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LCHF Research.


For those wishing to delve a little deeper into LCHF, there are a series of lectures on youTube you will find of value. There is a nice mix of the technical biochemistry for those of that bent, but all will give reassurance to the layperson that controlling blood sugar is the key to curing, in many cases, T2 diabetes and that saturated fat is nothing to be afraid of.

The series of lectures are called 'Low Carb Down Under'. I suggest if you are serious about your health then you should subscribe. Here's the latest:

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Love the mix of humour and seriousness, these lectures are good forming your own opinion on what is good or not, you should always keep a critical mind. I am convinced that ADA and food pyramid were not on the right track and that LCHF is a significant improvement. Still I feel we should not become fanatic following one line of thought without being open to other ideas (gathered from science, people's experiences etc.), whoever might be promoting them, that is why these type of forums are good, one learns also from negative experiences.

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