BGR 34 -- A New Kid In Town With Trials Only On Animals & Not Humans -- So Watch Out!

Lot of activity is on here by guys and gals who joined just 2 or 3 days back and now trying to promote BGR 34 some magical Ayruvedic preparation which is claimed to be cheap when a days dose costs 4 times the cost of Metformin and has ZERO trials data on HUMANS.

It has only been tried on ANIMALS and there too it has only 67% success rate, ie 33% FAILURE even on ANIMALS. No one is providing any data of even animal model study. When asked from the guys who are promoting it here, they tell to contact company and start playing game of "Passing The Buck"

I have contacted the company AIMIL Pharma to provide documents of trials done on HUMANS. Let;s see if they respond. For the moment, I am just relying on news posted by independent third party sites which mention that trials have only been done on ANIMALS. Tall claims are being made and no PROOF is being provided as of now.

Here's the news item highlighting no TRIALS on HUMANS, and even Animal model data is not available in public domain. It's closely guarded secret :) :

Let's see if the company sends me the trials data on HUMANS (if they have any). I am eagerly waiting for trials data and hope they don;t send me some marketing literature.

Few guys on this forum have posted that their blood sugar shot up on taking BGR 34.

Once they stopped, it came back to where it was before taking BGR 34. So, watch out. This drug has only been tried on ANIMALS and we are HUMANS. How is it claimed "SAFE" when no trials are done on HUMANS?

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  • I am taking this tab from last three months but there is no any benefit for sugar level

  • There will never be. It's just the same old wine -- gudduchi, gurmar, methi, jamun, etc etc -- with a new name and with a hyped up marketing campaign using "CSIR" name as the USP.

    This drug has no data for trials on HUMANS. Only tested on ANIMALS with 33% FAILURE rate. So company now treats Humans based on Trails done on Animals. What an insult to science :)

    Using CSIR, GOI name in marketing campaigns will convince average Jane & Joe, but not guys who want trial data. One of the strongest Anti Oxidants -- Alpha Lipoic Acid -- is 4X cheaper than this, just around 5 bucks a day versus 20 bucks for this animal tested drug.

    Hope they are not mixing some small dose of glimi in this tablet. One Chinese company did this some time back. Mixed a banned antidiabetic drug in the TCM drug (equivalent of Ayurveda in India) that they were pushing and were finally caught by the Americans and a ban was imposed on their product.

    Someone will get rich very quickly :)

  • Have there been any trials for apple cider vinegar? I have gathered from multiple sources that it is quite effective in lowering both FBS and PPBS.

  • I am not ware. I don't think except for trying to bash high FAT through lab rat study model, researchers will ever worry to look at ACV.

    No harm in trying and seeing how it helps.

  • 200 is too high by our standards. We aim 140 max.

    Yr doctor is right about metformin.

    BGR 34 waste of money.

  • I wouldn't hold your breath expecting a reply Anup - even if you do get one it will be slathered in b*****t and there will be NO RANDOMISED CLINICAL TRIALS (capitals for those disillusioned by 'big pharma' and those about to be disillusioned by yet another smoke and mirror 'ayurvedic pharma'.

    Sadly, common sense, evidence based information will be looked at through the wrong end of a telescope by a large proportion of those subscribing here.

  • Mike -- I am still waiting for a reply. I did not give my correct cell number as I did not want to be disturbed with promotional calls and the usual SMS nonsense that these companies indulge in. Looks like the social media marketing campaign has been outsourced to a bunch of spammers.

    Let's see if they provide even the basic data of trials on HUMANS (if they have one). Currently their marketing team is busy spamming here. All have signed up just during last 3 or 4 days. I am reporting their posts as SPAM now. They are promoting a drug which has no trials data on HUMANS.

    Ayurveda can only be an adjuvant. So, a waste of money. Last mile advantage can be had with very restrictive set of adaptogens and adaptogens are all out in the open. They don't need spammers :)

  • I'd like to see the results of their clinical studies for investigation purposes. Would you happen to have it Anup?

  • Been over 5 hrs and no reply from the company on providing the trials data.

    Still waiting.

  • I have posted my complication started after using BGR 34 asking for skin allergy treatment expense to reimburse me or asking them to tell correct data of their testing else stop it selling to create another complication to an existing sufferer.

  • Can I see your skin complications report. You can connect with me through personal message. We need evidence for this failed product.

  • Anyways, I still haven't recd any reply from the company. So, its clear that they have NO HUMAN TRIALS DATA on BGR 34. I don't think they will reply. So, best is to stay away from BGR 34 as everything about them seems shady. They are just trying to fool diabetics in the hope of making some quick money.

    Good that most of their SPAM posts are deleted by moderators here.

  • Absolute waste of money!

  • Yes for sure. These companies laugh away to bank because most diabetics do not realize that diabetes management is all about cutting down carbs drastically and replacing with good fats

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