splitting the meal

after finding the right food for daily total intake --both texture and calorie

as in my last post,

just consume it as small meals.

most people who are diabetics will find it a tremendous achievement

if and only if they reduced their weight to the ideal weight


what percentage is the 'most' in my above sentence is unknown to me.

may be as high as 60 percent?from my poor memories of the cdc statistics.

good luck

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  • CDC statistics show Obesity and Diabetes have increased by more than three folds ever since this "Balanced" diet came into existence.

    Eating 8 to 10 times a day is one of the most horrible suggestions that can ever be given. Hypo-caloric diets have been a big time failure.

    Eat fat to burn fat. 60 lb loss on high fat diet without the need to count calories :


  • correct

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