G3PP enzyme protects organs and cells from damaging effects

G3PP enzyme protects organs and cells from damaging effects of high blood glucose levels, study finds.

Read the news in the below link.


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  • We knew this on Jan 12, two days ahead of the link that you mentioned :)


  • However, despite being very promising, the research is a long way from having any practical application.

    Diabetes is far behind the curve when it comes to offering advice to T2's, carbohydrate, AKA glucose, being high on the list of recommendation:

    "The recommendation, of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN), for carbohydrate intake for people with diabetes is no different to people with diabetes".


    Yet again T's are being held hostage to a magic bullet that will cure all their woes - sometime in the future.

    The answer is in you cupboard and fridge.

  • Actually, all these researches are not for helping a diabetic. They are just aimed at finding some protein/enzyme that can be synthetically prepared or targeted through newly PATENTED pills/injectibles so has to also keep the high carb nonsensical theory alive. These researches are for making that "FAT Pharma Cat" still "Fatter" and not for we diabetics.

    The real answer lies in ignoring what ADA/AMA/AHA says about diet and we diabetics on LCHF prove it day in and day out. :)

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