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The Endocrinologist/Diabetologist are always saying that, to control diabetes, one has to loose his body weight as per his/her height though it is not always true so far experiences of the members in this forum are concerned. Whatever may be the logic, it is true that our goal should be non-obese to control other diseases other than diabetes.

Experienced forum members are requested to through light on this subject - how to reduce weight without harming body metabolism ? What are the different ways of loosing body weight ?

Please discuss. Thanks in advance.


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  • Easiest thing said rather than done is burn the calories you have consumed. Lead an active lifestyle, walk, go to gym, do work outs, do gardening whatever makes you sweat.

  • Thank you sir.

  • (1) Measure fasting insulin and FBS and ensure that you are far away from the Insulin resistance band, going by HOMA 2 computation. This is one of the objectives that we diabetics on LCHF aim for. Lowered residual insulin == easier FAT burning.

    Also, Triglycerides and HDL ratio will give a rough idea of Insulin resistance. Aim for TG < 100. This is not possible on HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet. Higher TG is also pushing one toward CVD/CHD & Hypertension. TG primarily is elevated by CARBS.

    (2) Monitor weight weekly. Cut down intake based on your end goal.

    Point 1 above will assist in weight loss. But, lowering TG and residual insulin in blood is very difficult on High Carb Low fat nonsensical diet.

  • Thanks a lot sir for your valuable knowledge sharing and guidance. But, one thing is not clear to me i.e. 'What is HOMA 2 computation". Please explain in details.

  • Check my forum or google around.

  • Hello , today I tested for sugar , 20 minutes after breakfast . It was 111.

     Other results about my physic were Height=181.7 cm , Fat- 29.2 % , Weight- 87.3 Kg and BMI -26.4. Plz advice me what are the lifestyle changes i must do?? I am 32 and a vegetarian .

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