Type 2 -- Drug Free -- Half A Decade Of LCHF Lifestyle

It was exactly today that I was detected Diabetic in 2011, with FBS/PPBS 129/229 and a repeat check a week later put me in a confirmed Type 2 forever even by ADA's HUGELY Relaxed limit (to sell stupid HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense) for being called a diabetic. More about me on my profile -- healthunlocked.com/anup

Ideally, anyone who cannot dispose of glucose as efficiently as a non diabetic is DIABETIC, because diabetes is like pregnancy -- It's either there or not there. So get over with fancy terms like Pre-Diabetes, Impaired Fasting Glucose tolerance, borderline diabetics etc, unless you like being complacent.

I was adamant not to go on drugs and did initially what doctor said , as was completely uneducated about diabetes. Walk walk and walk MINDLESSLY. 2 km, 4 Km, 6 Km a and I thought that i couldn't be walking for 2 Hrs a day just to manage blood sugar. There ought to be something else and more practical way of managing diabetes instead of walking from Earth to Moon in a lifetime. This is where LCHF stepped in. More about this later.

Few terrible experiences before being confirmed diabetic:


(1) Nov 2010, one night while having dinner I suddenly lost my voice. I freaked out completely, not sure WTF was going on with me. Didn't even finish my dinner. I did not want to visit a doctor to be told that my vocal chords have paralysed -- yea year later somewhere around Nov 2012 I read some paper out of Saudi Arabia that Diabetes can lead to vocal chord paralysis. Anyways, it took around 48 hrs for my voice to return to levels that I could talk, but even today I cannot shout hard. So, looks like diabetes did have impact on my vocal chords.

(2) Around the same period as in (1), a severe pain developed from groin, running along inner thigh down to calf muscles -- left leg. This had been so severe that while on bed for sleeping I had to use my right leg to support the left for changing sleep position. It was really terrible and even pain killers couldn't help.

(3) There have been few other negative experiences like what ophthalmologist called "SEVERE ALLERGY", mastication epiphora and such other Latin-Greek words for simple problems.

Enter LCHF around May 2011


After having got down blood sugar readings to FBS 60 and PPBS 102 by mindless walking, I bought myself some time to be off from doctor writing drugs. Must say, achieved this by April 2011. Since then I have been educating myself on everything about diabetes and diet. diabetesforum.com was the first forum that I found where all diabetics were living and preaching LCHF, but it was all western diet so all that I could take from there was the "Concept" of LCHF ti work on. From May 2011 onward started changing diet to move toward LCHF. Not only me, I even forced my WIFE to make the switch to as close to what I would be doing.

To cut the long story short, have been on LCHF diet since around June 2011. Cut down my walks to 3km and that too during monsoons, ZERO walks. As of now, I don't walk at all for managing blood sugar. Just 1 or 1.5 km max like a non diabetic for daily chores :)

Stint Here on this forum - Two Innings


Then in Jan 2013, saw an AD about this FORUM on my FB a/c. Joined this forum in Jan 2013 and there were hardly anyone posting. I remember one elderly lady writing motivational posts and one Type 1 doing copy paste type of posts back then. By that time I have had a longish experience on LCHF and had developed a STRONG CONTEMPT for ADA's criminal diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense -- to diabetics and also their so relaxed a limit for blood sugar and A1C, just because they preach HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense.

So, within a very short span of 4 months of starting to talk about LCHF out here, I developed few strong OPPONENTS who made sure that they picked on me in pack, in-pack hunting techniques, and since i was the lone person talking LCHF back then, the whole concept was very alien to Rice and Chahapti loaded diet that we Indians are "ADDICTED" to.

Again to cut the story short, the animosity against me grew to such a level that in-pack hunting technique had its first victim -- I was restricted from posting. But, by then (April 2013 IIRC), I had managed to have 20 Indian diabetics on board for LCHF with following being one of the most interesting case -- a BP patient, has had CVD/CHD, suffering from neuropathy and also high sugar levels despite loads of drugs and insulin with 27 years of diabetic history:


Someone from in-pack hunting team even called my posts "SPECULATIVE Blogging", called me frustrated, abused and insulted me in no uncertain terms, and one self-proclaimed nutritionist (who happened to be from same city as me) even threatened to send Hooligans to my house to bash me up.

So, after having been restricted, and after having seen what LCHF can do to health, I wasn't going to give up preaching LCHF. So started a forum -- LCHF Specific and For Indian diabetics, took time as had to arrange resources -- money & time. Link to forum is in my profile:


So, dlife.in was born on August 21, 2014 with all access being free. Lot of pre-launch help came in from diabetic friends on LCHF diet out here as we did not want the same to look like a "Ghost Town" on launch. Some here repeatedly claimed that we are making money from there but failed to provide any proof as usual. They had to oppose anything and everything LCHF, even if that meant speaking UTTER LIES :).

Second Innings here:


By the time my account was restored, LCHF movement already gained pace among Indians too. My account was restored around 8 months back with new features like Follow etc. Happy to see that in 8 months i could have 100 followers, with the 100th one being today -- the day I complete HALF A DECADE of DRUG FREE Type 2.

Thanks for all the support, love and most importantly the HATE against me. It's their HATE which pushes me to talk more and more about LCHF, and spend money from pocket to spread the message. So, special thank you to all those who insulted, hated and abused me.

Switch to LCHF diet and enjoy great health with least dependence on drugs.

Bottom Line:


(1) Don't FEAR FAT.

(2) FEAR the CARBS coz it's the CARBS that's killing your health, your finances and making DRUG companies richer by ever passing second. At the end of the day, everyone has to die. So why die by making the DRUG companies and medicare setup rich when you can easily avoid waste of money by looking toward what is really healthy for YOU! Live healthy, die healthy and yet leave lot of cash for family by not wasting it on DRUGS when diet can do wonders.

(3) Walking 2 hrs daily is not the solution and never will be. A 12 year study on Type 2 FAILED miserably.

(4) Eating 10 times a day is MOST horrible solution. I eat two meals a day without starving :)

(5) LCHF naysayers will still say Aah! It's only five years. They said the same in 2013 -- its only two years and would say the same when even when it is 20 years :)


(1) Ignore the typos and grammar. Fast typing and long post and i Don't do "COPY PASTE" type talking :)

(2) Having completed half a decade, and posted enough on LCHF out here, will be frequenting less out here from today. Spending more time on dlife.in which has grown with lot many INDIAN diabetics actively helping n00b's

Over and Out!

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  • Hi Anup,

    Thank you for keeping strong and for keeping talking about LCHF.

    I started this WOE 5 months ago and feel so much better and I've lost almost 20kgs.

    I'm now going to be following your work and advice via this forum.

    Well done you, keep spreading the word and thank you.


  • Hi queenie-duke,

    Glad to see you benefit from LCHF. Stick to it and enjoy great number on less drugs. Even skin health, dental health improves on LCHF. So, spread the LCHF word around to everyone that you come across. Don't be disheartened if nine out of 10 give you a weird look. Can't blame them. Six decades of Anti Fat and Pro High Carb propaganda sticks like Plague.

    Glad that I could be of help :)

    FYI: We don't go to Ketogenic diet (~30 grams carbs) which is a subset of LCHF. We live by the "around 20%" carbs rule.


  • Thanks for your long information & spares time for diabetics.

  • All I can say is 3 cheers for you Mr Anup hip hip hurrah.

    Like you,I too was determined not to take the doctor's way out of taking medicine for diabetes.

    Felt surely there must be a way out.

    Only wasted 3 yrs trying Dr Neal Bernard ' s diet, of becoming vegan & oil free food.I followed this regime very diligently for 3 yrs.

    Did not help me at all.Lost 20 kgs in the bargain, which I did not need to at all !

    Then, with God's grace stumbled on Dr Jason Fung 's you tube videos.

    Here was a doctor, a kidney specialist based in Canada ,giving hope & evidence to diabetics that they COULD REVERSE the disease, that we were not hopeless cases doomed to progression of the disease.

    He has advocated LCHF diet along with intermittent fasting.

    Fasting is not Starvation, but avoiding carbs altogether on the fasting days, having only broth, tea, coffee with full fats of cream, coconut oil.

    Very much along the lines I read on these forums.

    Now have learnt about the success stories of people like Mr Anup, so feel it is worth giving it a try, & God willing will get Good results.

    Diabetics don't have to despair.

    Are not condemned to a lifetime of the disease.

    Just needed a beacon, a torch such as Dr Jason, Mr Anup, to show the way to the disheartened ppl,struggling with their disease.

    Kudos to you Mr Anup. You have been through a lot of pain.

    It is your quest for a solution that you were able to help not only yourself, but are a Godsend Ray of hope for other ppl, burdened under this disease.

    Once again a Big Thank you !!!😀

    God Bless you & the likes of you.

  • Thanks Kanchan,

    As usual, to everyone successful on LCHF diet I always request one thing -- Spread the message to all diabetics around you. Even if one in ten are ready to make the move it's a great success, given all the brainwashing that has been done in last 6 decades against FAT :)

    That said, I am not a big fan of VEGANISM. It eliminates all healthy things that a diabetic _SHOULD_ be eating and forces one to be on same old HIGH CARB LOW FAT in a rehashed form. With no offense to vegans, VEGAN diet doesn't make sense to me as a diabetic :)

    Diabetes is a BLESSING in DISGUISE if we start distrusting ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo';s advise on diet. They are all HORRIBLY WRONG and our numbers and reports prove it :)

  • I am 65 years old having d.b. since 1999.at present fb 160 and pp 234

    kindly advise me LCHF diet.what to eat and avoid.

  • check on my profile


  • Congratulations Anup.

    Thank you very much for all the info about the LCHF diet.

    I am now confident about my numbers only because of you and the forum where many are benefitting.

  • Thanks Shashikantiyengar,

    As usual, to everyone successful on LCHF diet I always request one thing -- Spread the message to all diabetics around you. Even if one in ten are ready it's great success as all the brainwashing that has been done in last 6 decades, isn't going to go off so soon :)

  • @anup

    As far as our country is concerned and the drs:

    They are just blindly following the western recommendation. They have stopped learning.

    Also our pharma industry is docile compared to western as we don't do any! Trials.

    The pharma and the medical in western may be hand in glove.

    Also the US govt and the food industry is by far to blame for the adverse diet.

    The US govt and the oil industry have together misguided that saturated fats are bad and that corn oil, soya oil or canola oil are good.

    They must have paid Ancel keys also which is still the foundation of the fat theory.

    I have discussed about LCHF with a few drs only to know about the ignorance. They also laugh about it but keep quiet when I reveal my HBA1C.

    However they still remain unconvinced.

    But I believe that indian drs and just blind followers and have stopped thinking.

  • Back in 2013, when I first started talking LCHF here, I was the target of what is known as "in-pack" hunting. One reason was because I was very vocal against the:

    Big Pharma + Big Food + Big Agri (read Monsanto) Nexus. I called them MAFIA. Where Colombian Drug lords failed, Pharma companies succeeded. This justifies what I said back then and even maintain the same view now -- it's a MAFIA:


  • On Indian doctors and LCHF, one of my personal ONLINE experience that cost me Rs 199


  • Can you please give me aLCHF diet chart ? I am a non vegetarian and allergic to milk so malai or cream is out for me. I have cut down carb from my diet but have not had the courage to go for high fat. I am 65 and on metformin 500 twice daily. BS between 100 to 105- fasting and around 130 or less - pp. Hba1c however is high that is 6.5. Please help.

  • Pl Check my posts and replies on this forum. You can reach them thru my profile:


  • I am afraid mr Anup may face similar situation of mr George in due course as his declaration of LCHF may attract resistance from concerned.

  • No, I won't face any resistance. I am neither CLAIMING nor PROMISING any CURE as Diabetes is NON CURABLE. It's just a shift in diet with nothing that;s not readily available pan India.

    Number of successes on LCHF diet among Indian diabetics is now over 500+ So way past all resistance. All the Resistance that I faced from Jan 2013 to April 2013 where I was target of in-pack hunting games are long over, because of the sheer success on ground :)

    But yes, the good old team which insulted and abused me from day 1 will never end their RANTS. I am least bothered about their useless comments and will always respond every time they talk NONSENSE against LCHF.

  • I am heartily thankful to you all the time for your valuable guidance.

  • Thanks. It's a Two way traffic as we learn from each other's experience. :)

  • Great.keep going Anup.

  • Thanks TVMP.

    All diabetics on LCHF are trying to BUST the MYTH that diabetes is a Progressive disorder. It's progressive because of ADA/AMA/AHA and their cousins on different continents.

  • Thanks Anup for sharing your journey with LCHF for 5 years.. I am sure you will be drug free for rest of your life.. I was also under the assumption that once you are a diabetic then you have to keep on taking the drugs for the rest of your life.. That was scary for people like me (in age of 20s..) For us its really heartbreaking to hear from a doctor that you have to keep on increasing the drugs and finally end up with insulin!! One doctor even insisted to start the insulin immediately to help pancreas!! I am very thankful to you because from you I learnt about LCHF and understood that it REALLY WORKS..!! If anyone reads about and understands about LCHF it sounds very logical.. I am not sure how people still can't get the concept.. !!

  • Doctors sell Drugs and Insulin. They care two hoots about anything else. Commissions come in form of cash thru monthly visits of MR.

    Many diabetlogists even sell MARIE biscuits and expensive Amway Nutrilite to diabetics and everyone. Skin specialist was selling Nutrilite to my son. Lot of cash down the drain and in the end Ayurveda and diet worked to resolve what doctor, as usual, called it allergy :D :D

  • May your tribe increase, Anupjee. You have put up a tremendous fight against all odds and have emerged a deserving winner. Just think of all those your are benefited by your relentless struggle and feel proud of what you have done. God bless! May you always b e in pink of health! I wish you could now think of compiling a book on LCHF including recipes therein. I am sure it will not be considered a commercial venture.

  • I am with you...Anup has valuable knowledge by his experience...one does not need to win nobel prize to publish a book...experience and practical knowledge are enough...atleast people who are in need of LCHF can have anything handy to start with...its win-win scenario...we need it and you can provide us the knowledge in form of book

  • Thanks Vilasph,

    Friends have and will keep me at it but those who HATE me make sure that I don't give up talking LCHF. Aireans never throw in the towel so easily.

    As for book, some day maybe.! Just short on time and money for that and when it comes to risking with money, I love to go SOLO :)

  • Anyway ...Now you have to make yourself realize that making 1000+ people follow your views and changing their lives is a very important milestone of your life ...book publishing is nothing in comparison to that : ) : )You dont need to go SOLO(caps lock:) :) ) just for the sake of BOOK( :):) ) publishing.

  • Solo when it comes to risking money only :)

    Crowdfunding isn't a concept in India yet. Maybe it will happen few years down the line, like it happens in the U.S.

  • well said. Dear Mr.Anup, Please try to write a book and publish it. This would end many misconceptions about the ailment.

  • Some day sure!!

    At least the first stage of the battle against LCHF haters is won :)

  • Dear Anupji Congratulations and wish you non drug life in future. I am learning and will follow LCHF soon.

  • Hi skmardikar --

    It's never too late to switch to LCHF. Arun Kumar, a diabetic with 25 years of diabetes history is now OFF from two drugs glimi and pioz and hitting non diabetic numbers. He posts here also and is more active on dlife.in :)

  • Dear Anup, thanks for all the guidance in spite of all the resistance. one thing to mention that the LCHF group is not limited to 500, as there may be many like me who are following but not writing due to some reason or others. There is no doubt that LCHF works and we need to spread the concept whenever / wherever possible.

  • Hi loknath

    Great to her this. When I said 500+ many of those who HATE me even started challenging that figure just for sake of RANTING against LCHF. I know it's more than 1000+, but I am still maintaining a conservative figure :)

    Yes, we should all spread LCHF diet as a means of managing not just diabetes, but even other things like hypertension, LIPIDS, obesity etc. We are fighting against a CORRUPT Nexus -- Big Food + Big Pharma + Big Agri -- so expect no help from them. If every diabetic went on LCHF diet, the diabetes care industry will shrink from $650 billion per year to $300 billion per year within three to six months. So, why would they ever favor LCHF diet. They will do FUDGED research to prove that even Choline in EGG is BAD :D :D

    CARBS Kill.

  • What are your results for C peptide test now and in 2011...I am curious to know by what time your pancreas will be healed completely?:)


    Anyone who claims CURING diabetes it's nothing but talking HOGWASH.

    (2) Re c-peptide tests: Only done in two cases:

    (A) To eliminate Type 1

    (B) When oral drugs to Type 2 start failing completely.


    (A) is ruled out in my case

    (B) Is perhaps a long long way away as I haven't even tasted a simple Diabetes drug - MF yet. With first milestone of "half a decade" in the rear view mirror, next target is a decade -- baby steps of half a decade at a time. :)

    The fact that my meter reads figures of a non diabetic shows that c-peptide levels are normal.

  • HCLF is a way to kerp people sick and on meds. LCHF may be better but LCLF, plant based diet is probably better.

  • You are right about HCLF, Gary805.

    That diet is designed for DRUGS sales by keeping people hooked to meds for variety of diseases which has only crept up eve since the LOW FAT nonsensical guideline has been out in practice.

  • Congratulations Mr. Anup.

    I have started the lchf diet for my husband specially , and myself...he has b.s,but I do the reading and learning new things from people like you and also have stumbled across Dr. Jason videos,about lchf, . I live in Canada...would you be kind to show me what we Indians can substitute for Rotis...that is the biggest problem ,if we eat non- veg. We don't need our carbs..rotis

    Once again ,thanks for the great work.

  • Thanks Chelayne!

    Just check my old posts and replies. Wheat is not banned. We just restrict it very drastically.


    Since you eat non veg, getting to LCHF very quickly will be very easy.

  • Congrats Anup.

    It is very tough feat you have achieved and kept at it. Keep going, and God bless you.

    I find keeping up with the diet (LCHF along with LW for carbs) very tough because I am vegan. Moreover, my other family members are rice and non-veg eaters, so cooking for all and juggling menu is tough. Anyway, I try my best to keep up with my diet as much as I can. Hope to achieve to be med free one day, but slowly one step at a time.

  • Thanks nairrajis,

    I am not a big fan of VEGAN as it eliminates dairy completely. That makes it really tough as it restricts one major source of good fat.

    I was a vegetarian by choice before diabetes struck me. Then my bother told me one day -- Ask your God to cure your Diabetes or start eating eggs and Chicken. To me, he made strong sense and that's how my eggs and chicken restarted in 2011 :)

    Good luck in your pursuit of drug free life. Keep us posted.

  • Hi

    I am also a vegan struggling to reduce reduce carb intake. My husband had a heart problem last year and we both started following a low fat vegan diet suggested by Dr. Esselstyn ( fork over knifes documentary). All we can eat is vegetables and whole grains- no oils, nuts, animal products.

    My husband needs to loose more weight and he is still pre - diabetic. I m so confused as to what diet to follow.

  • I am a NON VEGAN :)

    I don't believe in VEGANISM. Sorry.

    Let him carry on with what he feels is great. Time will prove what's wrong and what's right :)

    Diabetes is like pregnancy -- it's either there or not there. All this talk of pre-diabetes etc is nothing but long-term marketing gimmick of drug industry to push one into complacency. Somehow just eating plants and flowers and leaning toward soy for proteins doesn't make sense to me. Soy will harm thyroid.

  • congrats Anup ji for your inspiration and completion of long success in maintaining non diabetic number without drugs. Keep on educating the forum for the benefiting the society who is gradually becoming victim of diabetic demon. Thanks once again for showing me the path. Karim

  • Thnx Karim.

    How is your sugar level and drugs?

  • Sir, yesterday FBS was 95 and ppbs was 128 .But I have to take one diamicron 30mg before lunch.Rest no drugs. Following your path and advocate people to follow LCHF path. Thanks once again. yours karim

  • Great!. Stick to LCHF diet and keep spreading the message.

  • When i was diagnosed in August 2015 , I felt at that time my life is finished. My whole dream was just crashed for some time. But when i joined this forum and knew the positive aspects of having Sugar it is only you Mr. Anup that gives me the positive aspects of Diabetes and your dialogue "Diabetes is blessing in disguise" is my favorite these days.

    My only aim was to just go off to medication and it happened because of LCHF diet.

    My Figure drastically reduced in 6 months as follows..

    FBS 320 >> 85-90's

    PPBS 520 >> 95 to 110.

    HBA1C 10.8 >> 5.3

    Now a days my random sugar comes around 90 to 100. after consuming 2 sweets :D :D although i am not fond of sweet i just experimented after eating.

    I am off to medicine since two month. and will go for HBA1C in this month.

    After being diabetic my only dream is to build up muscles and prepare an athlete body for life time. Being a VP of a IT startup i do have some stress as well but i am managing it with no difficulty . I did RnD on LCHF diet and found that many cricketers are on LCHF diet.

    Now a days i am struggling only in amount of workout "How Much should i do"

    After doing heavily workout specially strength building exercises for about consecutive 14 days (I never did any workout before ) i felt fatigue all the time and was blaming Sugar for it but when i checked my sugar it came b/w 90 to 110 randomly. So i learned that my body is not made for doing daily workout now so i started alternate day again by contacting Mr. Anup. Will go for this schedule for about 1 month and will see how it works.

    ""Any suggestion on how much should i do??""

    My only dream is to build an athlete body.

    Like Mr. Anup i have also made a Motivating punch line for me "eat healthy.... stay healthy....die healthy.."

    Again Special thanks to You Mr. Anup for spreading the LCHF diet to diabetics.

    It helps us in long run.

    God bless you all.

  • I am no expert on weights and resistance training. I just aim for having a toned up muscles and not be Sylvester Stallone muscles. So my strength building is just limited to basic equipment like a pair of dumb-bells, bullworker and hand grip. Besides, this some push ups. Irregular with that too :)

    @Concerned is another LCHF preacher and trained in diabetes care. He/she can talk more about muscle building schedule. But, from whatever I have heard and understood, one day rest by muscles is needed post workouts. Maybe wrong.

    Yes, Diabetes is a "Blessing In Disguise" if you can TRASH the ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo literature on diabetes management. All that complex, simplex carb is a food industry marketing gimmick. At the end of the day, it's all about CARBS converting to Sugar and diabetics cannot handle that well.

  • Dear Anup Sir,

    Hi, Good to interact you again. I am mostly on LCHF diet. Recently I read a book by Mr Vishwaroop Roy on Diabetes. He also recommends grain less diet. He has given specific diet for bf, lunch n dinner consisting of beetroot, coconut, sprouts, tomato and citrus fruit etc. Milk n milk products, refined oil, bakery, packed food, salt n sugar is prohibited. Please do read that book if convenient n comment. Title is Diabetes cure in 72 hours.

    My microalbumin (micro urine) report is 22.9mg/dl. Range is <20. Due to my doctor's advice I had stopped taking urimax tablet for increasing urine flow. My prostate is slightly enlarged. Perhaps due to that I had urine infections in last 3 months. During that my regular urine test confirmed protein and pus cells. I took antibiotics for 7-10 days on 2-3 times in last quarter. After that micro urine report was also positive.

    After starting Urimax for a week, my urine test was normal and RFT was crt 1.22, urea 23.9, uric acid 6.2. ( I was not regular in taking uric acid medicine during that week.) Six months before my crt was 1, urea 17 n uric acid 3.2. I take uric acid medicine OID.

    Is the damage to kidney is permanent or it can be restored at this stage. I shall go for microurine test after 3 months.

    Please advice.

    With warm regards


  • I forgot to congratulate you on your success with LCHF. My Hba1c range is 5.4 to 6.2 depending upon my taking LCHF diet. :)

  • Hi Arvind,


    I still remember, you were the first one to switch to LCHF way back in 2013. Stick to LCHF and aim for A1C =< 5.6

    I don't live by NO FAT and NO DAIRY theory. That's VEGAN diet so that Dr seems to be another Rehash of Neil Barnard. Beet root to diabetics? WHOA!!!

    kkjing's crit was 2.1 before LCHF. Post LCHF it came down to 1.7 and last I know was 1.9 after almost 3 years on LCHF. He had to be off from MF due to high crit. So if you are on MF, you may need to reconsider.

  • Dear Anup Sir,

    I take 500mg SR metformin twice a day. Is metformin increases crit level in some cases. Now a days due to more adherence to LCHF, many times I need to skip evening tablet of met.

    With warm regards

    Arvind katyal

  • WRT crit and MF, have a talk with your doc.

    kkjing had to go off MF and switch to vogli for that reason.

  • LCHF has been a boon to me. In my experience that is the only remedy to maintain health n to lead a trouble free life. Medicine control is very less effective , main emphasis should be on diet and life style change. Congrats to you for LCHF diet and your selfless service.

    With warm regards

  • It's nice to see that LCHF is now being adopted by leading nutrionalists and gym instructors.. A nutrionalist saying he had made a mistake by recommending high carb diet in the past summarizes everything.. :)

  • Yes, that's Prof Tim Noakes who has run 70+ marathons himself and yet turned diabetic. So, all this talk of sedentary lifestyle causing obesity and diabetes is yet another nonsense propagated by the food industry.

    High Carbs only needed by sprinters, boxers and others where a sudden surge for energy needs is there. Even endurance athletes like marathon runners don't need high carbs. Cricketers, soccer player switching to LCHF too. That's Shane Watson in video pic. Australian National Cricket team doctor Peter Bukner is on LCHF and recommends it to every one. That's how Shane Watson started.

    TVMP, a diabetic here on LCHF who reduced his insulin from 70 to 20, ran HALF marathon in MUMBAI very recently and broke his earlier timing on HIGH CARB by 30 minutes. Now he is planning full marathon :)

    So called "mainstream and reputed" researchers are still studying low carb high fat diet on mice and rabbits, feeding hem hydrogenated fat, to prove that FAT increases weight in 8 weeks whereas a 105 Kg Diabetic lady on dlife.in lost 7kg in 7 weeks on LCHF that we have already researched long long back :D :D

  • Yes I will consult. Thanks.

    With warm regards


  • Hi,

    I am following all your posts and this one is fantastic eyeopener for many (i think so).

    I have been recently diagonized for high sugar levels but I don't know if it should call myself a diabetic or not. the whole concept of high sugar level is annyoing to me and more confusing. What to eat, what not to eat. What to do, what not to do. Not able to concentrate on anything now a days. ideally, ppl would be happy if the correct information is given on the blogs (based on their experience). I don't know if any doctors are there on this blog post ? if so it would be more advantageous to listen to them.

    Thanks however. Cheers.

    Nagaraj AV @ Chennai

  • Hi avnagaraj2006,

    I have posted a lot on the subject here and you can reach my posts and replies through my profile:


    There's also a LCHF dedicated forum for Indian Diabetics linked from my profile.

  • Can you give an LCHF det for south Indian . I have hypothyroidism also

  • Pl check my posts and replies on my profile:


    200+ meals posted by Indian diabetics following LCHF diet on dedicated LCHF forum linked from my profile.

  • Thanks Anup

  • Pleasure is all mine. That pleasure grows when i see long standing diabetics -- betrayed by all the modern drugs and diet -- reducing drugs drastically when they switch to LCHF diet.

    Diabetes is a disorder of too much carbs covered by too much drugs. That's not science for sure.

  • Great👍

  • Thanks!

  • Could you recommend any diabetes doctor(s) in Bangalore, India who recommend LCHF diet. Thanks.

  • Doctors won't talk LCHF by and large as that reduces commissions from drug sales. None of us on LCHF diet globally talk diet with mainstream professionals.

    That said, there's a registered MD on dlife.in forum, who is managing her 10 year old daughter's TYPE1 on LCHF and after seeing excellent results, she has started talking LCHF in rural regions of south. I am not exactly aware of her exact coordinates.

  • Thanks Anup. What is her name?

  • username - shalini

    Registered MD with 11 years professional experience.

    Handles her Type 1 Daughter on LCHF. So, she knows what she is doing, unlike few guys here who just keep xeroxing USDA/ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo nonsense wrt diet.

  • Hi Anup ji,

    I've gone through many of your posts here in this thread and in this forum. To me LCHF makes sense. Somehow feel Ayurveda also tells the similar things !!! Am i correct?



  • Hi Geodiabetic --

    I haven't had any personal experience with following Ayurveda recommendations so can't really share any info.




  • Hi Anup,

    I had posted few posts many months back. I am still doing lchf but not very strict. I have ppbs that is between 110-135 but my GPS is between 110-120. My breakfast is one chapati with cheese slice and one egg omelette. Lunch consists of half tomato and half cucumber salad. 1 katori small of Dallas and 1 katori of vegetable, 1 small katori rice, and dahi. Evening snack 2 small khakras and cup of tea with milk, but no sugar. Night food same as morning. Please advise.

  • What is total carb, protein, fat content of your day's meal?

    I ask this question to everyone to make sure that they have understood LCHF.

  • Anupji, The lesson learnt through you is "Reduce troublesome fuel and use safer fuel "

  • Yes. FAT is safer fuel. 600+ have understood it in no uncertain terms.

  • Of it really helps to get you out of Medicine... Well I will shout out the word to world and will become you follower anywhere I see your name I will be there... 

  • As to how much the drugs will reduce will depend on each case. 

    A 60 year old lady, went off 22 units Lantus just today and landed non diabetic PPBS. She is now just on MF. Barely 2 weeks into LCHF diet I think :)

    All it takes is one baby step at a time to start hitting good numbers on far less drugs in less than 3 weeks time :)

    Of course, the INSULIN industry won't feel happy about LCHF. 

    22 units lost = 40 bucks a day lost from just 1 customer. Multiply this by 1 lac customers and loss will be 40 lacs per day just on the long acting insulin market in India. This will explain why ADA/AMA/AHA doesn't like LCHF diet and this is why they PUSH a HORRIBLE diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT Nonsense to diabetics.

  • Anup Bhai

    My  FBS 165 and PPBS 200 and want to shift to LCHF diet....

    as you mentioned in your post above being Indians we always stuck to Chapaties / Rice, could you please mention some good LCHG recipes or on cooking web where i can find them....

    Thanks for the all work you have done on this site and keep the good work going...

    God bless

  • In my opening post in this thread a site is mentioned which has 200+ meals posted by Indian diabetics on LCHF diet. I cannot post same site more than once in 10 posts as it is against the rules.

    Alternatively, you can check my profile by clicking on my user name.

  • Thanks for the info i will try the LCHF Diet it wont be easy but it can be done.

  • I forgot to say that a friend who used to work for ADA told.me once diabetis is an ireversible diseasse once you get it it will never be cured you need to take medicine for life, i thought typical ADA propaganda.


  • We don't believe in whatever ADA says nor do we aim for numbers that ADA calls as GREAT. :)

    Good luck in your effort to switch to LCHF. It's easy once you get the hang of it.

  • Anup ji, How much is your daily take of "VCO" normally? Thnx. I like and enjoy your firmness and honest commitment to help and assist others.

  • 30ml/day -- 2 TBSP/day

  • Besides VCO how much is daily total liquid fat intake please. As I have been confused between Egg Fast diet and "LCHF". I take almost 5/6 TBSP daily total fat between VCO/BTR and Virgin Olive oil. Please correct me. Thnx.

  • Like Your post kindly suggest a link for LCHF diet, will immediately start following it...

  • what is LCHF

  • Wrote about is as recently as 2 years ago


    Pl go through other posts of mine at:


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