Home Made Herbal Remedy for Diabetes

Dear Patients,

Use my Herbal Formula to control Diabetes, you may use it with your Allopathic Medicines, its have no any side effect, and its reduced Side effect of Allopathic Medicines.

Herbs Weight (gram)

Methidana (Fenugreek Seeds) 100 g

Halon 30 g

Kalonji 30 g

Haldi (Podwer) 30 g

Gudmar 100 g

Had-Baheda 5 - 10 g

grind all the herbs separately (Methidana may take more attempt to powder, cause of its hardnes), mix well all the herbs.

How to use:

1st Dose: Take 1 Tsp at Empty stomach in Morning, don't intake any thing till 1 hour (may take water only)

2nd Dose: 1 tsp after dinner, don't intake anything till morning dose.

my 500+ patients are using it :-)


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  • Halod n had baheda ko gujrati me kya kahete hai

  • Halon = Aserio Seeds in English, Gujrati main nahi maloom, kisi pansari ki dukan per "Halon" ke naam se hi maloom kijay

    Har Baheda Pachan kriya ko durust karne wale Churan main bhi dala jata hai, yeh bhi pansari ki dukan per pata karen, pure Bharat main isi naam se jana jata hai, Had Baheda ko aap pisa hua li lijay, yeh bahoot hard hota hai, ghar per peesna mushkil hai.

    Agar Hadbaheda na mile to Koi pareshani ki baat nahi, is ka istemal zaruri nahi.

    Agar dawa banana mushkil ho to humse bani banai manga sakte hain

  • Thank you very much,DR.Naseem ready powder Ki kimat 100gram Ki kitni hai.

  • Dear Dr., I am Kundan from Ranchi, Kindly tell me the cost of the medicine including courier charge.


  • It's cost Rs.500/- (300gram) = 60 dosage for 30 days,

    Courier charges are Rs. 50/- (India)

  • I am sick and tired of doctors (?) like you touting miracle cure for diabetes (note - it's diabetes not diabets)

    Having said that if you have found a cure for diabets you may be onto something - though a smiley face does nothing to reassure me of your credentials and research methodology.

  • It's for control without side effects, am not claiming for cure.

    And if you challenge me I can cure too in 2 dosage only, but u have to visit me personally for 2 sittings, 1 sitting cost is Rs.17000

  • Dear Dr. Naseem,

    What is your curing method in two doses (Rs. 17000 x 2)

    Kindly give more details...

    But very difficult to believe...

  • Cant cure type 1 die bet es with herbs. You can make organs feel good. and prevent further damage for type 1;with herbs.

    Maybe type 2 might improve a lot. Maybe 30 percent. You can slow damage. With herbs.

    Diet control(starvation) and select foods do most help to diabetes. Herbs help some. You can slow down damage with herbs. If you want herbs you can get same real cheap from ebay or Amazon

  • well said Doctor, they claim lchf which makes diabetes worse in long run. and if they dont have any business motive why do they behave aggressively. now the whole world is talking about yoga and one day will come when ayurveda will rule out allopathy

  • No LCHF doesn't make diabetes worse. If you say that then you really don't understand LCHF. Who claims?

    Evidence is that it improves Diabetes with guys having gone off 80% drugs even after 25 years of diabetes history. Problem is that theoreticians limit their understanding of FAT on ther basis of a HIGH CARB diet.

  • The dose should be repeated every day or only 2 dose 1 n morning and 1 in night is sufficient. If repetition what is the duration. Pl help us/

  • Off course repeated, 1 in morning empty stomach and 1 after dinner


  • Very interesting but I need English names for the herbs if possible. I know methi n haldi bt not the rest. Hope to receive a reply. My email harmitk52@yahoo.com. I am from Malaysia n am a border line diabetic.

    TQ n rgds


  • Dr Naseem, it would be better if you give all the ingredients name in English. Most of people do not understand Hindi, hence it is advisable to give the English name of ingredients except Methi daanaa, Haldi. which has somebody translated . If you have ready made available with you, what would be the cost for 1/2 kg pack. Can you take order & send the material by Courier after nicely packed, What would be the cost for 1/2 kg packet including Courier charges ?

    We expect a sincere reply from your end & for the viewers of this forum



    DATED: 06-02-2016


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  • It's cost Rs.500/- (300gram) = 60 dosage for 30 days,

    Courier charges are Rs. 50/- (India)

  • Methi Dana = Feenugreek Seeds

    Halon = Aserio seeds

    Haldi = Turmeric

    Kalonji = Nigella Sativa

    Gurmar = Gymnema Sylvestre

  • It should be Harad +bahera and not Had+Bahera.Pl inform

  • Yes, It's also called harad baheda, but commonly called har baheda

  • The subject line refers to "remedy" and that is rather confusing and/or misleading since there is no "proven" remedy for diabetes. All diabetics have to hope for is nothing more than "control". Presumably the proposed herbal mix would have to be taken for ever, just like all other medications for the control of diabetes. Any feedback from those who used the mix about their experience with it would certainly be helpful. Thank you.

  • Yes, there's no cure for diabetes and all CLAIMS of CURE are HOGWASH.

  • Dear Anup,

    Please read carefully my post, am not mention for "Cure" but Control

  • Sir, I read very carefully, though I read very fast. Here's an excerpt from your reply in the current thread:

    "And if you challenge me I can cure too in 2 dosage only, but u have to visit me personally for 2 sittings, 1 sitting cost is Rs.17000"

    It has the word CURE.

  • Yes, Anup, thats true, please try to visit me if you are interested, NO CURE NO MONEY

  • Currently, I am happy the way I am -- maintaining NON DIABETIC numbers without even a single pill for anything -- so no pills for hypertension, no pills for cholesterol, no pills for blood sugar and no mindless walking for hours just to control blood sugar. Will be completing five years of this lifestyle as a diabetic in 6 days. Hope to continue like this for another 5 years before I taste Metformin for the first time in 2021 AD :)

    Short summary on my profile:


  • Yeh, I know about you :-)

  • Please give details of your -Diabetes Cure Theory @ Rs.17000x2

  • Can u show us the pictures of the ingrediants for better underdtanding

  • Can you please send for me at a cost.Thanks and Regards.



    mangal. bansal@gmail.com

  • Thanks Mr. Jaitwara,

    Please write me on eirishmk@gmail.com

  • kindly ,if possible give the names in the south indian local language or the photographs of the same.of course I am sure may not b aval in the market,since it is home made.

  • All ingredients are easily available in Market everywhere in India, just go to the market and ask them, if fail, I will provide :-)

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