For those who say LCHF is not SCIENCE :)

Came to know of this doctor in my city recently through a post from one of the many fellow diabetics on LCHF diet on my forum. He is also recommending LCHF diet :)


I started talking LCHF diet, in January 2013 on this forum, as a means of managing Diabetes with least dependence on drugs. Some ADA fans ridiculed me and some insulted me with choicest of insults and personal attacks. This should be an eye opener to all naysayers as far as LCHF diet is concerned.

SWITCH to LCHF diet and enjoy great health. HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet is killing diabetics as it is the WORST diet that can ever be recommended to ANYONE.

I am into fifth year as a diabetic on ZERO drugs and now on my forum there are well over 500 Indian diabetics enjoying this lifestyle, despite cutting down or eliminating drugs.

Good to see that at least some doctor in India is also talking of LCHF now :)

High Carb Low Fat NONSENSICAL DIET is good for making sure that drugs sales increase. It doesn't help in managing diabetes even if you eat 8 times a day :D :D

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  • Way to go Anup!

  • Anup

    Great.Let us hope more doctors will join LCHF movement

  • Yes Sir. I will try and meet this doctor as he is from my city. I don't mind paying for even an informal/formal discussion with such doctors.

    As for other doctors, I am sure they would once they RESET the years of BRAINWASHING (for ULTERIOR MOTIVES) that has been done against FAT in a systematic way. They have to UNLEARN the nonsense that they have been taught wrt Saturated fat.

  • Dear Anupji.

    I believe that approx only 20-25% of the Dr's will follow this if they are aware. They have been taught otherwise in all the medical literatures and all the recommendation bodies also do not recommend LCHF. At the same time they will NEVER go for LCHF as they will stand to lose lots of money from the industry as all medicines will go obsolete. Also the research on new drug development in Diabetes is maximum next to may be only cancer. Hence it's up to us to follow this pattern of diet and share success stories so more are inspired to follow.

  • As I said, they have to press the RESET button which will clear all the brainwashing against FAT. If all doctors start preaching LCHF, the global diabetic industry sales will crash from $600 billion to $300 billion in three months. So, there's a lot of VESTED interest.

    So, let's grow our community of Diabetics on LCHF diet and shame the vested interests. :)

  • Sure sir it will take them at least ten years to come out of their HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense.

  • @Arunkumar..........I am PN Chandra. Since 21/1/2016 I am not able to log on to dlife. It reads as " this domain expired on 21/1/2016. What is/ could be the problem ? Can you plz help ?

  • Should be fine now. Just clear your browser cache.

  • LCHF diet helps to control sugar levels I took this advice and it worked on me will leave allopathic medicine soon...

  • Hi All,

    Based on member's response, I see diabetic diet is same across all over the world. Not sure why indian doctors suggest different diet specially in India

    Diabetologist, Dr. Sanjiv Bhambani with Moolchand Medcity suggests "A diabetes diet should be high on fiber, must contain milk without cream, buttermilk, fresh seasonal fruits, green vegetables, etc." But remember to consume these components in moderation.

    Diabetes diet for Indians should have the ratio of 60:20:20 for carbs, fats and proteins, the doctor explains, "Per day calorie intake should be between 1,500-1,800 calories with a proportion of 60:20:20 between carbohydrates, fats and proteins, respectively." He adds that a diabetes diet should "have at least two seasonal fruits and three vegetables in a diet plan

    Any thoughts.

    Any way I have started LCHF since two days. Still long way to go to get the good results. But unfortunately I brake my diet today due to some unavoidable circumstances. Will stick on LCHF always



  • 60:20:20 diet will lead to more and more drugs as time passes. Low Fat nonsense from ADA/AMA/AHA has only lead to more and more health problems.

    On the other hand, LCHF will let you cut down drugs and also achive NON DIABETIC numbers by and large.

  • Someone on my forum told me that Dr Chhajed (based in Indore where I am also based) charges Rs 80,000 for a 4 month course on LCHF. WOW, what a criminally high charge.

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  • hi anup i am in lchf diet and my fasting is 118 n post is 153 kindly advice

  • 40 min post meal, walk or stroll for 20 minutes. If FBS is measured after morning walk, stop morning walks and shift it to post meals. Count your CARBS.

  • did not get wat you wrote?? can u explain

  • i started ashwagandha 250 as advised by u , will it help ?

  • Give it three months time and see how it impacts sleep quality, blood pressure, heart rate and FBS.

  • MR. ANUP


  • Pl check my profile. You will find link to Forum where Indian diabetics on LCHF diet live by and preach LCHF diet.

    It's not a treatment as such as it involves a complete-and-permanatt shift in dietary habits. Easy to do, if done correctly with dedication.

  • Hi Anupji,

    I am Kanchan Khanna, 64 yrs old.

    Was detected with diabetes in 2012, but started medicine in 2014, earlier tried to control by Neal Bernard diet, which failed on me.

    Lost 20 kgs by turning vegan & giving up on All oils. Am 5' 2.5", weigh 50.9 kgs.

    Wish to put on at least 5 kgs.

    Yesterday on forum tried to introduce myself & about myself. Typed a message , but did not find any "send" option.

    Hence could not communicate.

    Am trying to incorporate the lchf diet.

    From Jan 2016 have introduced dairy fats along with VCO into my diet.

    Dec 2015 my HbA1c was 8.2

    March 2016 My HbA1c is 7.4

    Dec 2015 FBS 214

    March 2016 FBS 203.4 ( indulged in ice cream & brownies a day before the test)

    Dec creatinine 0.63, March 0.64

    Dec S cholesterol 208.6, March 259 .8

    This I can't fathom why ? The increase of the S.cholesterol !! from 208.6 to 259 .8

    Have introduced dairy fats into my diet, mid Jan 2016.

    Full fat cream, white butter & ghee.

    Dec S.TG 99.1 , March - 117.5

    Dec S.HDL 81.7, March S.HDL -121.1

    Dec S.LDL 115.8, March S.LDL -122

    Dec Ratio 2.6, March Ratio 2.1

    Am taking 50 mg + 0.5 tablet of 1 mg Amaryl, before breakfast & dinner.

    Have switched to a cup of coffee with 2 tab sps each of VCO, white butter & full fat cream from a dairy.

    Lunch & dinner trying to figure out.

    Basically a veg, daal, sabzi, roti person.

    So am now trying the chapatti of 40 gms with greens, & ghee + 1 katori daal, topped with ghee+ 1 katori dry veges cooked in ghee.

    Repeat for dinner, replacing the daal for some rassawala vegetables.

    Tea with some peanuts. Stopped eating roasted channa cause of high carbs.

    Keep on helping myself to walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pine nuts during the day, after meals mainly.

    When I find my sugar levels gone high, fast on that day,having vegetable broth, with the fats thrown in, throughout the day.With tea , coffee also.

    Nxt day, my sugar levels do go down, so does my weight by almost 0.5 kgs.

    That bothers me.

    Basically have to get around the lchf concept in a proper manner.

    Breakfast has become ok, the coffee with fats.

    Also what upsets my cart is when I go out for meals either to a restaurant or a holiday.

    Don't know what I shd be eating.

    But having been through your various posts , am convinced & encouraged that I too can get rid of my medicines.

    Just need your & fellow member's guidance & help.

    I don't eat wheat, but jowar flour.

    That too I discovered is high on carbs.

    Maybe shd add a little besan to dilute the flour.

    I had recd a post ages back about a south indian who was indulging in eating jaun khichdi, almost All meals & for in between as well.

    He had given a graphic account with proofs of his progress on this diet, claiming he had cured himself completely.

    When I tried, my sugar levels went haywire, it was a let down for me. All carbs the whole day long !!!

    See I have tried a lot of things, as I really do wish to get rid of my medicines.

    As it is, I am on a thyroid medicine, which I can't give up on.

    In diabetes, the medicines finally have an adverse effect on the body. That I suppose would be the case of having any medicine for a long period of time.

    Need everybody's help & guidance who have got rid of their medicines.

    Thks & Regds

  • Am taking Galvus 50 mg + 0.5 tablet of Amaryl 1 mg, twice a day, before breakfast & dinner.

    Kanchan Khanna

  • Kanchan:

    I have replied to your question with the HELP Link on how to post message on You can check that and then we can take up communications there. For 24 hrs, your draft stays safe so you can start from where you left, unless you cleared the auto saved draft.

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