Why LCHF Diet Has Been So Successful Here and On All Diabetic Forums Around The World

Diabetes is a disorder of not being able to handle carbs. So, logically it makes no sense to eat high carbs and then eat lot of drugs as side dish and yet barely manage to hit A1C of 6.5 at best. On diabetes India forum I started talking LCHF way back in January 2013 and have 600+ actual cases of how diabetics with worse control on so called HEALTHY & Balanced (actually it's a nonsensical diet) High Carb Low fat diet have dropped doses of drugs and yet achieved a far better control.

On all diabetes forums you will find how LCHF diet has succeeded even on diabetics who have had 25 years of diabetes history and on plethora of drugs. 600+ Indians I know off who have DITCHED the HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense and have cut down drugs in less than three months and yet land A1C far better than they were able to achieve in 25 years of being on HIGH CARB, HIGH DRUGS, HIGH WALKS theory -- a FAILED theory of course.

I for one am a diabetic on LCHF diet and completed 5 years of DRUG Free life --

(1) No Drugs for sugar,

(2) No drugs for hypertension,

(3) No drugs for LIPIDS.

In fact, ZERO DRUGS for anything as medical reports even after half a decade of being on LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET, I am yet to have anything abnormal on blood reports. Had shared this story on the following POST:


Many diabetics have even gone off the dangerous STATIN drugs after switching to LCHF as their LIPIDS improved.

What exactly is the LCHF diet that we follow I had written a piece about this sometime back:


So, if LCHF works then why isn't mainstream recommending it?


Answer is VERY Simple. Global Diabetes care industry is worth $650 billion annually. If LCHF diet was recommended, this industry will shrink to less than $350 billion in less than THREE Months. Do you think anyone with their interests in the DRUG Industry is ever going to like this catastrophic market size shrinkage? Answer is NO.

Drug companies cannot make money by marketing DIET that WORKS. They can only make money by PUSHING a DIET that makes your life as a diabetic MISERABLE, and that diet is HIGH CARB LOW FAT.

So, if you are FED up of too much drugs, high blood sugar, increasing doses of drugs and insulin, explore LCHF diet which basically cuts down drastically what diabetics cannot handle -- CARBS. 600+ successes is no mean number. Yes, some feel jealous and call everyone on LCHF as fake, clone or give some other insulting term when they just can't debate based on FACTS and NUMBERS.

Even on ADA forums diabetics talk and live on LCHF diet. They aren't called FAKE or insulted. But, namecalling doesn't serve any purose when such guys cannot provide any pointed solutions, except for perhaps reducing weight down to a set of bones using the USELESS BMI theory.

Any diabetic forum on web will have LCHF diet followers in great numbers.

FAT doesn't choke arteries. CARBS that kick up TG and residual insulin in blood is the main problem. So, cut down CARBS and enjoy great health. If FAT really choked arteries, all my arteries should have been blocked by now since I am eating 60%+ FAT since half a decade. However, medical report doesn't show it happening. I don't believe in spending Rs 4500/month on Januvia and Invokana. I spend on good food that keeps me drug free ... and with A1C of 5.6 or lower. Critics with no knowledge about LCHF can only keep saying what they have to say. It doesn't change any FACT and FACT is that LCHF works and works very fast even without losing 1 gram of body weight so shows that BMI theory is useless and it's all about CARBS control down to a level which is lower than glycogen storage capacity of LIVER -- staying 20% below the limit as a reference line. :)

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  • Yes i am only 30 and have so much knowledge of food and i am exploring LCHF Like an obsession. So thanks to diabetes . Thanks to Mr Anup for encouraging me and somehow guiding me everytime.

  • You are one among 600+ Indians who have benefited.

    Spread the LCHF message to every diabetic that you come across. If one in ten listen, it's a great success. At least 10% drug sales will be effected and 1 in 10 can hit A1C of 5.6 or lower and dispel the MYTH that diabetes is a progressive disorder :)

    Someone thinks that I am FAKE, despite 600+ successes on LCHF diet :)

    Since I spend time for free in guiding, some feel upset about how come diabetics are able to get off drugs by challenging ADA's dictats. Those some have no knowledge about "Science Of LCHF" so can never answer pointed questions on this. They will just dish out overly padded subjective OPINIONS devoid of all SCIENCE.

  • You are genius, great, gentleman, exceptional intellectual.

    powerful influencing person, a good soul.


  • Thanks Nasrullah.

    I am also one of the most HATED person here ... hated by a few who think everyone who talks LCHF is FAKE. We are considered FAKE as we get diabetics on ADA recommendations out of HELL HOLE in less than 3 weeks :)

  • Well said!

  • Despite all the anti behavior if any diabetics tries LCHF they will find it the best way to control... While the non believers will continue their struggle with medicines and the recommended diet.

    I wish all the best to all the diabetics in this forum.

  • Non believers refuse to look at medical reports and science. So, they definitely aren't talking science when they comfortably ignore the most important benchmark -- medical reports and drug consumption reduction. In fact they behave more like ADA :)

    We are here for those who are interested to really see how LCHF diet can work wonders. And, we don't SELL some exotic brand of grains or publish email address and telephone numbers of SELLERS. Yes LCHF diet must be hitting the sales of LW hard, so money lost for sellers there also.

  • Thanks lot very good information.


  • Success of LCHF is common across all diabetic forums in the world.

    Those who have no reward:risk ratio because of age or damages already done only speak against it.

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