Hi everybody , I am type two since 8 to 9 years, vegitarian , I like to post my daily diet with my medicines . Every day in the morning by 7 o clock Black coffee with two tb sp VCO , by 10 o clock sprouted green gram chana and little soy with Raw vegitables with 10 to 12 Almonds total +/- 300 grams , by 12 o clock noon coffee with v c o , 2 PM cooked chana with green vegitables with Almonds total +/- 300 grams by 5 PM coffee with V C O betwin dinner and coffee 100 grams of peanuts , 8 to 9 PM two chapati with saag and salads followed by a bowl of curd . one tribetrol +one galvas met 500mg morning and night. Morning and evening 20 to 30 minutes walk with all these practice my BS is FBS 130 to 145 and PPBS 175 to 190 . please add your comments.

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  • please post your lipids and uric acid levels.

  • Next week I will get lab test and post Thanks for comments

  • Nuts are dense in Omega-6 and Omega -6 is responsible for inflammation in body and if you eat a lot of nuts (specially walnut) , Omeg3/Omega 6 ratio will easily get distorted...Regarding peanuts...stay careful using them...they are easy to get a dangerous mold:

  • I was under the impression that walnuts contain more of omega 3!

  • In Indian diet Omega-6 is already high , in grains omega -6 is high and in comparison to that omega-3 availability is very less in typical indian diet , so already we are lacking so much in omega-3 , as no seafood consumption , If you add more walnuts , then though omega-3 will increase, but omega-6 will increase too much.So just take walnuts in small amount. I have seen my mother saying dont eat nuts too much, they cause heat in body...may be they are saying the same because omega-6 will increase a lot and this will cause inflammation:) : )

    I have experience that if I start taking too much walnuts regularly...I start feeling sick:):)

  • Does industrially manufactured seed oils -- n-6 PUFA -- theory combined with high temp heating for cooking apply to nuts?? Wondering :)

  • : )

  • All coffee should stop post 2PM.

  • Yes sir I swear , sir you didn't said about my diet , I don't know where I cheat LCHF

  • I can answer if you tell me breakup of C, P, F. That's chapter 2 for anyone taking LCHF course and one has to understand the basics to get things right, by and large :)

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