Dietary carbohydrate restriction as the first approach in diabetes management: Critical review and evidence base

Science and Not OPINION.

LCHF diet as a way to manage diabetes on less drugs and achieve far BETTER numbers. Naysayers will still challenge this with just OPINIONS :)

So, read, understand and switch to LCHF diet to attain far better control of sugar on hugely reduce drugs. BTW, when you cut down CARBS you have to Increase FATS because proteins cannot be increased much as proteins also causes sugar spike and spikes late.

Would love to debate on science as I have completed HALF A DECADE of drug free life as a type 2 following the very principles of LCHF diet:

600+ Indians have benefited by switching to LCHF diet.

Oh, and LCHF doesn't mean that it is EAT MEAT AND FAT. Those Ignorant-about-LCHF would make such statements. So, ignore all the NOISE against LCHF. I know of many VEGETARIAN Indian diabetics on LCHF diet.

Nutrition Journal is not some "stray dot com" as some like to call every research publication on LCHF as. So, let's get better health by switching to something that works really fast instead of clinging on to FAILED USDA Food Pyramid (or the new plate which will also fail like the Pyramid as food plate is just a rehash of food pyramid). High Carb Low fat diet is the most nonsensical dietary advise for diabetics because they are being told to eat HIGHC CARBS, something that diabetics cannot handle well -- CARBS

I love debating on FACTS and not LOPSIDED OPINIONS based on study done on caged rats for eight weeks in some lab by feeding them hydrogenated coconut oil or corn oil.

So, let the discussion begin :)


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  • Aah and those who are looking for double blind studies on LCHF, let it be known that diet doesn't work on the basis of evaluating isolated "receptor-response" principle. So, double blind studies aren't really applicable on DIETS.

    Also, DIETS are not sold as DRUGS approved by FDA. So, please keep all that irrelevant talk about double blind studies on diet out. Our medical reports before and after switching are best evidence that reiterate what the paper above highlights.

    I can provide evidence of how HORRIBLY a HIGH CARB LOW FAT (READ ADA) trial on 5000+ Type 2 diabetics FAILED in 10+ years.

  • Nutrition Journal is of highest repute

    No one can say that this is a street journal

    Lots of articles mentions Low carb diet as beneficial for diabetics.

    But the Bodies still stick to high carb diet for diabetics?

    Do we know why??

    That the medical practitioners have studied less of nutrition

    They are expert on diagnosis and treatment with drugs

    But poor when it comes to foods

    If they are expert of foods then how come they are recommending MARIE biscuits which has

    100 Gm of these biscuits contains : Carbs = 78 Gm an 22 Gm?

    Can any of the guys who oppose LCHF explain this?????

  • MARIE is BALANCED Biscuit :D :D

    And, a still more Balanced Biscuit for diabetics is from Britannia with some husk added. Look at this STUPID ad that says reducing sugar is not the solution. Eat Biscuits as a diabetic and eat every two hrs :)

    Not sure if the packing has Approved By ADA logo.

    PATHETIC to say the LEAST

    All these diabetic friendly stuff should neveer be bought as they are most UNFRIENDLY.

  • Nothing could be more misleading.

    Don't know how come this is allowed.

    No regulations in this country

  • ADA says eat BALANCED stuff. Balanced means High Carb Low Fat Nonsense :)

    Diabetic Friendly == More Carbs and Still Lower FATS.

    All such diabetic friendly stuff should be thrown out of the house.

    Balanced Diet helps the Balance Sheet of Drug companies and not the Diabetic.

  • Cannot agree more!! The problem is that people are willing to be fooled. They actually believe that these companies make products for their better health and not for making huge profits.

  • Kellogg fools through Lara Dutta getting slim in few days by eating their sugar loaded low fat nonsense -- cereal breakfast crap.

  • Lara Dutta and now Deepika Padukone. I am sure that they won't even touch that stuff in real life. But people are ready to spend money on that crap in hopes of getting slimmer in stead of spending money on real food.

    I have seen a girl losing 1kg in one month by eating Kellogg Special K which I don't think had anything to do with the Special K. You will lose 1-2 kgs in a month if you ate nothing during the entire day except 2 small bowls of cereal.

    I persuaded one of my friends (who is a non-diabetic and otherwise healthy individual) to try LCHF for weight loss. He lost 18 kgs in 2 months!! And this included a couple of days of cheating on the diet as well.

  • Congrats Pragya for influencing one NON DIABETIC to LCHF lifestyle. All that useless theory of calorie counting and STARVING has failed big time to achieve anything.

    LCHF works and Calorie counting, BMI is a failed science. It has failed long term and will keep failing.

    LCHF -- eat to satiety, forget about USELESS calorie counting and Enjoy HEALTHY life. Agents of DRUG Industry will never feel happy about LCHF success.

  • So true. In fact that friend is now converting others to LCHF :D and he swears that he is never going back to his high carb diet again!!

    Yes of course, why would the people in drug industry be happy when their precious golden goose is in danger of slipping out of their hands.

    I had to stop trying to argue with a so called 'certified nutrition expert' on Quora when instead of arguing logically he started hurling personal attacks. That is what these people resort to when they see their years of belief in a high carb diet failing and LCHF gaining popularity.

    Wonderful to hear about this person. Hoping more and more people get medicine free :)

    As for Hema Malini and other such celebrities endorsing crappy products they wouldn't touch in real life, anything for money I guess!!

  • Ignore them. They have bloated EGO. They don't even refrain from insulting LADIES. Has happened here too. High Carb Low Fat theoreticians have used meanest of insult against women on LCHF here. Surprisingly, most of them are 60+ some even approaching 80 years of age.

    When they can't beat on science they try beating by ABUSES and INSULTS. Pretty common.

    BTW, I had seen the thread on QUORA. :)

  • Yes, that is precisely what I did :) I knew the discussion wasn't going to go any further without having more comments/insults hurled at me.

  • Low fat Tories as Prof Richard D Fienman says :)

  • One diabetic is going off 20mg statin drug dose within 3 months of LCHF diet. His A1C dropped from 9 to 7.1 and cholesterol dropped from 180 to 102 :)

    20mg statin in India costs 14 bucks a day and that's 500/month. This user is in US where statins costs much higher.

    This is precisely why some guys here give LOPSIDED Opinion against LCHF without having even the basic idea of science behind it. They feel unhappy that diabetics are going off drugs on LCHF diet.

  • Hema Malini never used LUX, but advertised LUX in her prime days.

  • Pragya

    i'd surely like to know her diet schedule on which your friend lost 18 kg in 2 months on diet plan only

  • Suramo, Pragya

    We should also ask Pragya what is her friend's weight NOW after 3 months who lost 18 kgs in just 2 months?

    Impossible it seems and even if it has happened, you can't maintain the weight you lost so fast!!! The slower you lose weight, better are the chances of maintaining it for longer period. My experience.

    Never ever even just on water, somebody can lose 9 kgs per month? haa...fooling us all on this forum it seems....

  • Someone from Australia lost 13 kg in 100 days and he reported today on the other forum. A 105 kg diabetic working lady lost 15 kg in about 3 months, again posted on the other forum. Both on Low Carb diet.

    Someone one LCHF forum on HU has lost 90 pounds in 9 months and still counting.

    I am sure no one has anything to gain by fooling people. It's just that sometimes for carb addicts, it becomes to difficult to believe anyone who achieves this. It's not always about calories in calories out that most high carbers talk about.

    Cut the carbs and see the weight fall.

  • Anup....I can believe 13 kg in 100 days which comes to 1 kg per week...and it is normal. But can't believe 18 kgs in two months which comes to 2 kgs per week which is impossible!:-)

  • It's impossible because of the wrong perception of calorie-in calorie out that's put forward. Classical example:

    How much should he have weighed after a month?

  • Kellogg's breakfast cereals are one of the worst.

  • General Mills and Kellogg are losing breakfast cereal business in developed world. So targeting countries like India to fool.

  • Prof Richard D Feinman -- one of the lead authors of the study referred in the post.

    Enjoy the interview/presentation:

    (1) They failed to prove that FAT caues CVD/CHD.

    (2) Cholesterol is not a problem.

    (3) He says that there are many Low fat Tories out there who will try to resists till the end but the second LCHF revolution is occuring ;)

    (5) Thinking that just by doing something different there will be problems is UNREASONABLE. That's what we diabetics prove it day in and day out. It's not a problem but a SOLUTION that works out of the box :)

  • Nice talk.

    Who would agree that they are at fault for 40 years. Speaking the same cholesterol and saturated fat versus cvd lies despite no evidence. Vested interests.

  • Anyways, the paper talks sense and this is also evident from the way LCHF has picked up among INDIAN DIABETICS.

  • Thought of bumping this thread as it talks science more than anything else. Nothing much left to be proven when it comes to LCHF diet and diabetes management. Not just diabetes, even LIPIDS, hypertension, NAFLD gets taken care of.

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