Non Diabetic Numbers.

I don't walk for more than 1.5 km a day. Many a times, not even that. 600+ Indian diabetics have embraced LCHF diet and enjoying great numbers on hugely reduced DRUGS.

Key to diabetes Management is:

(1) Cut down carbs to 20% and replace them with good fat -- so 20:20:60 rule for Carb:Protein:Fat, with FAT being 60% min.

(2) If LCHF diet alone does not get your numbers down -- only then think of walking

(3) If 1 and 2 also doe not help in achieving normal sugar levels, then drugs come in. DRUGS is LAST Priority and not the FIRST.

All this talk about BMI, calories counting, sedentary lifestyle, eating 8 times a day etc is all useless talks. Diabetics on LCHF diet prove this day in and day out. It's the HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsensical dietary advise that's causing problems for Type 2 and the experts are trying to blame not themselves but YOU. So, tame your diabetes by ignoring such EXPERTS. It's as easy as counting 1,2,3 :)

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  • My colleague at Gujarat recently had HBA1C done. It's 6.2 

    Not this individual is an athlete. 

    He is a half marathoner, does gyming, swimming etc for the last few many years. 

    But how come he developed this level classified as Prediabetes 

    Diet: High is carbs especially sugars. Adequate amount of protein and negligible fats due to fear of fats 

    Can we deduce something from this...?

    He now adopted lowering of carbs and reintroduced good fats 

    He lost 1.5 kg in the last 4-5 days

    He now wants to adopt LCHF completely as he is happy with weight loss and the new found alertness.  

  • Only when they see the A1C that they wake up.

    Some wake up when put on plethora of drugs.

    Last category wake up when they start injecting insulin.

    LCHF diet works on all.

    Even Prof Tim Noakes who has run 70+ marathon developed Type 2. So, all this Sedentary life style talks is another NONSENSE to cover the Stupid diet -- High Carb Low Fat.

  • Wasim akram a fast bowler of pakistan cricket team has diabetes.

  • Nice post Anup.

  • Thanks Mike :)

  • Cars and Carbs in the Title rhymed well and hit the point of Sedentary Vs Carbs. In fact, giving body more Carbs is like making the digestive system sedentary as it can digest Carbs faster. Eat low fat and mess up gall bladder.

  • 101% agree!


  • Sad to hear this.

    Eat Low fat, don't move the bile, stones develop and then the final surgery. Smartly designed High Carb Low Fat nonsensical diet for good health by damaging body organ by organ.

    This High Carb Low Fat nonsense is a well thought out AGENDA to ruin human health. When you expose these things, their agents -- agents of high carb low fat nonsense -- feel nervous.

    LIPDS conking off, gall stones, obesity, diabetes is all a gift to mankind from the guys who push the horrible diet called HIGH CARB LOW FAT as healthy and balanced. There's no science behind 60% CARBS.

  • Agree but not 100%...I dont agree with Anup ...when it comes to exercise and health...Though carbs are main culprit for our journey from non diabetic to being diabetic...but not 100%...exercise plays a important role in health you progress on age start realizing the same...when we ride a bicycle or walk briskly or do hiking ...our lungs work hard and thus lungs become stronger. If lungs work get better level of oxygen in blood ...All people who think exercise can be bypassed being on any diet ...keep a note that exercise increases the HDL and apart from that it makes one happier (endorphin : happy hormone is released while exercising) :

    FYI : If you feel down some day , get out(no gym) and run for 30 mins....body will thank you for this :)...and then note the changes in would be clean like you used vacuum cleaner :D

    So reduce carbs and get a bicycle not cars :)

  • I'll keep the cars as I cant do 7000 Km run on Bicycle. I am a road warrior :)

    Exercise, no more than 15 min /day max. I have no time. And

    My BMI is 25+

    But body fat ~18%

    So, If I have to get down to BMI of 18.5 as per some great expert here, I will have to lose some muscles also :D :D

    I am trying to Keep BMI 25+ and get body fat down by 1 or 2 % points.

    This is why i say -- BMI is a USELESS number. :) :)

  • This is really a excuse...that no time for exercise :) ....15+30 = 45 in a day for health not a big deal...If Amitabh Bacchan can find time out of his busy ...why cant we?...

    FYI : Amitabh's schedule :

    His liver is working 25 % since he was acting for Coolie movie because of an accident...still he manages such a busy schedule , performance and a wonderful health till the age of 73....because he never went loose on exercise (I guess I read it somewhere )

    FYI : His accident is mentioned in Wikipedia :

    I am a big fan of Amitabh :) :)

  • I am a big fan of "Time Management". 

    So, I keep a pair hand grips on desk. Do some rounds when get tired of typing. Just 2 minutes break  :)

    The day I am a Billionaire I will spend 4 hrs a day in Gym. Currently, lazily spend 15 minutes randomly with bull worker and 10 lb dumb bell set :)

  • But being a mentor of lchf group, I always will welcome if you encourage people for being physically active even though on LCHF...thats all for their well being...I will  always counter question you whenever you praise a sedentary life while following LCHF :):)...just to remind them ... exercise is something that will keep them healthy , so wealthy and so happy :):)

    Good job ...carry on

    God bless you

  • Yes I somewhat agree on active part. I am not a couch potato though, but don't go for aggressive 2 hr long "moon walking" stint also :)

    Read somewhere 2 min walking every hour is sufficient and it has some study quoted also. I will walk when blood sugar on diet alone start moving north.

    People can criticize me. I can differentiate between healthy criticism and some ego centric bashing that's done. My response style is different to both but.  

    I carry no grudge but also have petabytes of information storage capacity too with high read rates :)

  • Nobody is expert here. At least i'm learning here. We are sharing our understanding about t2 diabetes.

  • I agree. Exercise has a role in humans' health.

  • 20 minutes weights or 2 hrs walking.

    Which one is better for a diabetic from BMR point of view?

  • The aim of walking and all the exercise is to make muscles use energy even at rest in addition to burning calories during exercise and walk. Better if you can increase muscle mass by exercise and good protein diet.

  • I see many diabetics walk. Haven't seen any one develop steely muscles.

    So, if I interpret correctly, building muscles through weight training is a better proposition. Not necessarily Arnold Schwarzenegger type muscles but even slight bulk up and toned ones would be far better.

  • Yes

  • It's easier for me to spare 20 minutes with strength building than 2 hrs for walks. Paucity of time.

  • Good one. Also you breath more and lungs expand to their maximum capacity. More oxygen in your body to deal with oxidative stresses. The nascent oxygen produced during metabolic processes is responsible for wear and tear of the body. It causes ageing, cancer, tissue damage and many other detrimental effects on body. So if you want to live healthy life exercise should be done. Or if you have paucity of time anup you can do half an hour yoga at home. Just try pranayam- anulom vilom- to start with just for 5 min in the morning for a week and see how  your body responds.

  • I am trying to include Kapal Bhati in my schedule and then once that's inseparable part AV will be next.

    Yes, weights lifting have use of lungs and breathing quite a lot, specially when weights increase. :)

  • @suramo...Nice explanation :) bharstrika really works well on lungs...though it seems to be a very simple pranayama , but has good effects on overall health...anulom vilom works on nerves and kapalbhati is just a magic stick...cure for all :)

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