Do you know insulin resistance is the underlying cause of type-2 diabetes? you can improve your diabetes by understanding insulin resistance

Do you know insulin resistance is the underlying cause of type-2 diabetes? you can improve your diabetes by understanding insulin resistance

You may not be diabetic , But Read this article because Dr. Mark Hyman says it is possible to detect if one can get diabetic 10 years from now this can be done doing a simple 2 hour insulin-glucose challenge test also called as oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) which can tell if your body has already started developing insulin resistance and if the results say your body’s insulin resistance is more you need to adopt to an insulin resistance diet to improve your body’s ability to use insulin effectively.

Some types of monounsaturated fatty acids, saturated, and trans fats promote insulin resistance, It is important to avoid deep fried foods, Animal fats and dairy products, cookies and cakes especially packed, because to preserve them for longer periods hydrogentaed oils are used. Avoid these kind of foods to reduce insulin resitance.

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  • Look at TG/HDL ratio rest all is just beating around the bush.

    Sorry, this whole theory of FAT increasing IR is rubbish. It's the HIGH CARBS that causes FAT storage and not FAT in diet. It's the high carb leading to fat storage that increases IR. It's the TG (kicked up by CARBS) that is fat in blood and not the butter that we eat on LCHF.

    On LCHF diet, eating 60%+ FAT (including SFA), TG/HDL ratio declines sharply and that's one indirect way of knowing where one stands wrt IR.

    Aim for TG/HDL ratio < 2.5 and achieving that is a walk in the park on LCHF diet.

  • THANK you for educating me, I was new to this TG/HDL ratio which is also a indicator of metabolic syndrome. thank you will start working on it, by the way what do you do ?

  • My profile should give some idea :)

  • got t, so what do you do apart from

  • Enjoy life on my own terms :)

  • @anup

    What these studies says about high fat causing trouble is true.

    But the issue which is hidden is that the fats used in these studies are all hydrogenated ones.

    Eg one study used coconut oil in rats and found it detrimental. But less known is that there y used hydrogenated coconut oil and not the pure one.

    Thus these studies are all biased to prove their worthless point.

  • @gowardhan

    Even if the above pic is followed there is no surety of not getting diabetes.

    The key to avoid diabetes is to reduce carbs, and there is no mention on this excp not to buy sugar from your money? Does this imply that we can consume sweets from some one else's money?

    This will not hold true. Just reduce carbs, include all good fats and inc proteins. This may ensure..

  • thank you Shashi ji for replying. I think i should add reducing carbs- I mentioned don't buy sweets with your money,, because we are humna beings with emotions and cravings sometimes we should eat what your tongue demands- we cannot go always by what our body wants

  • btw, what do you do?

  • @gowardhan

    The write about sugar was in jest

    I work for a Pharma company


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