Repeat Heart Attacks -- Cholesterol or Insulin Who Is The Real Villain?

Look at the data analysis, done by chemical engineer -- Ivor Cummins -- on which one is the real villain in case of repeat heart attacks

No wonder it's the commonly ignored one -- INSULIN and not LDL.

So, diabetes management should all be focused on lowering the residual insulin in blood. Can drugs lower it? NOT much -- yes not even 2 gm Metformin a day can help to extent that LCHF diet does. So, only thing that works is cutting down CARBS drastically and replacing it with Good fat. This is where LCHF diet works-and-wins hands down.

Type 2 starts with elevated insulin levels in blood and is the common enemy for diabetes (becomes a progressive disorder as the ENEMY is considered a FRIEND by mainstream), obesity, CVD/CHD. Get your fasting insulin down to lowermost value of the range as first step. That would also impact PPBS insulin levels.

So, DUMP the HORRIBLE HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsensical diet being peddled as HEALTHY & Balanced. Mainstream doesn't even look at it as part of diagnostic variable just because they know that their so called HEALTHY Diet will be EXPOSED.

BTW, Ivor Cummins is also a LCHF Buff.

Did Statins alone help in preventing heart attack. Check the tabular data on above URL :)


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    The above is a mainstream recommendation

    But not popularised

    DASH diet is famous

    But a variation called HF DASH diet - High Fat DASH diet shows benefits in terms of reduction of BP as well as improved lipid parameters.

    Unfortunately this is less known.

    Somehow not propogated....?

  • Drug companies cannot make money promoting DIET.

    And all associations work on donations from drug companies, so they cannot talk against the interests of their donors.

    Just look at how every other Toothpaste from MNC's (colgate et al) in India is advertised as IDA approved, when they are loaded with crap. Some day IDA will market Toothbursh also in return for money :)

    They criticized charcoal and salt. Now they are loading their toothpastes with salt and charcoal and advertising it as some scientific breakthrough in dental care. It's really surprising to see this happen ;)

  • True.

    Just to keep you updated.

    Now that the biggest statin is off patent. Less money is flowing in the statin-LDL focus.

    Now the latest is PCSK9 inhibitors where in addition to LDL other lipid sub fractions are also considered.

    That's how the trend is..

  • Yes I know about PCSK9 beig pushed as some wonder drug specially for so called "Statin Resistant" patient groups. New fraud :)

  • Ivor's the man!

  • Yes Mike.

    He has studied over 200 papers.

  • Just bumping this thread up.

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