Vijaysar– Ayurvedic Treatments for Diabetes

Vijaysar– Ayurvedic Treatments for Diabetes

Vijaysar (also known as Pterocarpus marsupium / Indian Kino Tree / Malabar Kino wood) is one of the best natural methods for managing diabetes. It is also the most ancient medium of treating diabetes. First introduced by Sushruta thousands of years ago, Vijaysar was given to Diabetics since ancient times.

Vijaysar is a huge tree whose bark is used in various forms for treating Diabetes. It is a very rich source of Pterosupin, Marsupsin and Epicatechin which are the most effective blood glucose lowering compounds. It also modulates tissue glucose utilization in insulin dependent tissues, regenerates beta cells of pancreas to produce insulin naturally and reduces cardinal symptoms for diabetes like Polyuria (Production of large volumes of urine), Polyphagia (Gluttonous excessive eating), Polydipsia (abnormally intense thirsts), burning pains in limbs and general weakness. The action of Vijaysar/ Indian Kino is basically comparable to natural insulin. It is also useful in reducing cholesterol.

In ancient times Vijaysar pieces were soaked overnight in water and it was sieved and given to patients in the morning. Regular practice of the same resulted in controlled Diabetes. It is also an excellent way to prevent Diabetes in those who have pre-diabetes or are genetically prone to Diabetes.

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  • Interesting . I am taking Aloe Vera Gel for my pre diabetes condition

  • Is it working well?

  • It is but i am taking one totallu organic no chemical preservatives as well so working well

  • You are doing well ... even using vijaysar reffers to no chemical uses for treating diabetes.

  • Where can I get it? imbu2008

  • You can get vijaysar Herbal wood glass through this sites .

  • Vijaysar is ancient way to reduce diabetes and blood sugar so it really works well in treating diabetes

  • Aloe vera Gel is good but not a proper medication for treating diabetes.

  • Firstly it is not a drug . So it cannot be taken as a medication .

    However its seen the battle pf Diabetes primarily lurks around Diets .

    So if an organic Aloe Vera is consumed which is a good fibrous concoction of Vitamins Amino Acids and nutrients it helps the body to prevent the collateral damages caused by Diabetes .

    At times i have experienced gets people out of diabetes too.

    Well there has been an independent study by an Indian doctor , not a clinical one , Google Prevention Atheromatous of Heart Disease by Dr O P Agarwal wherein he had asked 5000 parients to have Aloe Vera Gel and Isabgol ( fibrous) mixed with wheat dough to make Indian bread called rotis , none of them had a recurrence of Ischaemic stroke I believe however uniqie results were for Diabetics . Out of approx 3000 Diabetics more than 90% were cured of Diabetes . This paper has been published as early as 1984 .

    Now i leave it to you to decide


  • I am.unable to name the brand of Aloe Vera here since it will be promoting one . However individually I can share the input inbox me at

  • yes you are right and i appreciate your point of view.

  • nice to know about making rotis out of aloevera, psyllium and vwheat.. thank u for sharing. by the way if you want to know abt vijaysar - vijaysar is effective I have done a review about vijaysar tumbler -

  • This wood is available in Bangalore.

  • Yes It can be availabe in Bangalor

  • Is it in powder form or capsule plz inform me

  • From where this Vijaysar to get?

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