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I am diabetic & using LWMDR since last 5 months, my blood sugar levels have improved drastically after using LWMDR also reduced medications, but I have one problem & that is I am loosing weight, when I started with LWMDR my weight was 60kg, & today after 5 months my weight is 55 kgs lost almost 5 kgs, I have no clue why it is happening, If anybody using LWMDR having same problem please share, I seek valued advise & guidence from experienced members in this forum, on how to overcome this problem, thanks all in advance for your replys.

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  • Thanks for your response my height is 5.5 around 163 to 164 cms

  • What is LWMDR i don't know plz give ans

  • Mash must be passing through to poo, so body short of energy.

    You shuld b worried if this redn doesn't stall.

  • I think your weight is ideal, you are not underweight. I feel once your diet becomes stable and steady, your weight also will become stable, and and then you have to watch out, because, you will start to gain weight slowly later. Being lean is good for more flexibility and energy. I too started to reduce my weight, but now, it is steady.

  • Thanks, nairrajis for your valued comments

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