Paneer Dodi is made miracle for Diabetes

Dear All,

I am suffering with diabetes Type - 2 from last 7 years. During July 2015 my sugar level was 335 mg/dl in PG and 190 mg/dl in PP with allopathy medication. At same time I was searching an alternative solution to get better wellness and cure and I came across your site about Paneer Dodi. I wish to thank you all for sharing your experiences on the usefulness of the herb. Today my PG level and PP levels are 143 mg/dl and 95 mg/dl.

I started using it from local shop but I had many questions in my mind on quality and hygiene of the herb because I use to take directly after soaking into water overnight. Few months later I found one suppler from Kolkata are supplying very good quality Paneer Dodi with their brand name 'Spicyonion'. They claim that they maintain hygiene, grade and quality of the herb. Finally I am buying from them. Really the product is good with the competitive price range. The packaging of product is excellent with required information. Now I am happy to see their product in for online purchase. It helps me to buy online now and I am happy.

Again I wish to thank you all for sharing me the information for what today I am quite well.

Wish you all very happy new new year 2016. The year may give you all healthy life and prosper in profession.

Best Regards

Ajith Kumar Babu


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30 Replies

  • Thanks for sharing your experience

  • Ajith sir Can u tell in what quantity u were having it and when?

  • Thanks Ajith Sir, Do you need to consult any doctor for this ?

  • Just try it yourself for 20 days you will get the result if it suit you. Just soak 10 seed overnight in a glass of water and take the water empty stomach in morning. Number of seeds can be increased according to your diabetes BS level. Regular exercise along with this will be good.

  • If it is herb it will be available everywhere. Can you please explain about the seeds. Any other name for the seed.


    G Chakarapani

  • It is seed covered with white thin skin , some call it flower also

    Paneer ka Phool and paneer Doda are same thing with different names. Size is just like rose early bud.

  • Yes Paneer Doda works I too used and found very useful . It may be not suitable for everyone . But it's great herb to control diabetes. I think it is too costly to buy from online sites you may buy from your local Pansari shop @ around rs 100 to 150 per kg .

  • Pansari shop you mean local country medicine shops or what type of shop it will be available. I am in Tamil Nadu.



  • Yes you are right it is local country herbal medicine shop. It is easily available .

  • How can I get this herb in Nigeria?

  • No option you have to buy it from online shop . Someone has written that it is available on eBay , you may try there or if you have any contact here in India you may ask him to send it to you.

    It is too costly on online store.

  • Spicyonion is also known as paneer ka phool which is very much available in all leading ayurveda shops,and is cheaper than that of to buy from eBay

  • Never heard about this plant. Thanks for sharing. would like to know more about this plant.

  • Hope it is not marketing strategy to induce people . Spicy onion as it is called otherwise is available in Tamil under what brand name or product in tamilnadu?

  • There are two types of onions (Vengayam in Tamil). One is bigger size using all our curries. The other one is small onion which is called "Sambar Vengayam". It is mostly using for sambar. Are you mentioning the smaller one?

  • Paneer ka Phool or paneer Doda is not onion.

  • HI DEAR,

    can you advise about how to use and how much qty to be taken daily ?? for how much period we shd take. should we continue with allopathy medicine.

    Thanks in advance


  • Dear All.

    I thank you all so much for your queries -

    1. I use to take 12-15 flowers daily.

    2. No, I did not take any consultation before use it but i shared to my doctor when we decided to stop allopathy medicine, after use of 6 weeks time.

    3. Buying decision is yours, I thought off to get hygiene and quality herb and I selected to buy from a Spicyonion. I bought it at Rs.350/- for 500 grms and I used it for initial two months, where my medicine cost was around Rs.650 per month, I saved huge cost and got superior quality herbs.

    4. For Nigeria, you can contact the Company directly or buy it online.

    5. Using procedure is explained by one of my friend in his reply... thank you. However you can get all details from

    5. Nirmal ji - I do not have reply on how long to use.. i will try to search out the answer.

    6. Nairrajis - Sir/ Madam, you can search in botanical name 'withania coagulans' to know more.

    7. Kgopalkrish - Friend, I got information from this platform and today I am sharing why I am benefited by using this herb.

    I know only one brand 'Spicyonion', so that I have taken the name. In case you know other brands please share with us, we can explore. My intention is not to promote or hurt any company or product but sharing my personal experience.

    Thank you/

    Best Regards

    Ajith Kumar Babu

  • You can buy the same from . As [] is for India but is international, pay in terms of dollar or whatsoever option is present . Search with the name of spicyonion or Dodi ka phool or Paneer dodi.

    M. K. Acharya

    New Delhi

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with Paneer Dodi.

    It may be useful for others.

  • yes mr ajith pl let me now to subscription of the health care what we hve to do

    as i hve not understood it

    pl guide me at my email id

  • Mr Ajith I am very happy to see your post and experience , Ajith for me I ordered in eBay , please give me your daily diet and any other life style to go with Paneer Dodi , my email

    Thank you


  • Dear Mr.Ajith Kumar Babu,

    Can you please explain how you have taken the Panner dodi.

    What is the quantity and how many times it has to be taken.



  • Dear Sir Ajith Kumar Babu for sharing your experience regarding the herb. I request you to kindly inform us how to prepare and the dose. We can also try for it. I resides at Hyderabad. Where I get the herb. Kindly inform me

    Thank you very much

  • Can you please explain about the herb "Paneer Dodi". If any of our readers explain in Tamil I would be very much grateful.


    G Chakarapani

  • In tamil it is called paneer pookkal.avl in pala sarakku shop or any herbal shops.

  • Dear Mr.Ajith Kumar Babu,

    Can you please explain how you have taken the Panner dodi.

    What is the quantity and how many times it has to be taken.


  • Thanks a lot Ajith Babu.

    I am also taking Paneer Doda/Phool for the last 6months or so .

    My friends who are having Diebities started taking this and it seems

    everyone is happy with the result.

    I am only confused about the correct Range one should have .In fact I read

    that earlier 140 used to be normal reading for fasting Sugar but gradually

    the pharmaceutical companies have reduced it to 100 and once it was done

    60% population has become diabetic resulting in the increase of Sale of Diabetic

    Medicines by 60 times.

    In fact I was never a diabetic but was made diabetic without my knowledge

    by the doctor .It was detected by another doctor that I was taking medicines

    for diabeties prescribed by the Doctor since the pathological report had once shown 135 Fasting.

    I take all precautions and keep Sugar within the allowable limits.My Sugar reading

    has never crossed 140 Random.

    I would only like to know that the normal Range should read as 140

    or 100 fasting.

  • Random BS reading of 140 is high. 140 is highest limit or spike to keep away from diabetic complications.

    BS levels should be

    FBS < 100 better if < 90

    PPBS < 140 spike after meals and at 2 hrs. < 120.

    Hba1c < 5.7

  • I am really influenced by the encouraging results of pnr dodi and started using 10 days back.

    my bs level was refusing to go below 160 in fasting for many years and simply doctors advised to increase the insulin intake.

    the medication followed by me is

    morning before b/f tab diamicron XR mex 500(metformin)- 1no and insugen 30/70 -25 ml.

    night b/f same as above .only insulin 5 ml more.

    after 10 days of use of pnr dodi and lchf diet , the Fasting BS was lowered to 92. not checked PP.only I feel more feeling of urination and due to that more thirsty.this may b a temporary phenomenon also.

    benefits I got .my peripheral neuropathy under control-means the burning sensation is within tolerable limits.stopped taking pregamet tabs.

    insulin level reduced 10 ml /day.

    there is a positive feeling and a ray of hope in me at 60 yrs with 18 yrs of suffering due to diabetes ,having faced many complications due to uncontrolled BS level variations ,that the bal of life can b spent with the confidence of a painfree and purposeful life with the help of knowledge dissemination by the forum members whose expert knowledge and experience will go long way in guiding and advising people suffering like us.

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