the balanced meal, the USDA food plate, and the national institute of nutrition Hyderabad on Indian diet

first of all:

the balanced meal is not a concoction of the USDA which recommended

a food plate in 2012 .

it is the result of centuries of research by nutrition scientists round the world.

the American department USDA only summarized and gave a pictorial presentation.

the balanced meal is based on the physiological demands of the human body.otherwise how it is accepted with little or no modification in the European union.


we need phosphorus inside.

how much?

that much should be in the diet.

neither more nor less-is the philosophy behind it.

we need water .

how much?

3 liters -men and 2.2 for women[fluids]

or the 8by 8 rule.

these are all general recommendations with great variations acceptable.

the USDA my plate is a pictorial summarizing of the many nutritional principles discovered through centuries.

it is not a recommendation for the diabetic as is meant for all people.

it is the diabetic associations of the world, all over, later in the nineties of the last century began advising that

the diabetic also should take this balanced diet.

their philosophy is

instead of tampering with diet as a remedy for diabetes

reduce your weight, stop over eating , do just needed amount of exercise

-be healthy ,wealthy and happy.still if your diabetes is unruly then take necessary amount of medicine.

now the NIN and Indian diet.

the NIN hyderabad says

our average [indian]diet is 70 to 80 percent starch.

it is twice the amount we need.

the fats are only one third of what we need and proteins only half of what we need.

so reduce the the starch portion to half ,increase fats to three times and proteins make it double.[remember to chose the right fats- there is no scientific evidence to select the virgin coconut oil etc-though some people talk about the

long chain or short chain -scientific bodies never gave a clean chit to saturated fats.]some time back i had given a calculation on these things.

when superstition takes over our minds

it makes our eyes curtained.

the one with yellow glass sees everything yellow.

some one commented years ago:

i keep at least a yellow glass,

but indiacratus is blind.

that is of course talk for talk-

just go around nutrition pages .i have presented data from world renowned web sites.

lchf modifications in diet will deprive us of the essential nutrients most importantly vitamins and fiber

good luck

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  • Diet is balanced and yet sales of drugs is increasing. :) :)

    Why did USDA Food Pyramid fail to an extent that it was replaced by Plate? Is it because everything from obesity, diabetes, cancer, cvd, chd increased on that touted to be "healthy and balanced" FOOD PYRAMID? Even plate will fail in 10 years as it is nothing new. Same old wine in a new bottle.

    One in two American adults face Musculoskeletal Condition. Wonder how many Americans are really PILL free in the land of USDA :(

    USDA diet is damn good for drug industry and HORRIBLE for diabetics.

    By research do you mean that FUDGED study of Ancel Keys which USDA grabbed with both hands? That's not research. That's cheating!!!

    Scientific evidence: There's no SCIENTIFIC Evidence that saturated fat causes Heart attack. Yet they keep speaking the same set of lies as was spoken by Ancel keys six decades back through a FUDGED study. So much so for the so called science.

    Doesn't take a PhD to understand the difference between MCT and LCT, provided one breaks free from the shackles of USDA/AMA/AHA/ADA/Mayo. Our blood reports on LCHF diet are best science as USDA/ADA/AMA/AHA has no influence over it. We don't see this through YELLOW eyes and that's why we find VCO as the best source of FAT under the sun. Those with USDA/ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo blinders on can never differentiate between LCT and MCT. For them Vodka = Water since both are colorless :)

    One thing that is still not clear. Why should a diabetic on LCHF diet who has gone off drugs after 20 years go back to eating the same nonsense once again? Why should I, a diabetic into sixth year of drug free life eat the same nonsense which is known to PUSH one to drugs?

    LCHF diet doesn't deprive us of anything. At least blood reports don't show. So, unless you can prove for the lchf THAT WE FOLLOW, THAT STATEMENT IS baseless DEVOID OF ALL MERITS. It's just an OPINION which has no proof and keeps getting repeated over and over again just like SFA lie. Yes, it does deprive us of Designer Drugs and insulin injections for sure and we are happy staying away from drugs or be minimally dependent on it and yet achieving non diabetic numbers (not as per ADA's relaxed limit). We enjoy hitting A1C of < 5.6 even as a diabetic :)

    33% diabetics on High Carb Low fat balanced diet and Metformin miss B12 targets. So much so for the micro nutrients part on drugs+ healthy diet :)

  • The body typically uses twice as much energy as fat compared to carbohydrate so how can the guidelines from the USDA be balanced?

    Totally agree with you about the need for nutrients, and if you look at the starches at the base of they USDA pyramid they are poor sources of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are much better for us.

    The recommended low-fat alternatives leave many susceptible to fat soluble vitamin deficiency, and the fat is often replaced with sugar!

  • dear concerned,

    happy to hear from you.

    hope you are keeping good health and everything is ok with you.

    i studied all this nutrition and the bio chemistry of carbs , fats etc long ago- long before the usda food plate.

    at that time the food pyramid only was known . it is replaced any way.lot of talk was there at that time about the lethargy in replacing it.usda is reluctant ,many criticized.

    your first sentence is not in agreement with what i studied.

    what i learned was that two thirds of the cells of the human body is

    insulin the carbohydrate to atp is the natural choice for energy.

    and carbs are the least work load for the cells-if you look at the chain leading to citric acid cycle, atp and so on.

    have you probably made the mistake

    of considering the 4 calories and 9 calories each from carbs and fats respectively.

    the last sentence in your reply is not factual.

    by purely looking at the ikon of food plate

    one may not get a detailed understanding.

    you have to read the descriptions given .

    here you have to click a food group.

    fats are included automatically in the food groups.

    in a modification of this plate the harvard university gave

    harvad plate

    where they have given a can of oil separately.with an advice to stay on healthy fats.

    in the eat well uk based nhs choices also oil is not specified separately.[The eatwell plate - Live Well - NHS Choices.htm]

    you can enlighten me -no problem.

    good luck

  • Most of the body's functions are fuelled by mitochondria. It is only when activities become more intense that carbohydrate is necessary (because it is the only fuel that can be used in the absence of oxygen) The ratio our body uses the different macro-nutrients can be measured.

    It has often been asserted that carbohydrate is the preferred energy source, but this was based on false assumptions. Alcohol is burned first for instance, is that the preferred fuel source? No, it is toxic. There is nowhere it can be stored. Carbohydrate has about 500g storage space, whereas fat has virtually unlimited in comparison. As those with diabetes know, carbohydrate is toxic when it exceeds tightly controlled norms.

    The Eatwell Plate has a purple section for foods high in fats and sugars, and we are told to eat these in only small amounts. We are told to eat lean proteins, cutting off the fat for instance, and to have low-fat dairy foods such as low-fat cheese or skimmed-milk.

  • agreed to the last para.

    the rest is not in consistence with standard biochemistry.

    protein ,carbs or fats all turn into acetyl coA and give ATP and co2 after combining with oxygen

    good luck

  • I am amazed how almost every post here ends up in a debate over LCHF versus other diets. If I understand correctly the basic premise of LCHF is to eat complex carbs in a low amount with more calories coming from fat and proteins. Many who follow LCHF have seen great improvement in their bs numbers and overall blood chemistry (including cholesterol and triglycerides). However there is always a possibility that it could impact certain individuals adversely and those numbers being low, don't make the news.

    As far as USDA pyramid being replaced by USDA plate, there is a need to update such information periodically, I would say the USDA plate should have come out many years ago. I am not a medical or nutritional professional so I don't think I am qualified to talk much about it. Who knows some day the USDA plate at that time will look like LCHF.

    The problem I see is not with LCHF but with how it ends up getting followed. The complex carbs should come from natural fresh vegetables, salads etc. which are rich in fiber, phytonutrients and micronutrients. The fats should also come from healthy forms of fats like omega3 rich nuts, fruits like avocado, VCO etc. But instead most people end up eating processed cheeses, meats etc. Somehow the focus shifts to the "High FAT" from LCHF. Yes both fats and carbs are essential to the human body.

    Food in general should be consumed in moderation and anything in excess or too little will throw the body off balance. Majority of people here are very scared of diabetes because of the notion that it is the end of the life in a very gruesome way (it can end up that way if you don't manage diabetes). As a community we are here t support each other as opposed to patronizing any particular diet. Just like no one should be peddling drugs or therapies that are more like the proverbial "snake oil", no one should be peddling certain diets as the "only diet" that works.

    Make suggestions, share your experiences and respectfully leave it there. If there have been attacks on LCHF or other diets, I am not here to condemn or condone anyone or anything. Those who are interested in learning more about certain diets or therapies can always followup with other individuals via private messages. Fighting/ arguing over something as the "only way out of diabetes" doesn't serve the community well, it is disrespectful and also speaks about the individuals who engage in arguments. I will stop now. Good health and peace to everyone.

  • When people start attacking SFA on LCHF withbtheir understanding of SFA on HCLF, they need to be corrected. Everyone is free to recommend but not talk with the agenda of just opposing LCHF. Just making a statement that LCHF deprives of nutrients need to be corrected when no proof is provided.

    Sorry, Private Message is not the way. If that be so, then those criticizing SFA, VCO should also be posting such comments on Private Message. In 2010, USDA neglected all LCHF data while updating, despite all the evidence. So, they will never look at LCHF in another decade at least. If they had to, they would have looked in 2010.

    Yes, it's a debate of LCHF versus USDA crap. Respect is a two way ticket and not one way stuff where one group has a free run to talk against LCHF, VCO, MCT just because they don't have any understanding of the subject. So, slanted remarks need to be avoided for respect to be commanded and not demanded.

    Some guy supports BGR 34 spammers but takes a shot at Alpha Lipoic Acid, without being able to even spell it correctly. This double standards needs to stop. If they don't know anything, it's not necessary to pass a negative comment. It doesn't take a degree to understand things.

    As for OP, well he had used comments like terrorists, fanatics etc against anyone who talked LCHF. Not one, it was just about anyone who preached LCHF and was insulted. And, even ladies weren't spared. So they started it unprovoked just because LCHF was beyond their comprehension. Just because LCHF word doesn't figure in encyclopedia doesn't mean it becomes irrelevant. World doesn't begin and end with encyclopedia. There's a lot of fresh air outside that :)

    As for hyper-responders to FAT or those with FH, tough luck for them. No diet can help them. Drugs is the only answer and in many cases even drugs fail.

  • Let us agree to disagree about "Private messages". This is hardly a court of law where one has to submit proof and prosecute those who seem to be doing injustice on followers of LCHF. And it is not your place to serve justice to the followers of LCHF. I don't know why you take anything and everything that is not in agreement with LCHF so personally!!

    I don't see any words of disrespect in this particular post where Indiacratus wrote his opinion about LCHF deprieving people of nutrients. You on the other hand Anup write against non-LCHF with such conviction, imply that those who hold a PhD don't know much (you wrote it doesn't take a PhD to understand difference between ....), use some not so nice words about things non-LCHF. I see a single sided disrespectful behavior on your part here. Using big or demeaning words to bash non-LCHF does not really make ones case for LCHF.

    Also I find it funny why "USDA" became a focal point in the "Diabetes India" community :) After all USDA's jurisdiction is limited to the United States of America. Once again I would say let us all make suggestions, share experiences and be respectful of others.

  • (1) Respect is a two way ticket. They have insulted in all possible manner and didn't even spare ladies on LCHF diet. Please travel back in time on this forum and you would know. They have insulted just about anyone who talks LCHF. Mike was most recent target, about two weeks back. They have used terms like terrorists, fanatics, lunatics and HMV against guys and gals talking LCHF here in the past. Is that RESPECT?

    As for taking it personally, well they have been very personal with me. Pl travel back in time on this forum. You will find lot of posts during my initial 4 months in 2013, where one of them (teir group) even threatened to send a hooligan to my house as he belonged to same city as me. He was a self proclaimed nutritionist and was avidly supported by one of the anti-LCHF guys who is still around.

    (2) Merely saying "depriving of nutrients" is scaremongering unless they provide details of how and what.

    (3) Yes, it doesn't need a PhD to understand the difference between MCT and LCT. If someone doesn't know it just because it doesn't figure in some personal textbook of choice then they should also have open mindedness to accept new things.

    (4) USDA/ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo is Demi god for some. Anyone who talks against them gets a certificate of white powder seller, road side dot coms or inferior intelligence people.

    So, to conclude, respect is a TWO WAY ticket. They get respect if they respect others views. If they insult, they don't get it :)

  • When you say "They" who are you talking about? Does it include the person who wrote this original post or does it include several others who have written posts about LCHF which you have responded to in a disrespectful manner.

    Why should I or someone else care what happened to you for 4 months back in 2013!!! Not sure why ladies need to be treated differently, no one should be subjected to any undue criticism. You always mention some fights over LCHF from the past and it almost sounds like a broken record.

    I have already made my position clear that I am not here to condemn or condone anyone for things in the past. Stop clinging to the past and move on my friend. I don't see any kind of insult to you personally in this particular post, so the way you lash out on anything that sounds against LCHF is totally unnecessary and unwarranted.

    If you want to stick with your false pride over LCHF and engage in disrespectful behavior over things (which aren't personal about you in the first place) then so be it. Perhaps that is what happened back in 2013 and instead of learning from that experience you continue to argue over what you perceive as personal attacks on you. I am not going to engage in any further conversations on this thread. Good luck and good health to you.

  • As you said, you are not here to condone, so please spare me too instead of trying to pass judgment, unless of course you also have different benchmarks based on diet that one talks.

    And BTW, "It doesn't need a PhD... " is just another way of saying "It's not rocket science" So not sure why & how that becomes an insulting statement. So, instead of twisting my statements, if you do feel it is insulting, then please report to admin instead of passing pointed judgments out here, that too by misreading what's written. I am sure they can figure it out without any element of bias. There's nothing disrespectful in whatever I have said.

    As for your "false pride" remark, I let the number of successes on LCHF do the talking.

  • "balanced meal is not a concoction of the USDA which recommended

    a food plate in 2012 ." how ridiculous we are discussing 2012 diet every thing is changing in this world and we are stick to 2012 balanced meal, don't under standing balanced word balanced with meal and medicine/drugs or balance with pharma sales target by increasing no of sufferer another point

    "we need water .

    how much?

    3 liters -men and 2.2 for women[fluids]

    or the 8by 8 rule.

    Which water we need, do any one know that this 3 liter is not hydrating our cell in max cases due to its originality quality processed systems, we are suffering from chemical poisoning at all levels. here for diabetic LCHF is just an umbrella at hard day light not a cure but a better control and definitely not matching the 2012 balance diet in 2016 also is making cause of not matching Pharma sales target in 2016. debate is good for all but result must be good for the human society and not for the any Pharma pocket.

  • If diabetes, obesity, CVD/CHD had reduced even by 0.1% since this so called "Plate" was introduced, I would have surely considered it as some brave move. What has happened since 2012? Diabetes, Obseity etc have only increased. So, this plate as as useless as the USDA Pyramid that failed. Plate is nothing but repackaging of same old stuff. To call it as balanced or something must be measured by success or failure on ground and not by discussing behind closed doors.

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