Problems related to menopause

My wife is undergoing menopause related hormone imbalance. She is now 51.She is experiencing intolerable body heat,sweating, hyper acidity and uncontrollable stress,easily getting irritated with small issues.kindly suggest some remedies, should she go for some kind of treatment? If so, which would be the apt discipline? Homoeo, Ayurveda or modern medicine? Expecting kind reply from experienced fellow members.

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  • Pleasd give her black cohose and other supplements like protein, multivitamins which are pure organic. My wife was also suffering with similar symptoms. Now she feeling much better

  • Thank you sir. Where will i get Black Cohose? Is it available in medical stores?

  • Goid morning, Sir.

    It may be available, but I purchased it from Amway which is one of the best and complete organic without any side effect. Some details are - Black cohosh – Helps provide overall wellbeing during menopause. It is believed to have an estrogen like effect.

    Isoflavones – Supports heart health and bone mass during menopause.

    Lemon bioflavonoid complex & acerola cherry concentrate – provides additional phytonutrient benefits.

    Additionally a varied & balance diet and a healthy lifestyle based on the four pillars of NUTRILITE optimal health are of general importance.

    You can purchase it from any ABO. If you cannot find any plz mail me your details like address ai will arrange for your goodself.

  • Mr,raj62 First of all it may be hormonal imbalance, gpr for a through test of her physical status do the test on 2nd of menstrual cycle.

    1. CBP

    2. Thyroid profile.

    3. Lipid profile

    4. FBPS+ HBA1c

    5. Vitamin D3, Calcium , Magnesium &B12

    6. Progestorane and estrogen.

    After getting this results you can contact a good Gynecologist or can start supplements for the required deficiencies.

    If she cn do Kapalvati pranayama it will definitely help her a lot.

  • Thank you very much Sir. Will do it.

  • Please include Vitamin C and E test also.

    Only one time blood to taken for all these tests. and after getting report pos the result in this forum you will definitely get good advice.

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