with availability of more and more new drugs and knowledge of nutrition scientists of the world decided:there is no such thing as

diabetic food.the diabetic should eat the same food as the healthy man! this decision was taken around the end of the last century.

there is no point in telling that

science tells one thing today and another thing tomorrow.

science and man continuously evolves and modifies its theories.

1]Mediterranean means middle of the earth.

2]then we had the Ptolemaic universe.earth centered.

3]in comes Copernicus with the heliocentric universe-sun centered

4]now the latest theory tells :nobody revolves about anybody else .

in the sense: x revolves around y and

y revolves around x -

both are equally correct.

but what is important to remember is

-only the interpretations of the world alters -

but the tenets of the world discovered [ equivalent to perception] never alters. in other words, if Eratosthenes found that :

if the sun travels 1000 miles on the surface of the earth ,

and returns after 24 hours to the same place -

the circumference of the earth is 24 thousand miles.

how can it change?Columbus agreed to it and started his journey and found the new world.

another eg:

water contains hydrogen and oxygen

and the resolved components on recombination gives us the water back to us.such properties of matter never changes.

scientific theories about nutrition too has to undergo change. they MUST change.

the USDA food pyramid and the latest food plate everything will be modified.

there is no drastic change yet .

with the availability of more and more new drugs the scientists of the world decided around the end of the last century

the diabetic should eat the same food as the healthy man!

only people enslaved in a superstition about the use of medicine

and ignorance of the nutrient demands of the human body can tamper with the balanced meal concept.

good luck

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  • Yes diabetic should eat same food as non diabetic and eat more and more so called "modern" drugs as side dish in every meal and also keep on adding more drugs for variety -- variety is spice of life -- to cover hypertension, LIPIDS etc and keep losing on money. Modern drugs aren't some fancy item like "Designer" drugs :)

    Or maybe normal man should also start eating drugs. Doesn't make sense at all. Drug centric research is what is causing all the big health problems. They simply don't want to give up the GREED for more MONEY. That's PATHETIC. LCHF rules when it comes to getting off drugs for a diabetic.

    Diabetic saving Rs 4500 by removing Januvia and Invokana from their meals right in the first week of LCHF diet is REAL SCIENCE. Forget what these so called great men of science say. They are driven by lure of Pharma money and they are pushing humanity to more and more drugs.

    I haven't tasted a so called "Modern Drug" (or even a simple drug like Metformin) and am a diabetic into SIXTH year on LCHF diet with non diabetic numbers. These so called great men of science should hang their head in SHAME for wilfully IGNORING something that works out of the box. I am sure these so called science men will be upset as sales of drugs takes a hit.

    Januvia missed sales targets :)

    Now a registered MD on my forum is managing her 10 yr old daughter's Type 1 on LCHF. She has gone through what all these so called great men of science say -- all pack of LIES to sell drugs. Now she is preaching and training diabetics in rural India on concepts of LCHF. I am sure many professionals with a clean conscience and not ENSLAVED to ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo dictats will also join as time passes because LCHF is SCIENCE.

    Only people enslaved to the thinking of these so called men of science will follow them blindly. We on LCHF diet have and USE our own brains to think and act rather than be a part of the herd driven by the corrupt industry :)

    USDA Food Pyramid FAILED in 10 years. Plate will also fail in another 10 years as it is the same old wine in a new bottle -- HORRIBLE HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense peddled since decades based on one LIE spoken by Ancel Keys through a FUDGED study. It's the ignorance which lets this prevail. But, we diabetics on LCHF diet aren't IGNORANT. High Carb Low fat diet is the most nonsensical advise that can ever be given to a diabetic. Doesn't matter who is giving it.

  • I think there is a confused message here.

    Wading through the unnecessary esoteric stuff, on the one hand it can be read as promoting drugs and standard American diet, on the other he(?)'s condemning it.

  • It is neither.If food one eats has all the nutrients required in right quality and quantity, the immune system of the body will handle all problems of disease by itself. Some people resort to extreme diet and swallow suppliments such as lipopolicacid,magnisium tablets,ayurvedic drugs like aswagandha as also multi vitamins.These also cost money.Whether one spends on drugs or suppliments there is no saving of money.Plant food has all the nutrients and may solve the problem of saving money in any way.Drugs to overcome disease should not be denigrated in totality or recommendations of expert bodies like USDA etc.,be discounted as useless as they have been serving the needs of nutritional needs.

  • First things first: It's not lipopolic acid. It's Alpha Lipoic Acid. I had posted about his long back during my first innings here:


    People praised it even three years back based on their own experience (and not ADA theory) even on above thread. But, some will keep hating it for sake of hating anything that comes from a LCHF follower. Wonder why this happens -- a three years down the line it has been proved that my posts are not "SPECULATIVE Blogging" :)

    Who "swallows" supplements? Alpha Lipoic Acid at Rs 4 is better than Januvia at Rs 45 and Invokana at Rs 51/pill. MV at Rs 1.5 is far better. Injecting 20 uinits insulin -- down from 70 units is far better proposition if one has to even take Alpha Lipoic Acid. First try and understand what it does. :)

    The other day you were supporting spammers of BGR 34 and now you oppose Ashvagandha? Weird really. Just for sake of opposing LCHF which has helped 600+ INDIAN diabetics ?? It hasn't worked for over three years of opposition and won't work now as more and more are switching to LCHF diet. Please keep trying :)

    It's not about Plant food versus non vegetarians.

    Drugs have never overcome anything. If they ever did, sales would be going down. Anything that needs to be denigrated should be denigrated. USDA's recommendations have only RUINED human health and increased profits of the DRUG industry. Many in the US denigrate USDA. So, no big deal if we call their dietary recommendations as nonsense.

    On LCHF diet (not extreme diet as some have been calling it, despite all the evidence that it works) people save money and yet attain better numbers. Yes, it will always be extreme diet for those who don't understand the science behind it.

    First you guys have to PROVE what nutrients we are missing on LCHF. Merely saying that we miss NUTRIENTS on LCHF (Extreme??) diet makes no sense. 33% Guys on plain Metformin miss the targets on simple thing like B12. BTW, no plant diet can get you CoQ10 or Alpha Lipoic Acid. Over dependence on Soy for protein can knock the thyroid off :)

  • No, he promotes sales of drugs. He doesn't like LCHF as it HURTS the interests of the drug industry and that's why this misplaced concept of "Balanced Diet". I wonder how can anything that pushes on to DRUG be called HEALTHY and Balanced :( :(

  • suppliments are also drugs.If on does not promote drugs he is promoting suppliment industry.Both are same as far as money is concerned.

  • No they are not as per the definition of your beloved FDA.

    Pl get your FACTS right. Even a farm labor can understand and appreicate the difference between Rs 4 and Rs 41/Rs 51. So, after saving Rs 51 a day, spending Rs 4 a day on something that works without damaging side effects is fine. It's intelligent use of money.

    No one is "PROMOTING" just for heck of it. It helps without damaging side effects like it happened with AVANDIA, and will happen with Invokana @ ~Rs 50/pill or has happened with Actos, Pioz diabetic drugs. Takeda (Pioz m/f???) is already in the middle of a class action law suit. Why? Their designer drug has some problems unlike Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10 or Ashvagandha :) :)

    BTW, now even a registered MD -- 11 years experience, who has just posted about 2 month experience of managing her 10 year old daughter's Type 1 on my forum, is promoting LCHF among rural India diabetics. A 10 year old girl didn't find the diet EXTREME as some adults here label it. She says she doesn't have any more of nagging headaches, insulin is down to 1/3rd. Yes, she as a 10 year old child says that. So, wonder who decides what's an EXTREME diet. For us HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsensical diet is EXTREME as it is peddled without any SCIENCE. BTW, this lady doctor is in South, a regular visitor to my forum and appreciates what we are doing -- LCHF diet for managing diabetes. So 600+ will grow to 1000+ at a very brisk pace and who knows soon 10000+. So, momentum is building up and hope few more drug companies miss their sales targets like it happened with Januvia ;) She is too thrilled with the way her Type 1 10 year old daughter has responded to LCHF diet :)

    As a registered MD, she is also thinking of Alpha Lipoic Acid. Dr Bernstein also recommends and she has gone through all the videos of him even as a professional DOCTOR and to her, he makes lot of sense. I am aware, the very mention of Dr Bernstein irritates quite a few LCHF opponents here :)

  • mr mike,

    if you can point out more specifically

    i can attempt an answer.

    what is confusing you really is your [or anybody's ]over simplified

    understanding of the term 'drug' and standard American diet.

    let me explain drug for a moment.


    will you consider it a drug?.

    it is an absolutely wanted chemical and is produced naturally inside the body.

    all the while there are many chemicals that can be classified as drugs ,yet foreign to the human body.



    [brand name in india] or drug name glyburide [usan name] or glybenclamide [name outside usa]

    what does it do?

    it interferes with the release of insulin and is foreign to the body.

    when you say promoting 'drug'

    which of it you will mean?


    standard american diet:

    who is interested in the American diet ,

    standard or average?

    we are interested in the diet recommended

    by the scientists for Americans.

    it is the balanced diet

    the usda recommended diet.

    the same diet

    recommended in the European union with petty or nil modifications.

    about esoteric stuff---

    that is a lot of history mr mike.you have to read a lot in this forum -history.

    the first example is world history

    and the second from high school chemistry.

    if mr pollard attempts to explain science and its progress

    he will also give the same set of examples.

    i am here to correct the misconceptions of people in my country about science ,medical science as well,diabetes included.

    if a person comes and tells me that the new drug should not be used because --

    the last drug was less effective .

    what other similarity you will give if someone goes on telling

    the new diet should not be accepted because it is a modification of the old diet---

    the fallen pyramid.!!!

    these people needs be taught what is science[medical science]

    thanks for listening

    good luck.

  • "these people needs be taught what is science[medical science]"

    We don't need to be told or taught LIES. We have enough brains to differentiate the good from the bad and the fact still remains -- USDA Plate is a rehash of FAILED USDA Food Pyramid. Put in place to fool for another decade.

    Those who called LCHF as some "white powder" or called doctors preaching LCHF as roadside dot com's need to understand what "BASIC SCIENCE" is in the first place before they can differentiate between what is balanced and what is horrible for a diabetic.

    We know how horrible HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense is for a diabetic as we have experience and medical reports on both diets. Real Men of science always challenge what's a FAILED HYPOTHESIS. They don't assist in spreading the same lies for six decades so that drug companies make lot of cash. REAL men of science use their own intellect rather than parroting what ADA/AMA/AHA says. We don't care what they say wrt diet.

    If we on LCHF diet manage our diabetes FAAAAAAAAR better than so called diabetologists, time that they learn real science of diabetes management from us. 50 units of insulin saved/day on LCHF = Rs 85/day or > 2500+/month or 30k/year. BIG savings and yet better numbers than on a HORRIBLE HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense peddled as BALANCED diet. Obviously 30k/year loss from one diabetic on insulin is a big damage even if just 100,000 switch to LCHF :)

    The very fact that we diabetics on LCHF have drastically reduced our drugs and yet achieved better numbers is enough to prove that High Carb diet is a horrible diet. In fact, I am yet to taste a drug and now into SIXTH year on LCHF diet with non diabetic numbers.

  • In the name of God man - keep it simple! I still haven't a clue as to what your point is.

  • Simplifying :

    (1) Diabetics should eat high carbs low fat because USDA says so and USDA's (or its cousins around the world) word should go unchallenged because SCIENCE of diet begins and ends there.

    (2) Eat as much drugs as possible to cover the USDA diet because drugs are great. If you are trying to reduce drugs, you are anti SCIENCE.

    (3) Anything and everything besides HIGH CARB LOW FAT that comes from USDA or its cousins around the globe is not SCIENCE. The more you try and prove that LCHF is science the more you will get insulted or called names.

    My own experience here. My posts in Jan 2013 were called SPECULATIVE blogging and was even abused in no uncertain terms by fans of USDA, ADA, AMA, AHA :)

  • Anupji It is clear from your response to each and every one who are part of incentive earner from USDA, ADA, AMA, AHA propaganda marketer due to Increase in LCHF diet follower they are getting short fall in their targets like Januvia missed sales targets, by using BGR 34 I got severe Skin allergy and if I see this failure science on positive again to trap myself under dangerous side effect full drugs.

    We who are getting benefit from LCHF DO NOT BELIEVE USDA, ADA, AMA, AHA propaganda marketer at all and drug refuses will be increasing by this natural diet.

  • I never believed in them since Feb 14, 2011, the day I was detected diabetic. Here I am on ZERO drugs for sixth year running and no one from ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo/USDA fan club is willing to explain how is that possible because according to them diabetes is a progressive disorder. It's not one or two months. It's sixth year now and ZERO PILLS!!!


    At the end of the day, Diabetes Management is all about CARBS restriction. Everything else is like beating around the BUSH to make the drugs and insulin sell. We don't believe in BEATING AROUND THE BUSH. We believe in tackling diabetes head-on and consider it as a Blessing In Disguise because it makes us realize that USDA recommendations are HORRIBLE for a diabetic. Our reports prove it ;)

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