Drug Industry's Involvement In Corrupt & Unethical Practices In India?

Read On and content of the article is self explanatory:


When it comes to boosting sales of Drugs, industry openly flouts all ethics and rules as it seems. They are more interested in selling drugs by hook or crook than letting patient know how diabetes can be managed through least dependence on drugs by following a Low Carb High Fat diet.

Switch to LCHF diet and reduce your dependence on drugs for diabetes, lipids, hypertension etc, while losing weight without starving.

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  • Dear Anupji. With due respects. Let's stop blaming drug industry. They are involved in doing camps to detect new patients. Put them on medications. And stop or prevent any progression of the disease. In our country many still go undetected when it comes to hypertension or diabetes. We don't have the concept of preventive action. How many undergo yearly checkups? Also when diagnosed as a diabetics many prefer to take some additional pills when asked to put some dietary changes or restrictions. I am a diabetic and am on dietary changes for better control. But I have many relatives and friends who refuse to change the habits and wants to "enjoy life" without correcting the dietary pattern. How many of us are ready to walk for 20-30 mins daily morning which improves insulin resistance. Drug industry only provides some remedy for any illness. It's upto the health authority and or nutritionists to do some research and set it right.

    Anyway I go thru the blogs and sites like this to get more knowledge which helps me in controlling diabetes better.

    The onus is a us to at least educate our friends and relatives to correct the dietary pattern for preventing future ailments which they may have.

    But the biggest change we need is the willing ti correct our dietary pattern and also exercise for prevention which we are not willing as of now.

  • True. I work for pharma industry. I agree. At the same time I stand by my point. This is happening because we the general public are unwilling to change the habits. We want quick fixes with minimal restrictions.

  • My grouse with the drug industry is their involvement in all unethical practices including bribing the doctors world over to write their pills. They even go to the extent of influencing the pharmacies to keep only "PATENTED" drugs --example generic versus patented statins is a big scam even in the US. Defensive medicine is another 200 + billion dollar fraud rampant and uncontrollable.

    On walking -- Let me quote a recent practical example (reproducible). I was on 12 day vacation trip by road to Rajasthan. Was eating more carbs but walking a lot doing up and down treacherous climbs to forts etc. Yet, I put of 2 kg weight. Now that I am back, i am back to my old time-tested style -- LCHF.

    So, eating high carbs and then trying to cover with walking is a failed science.

    I don't say this. A very long-term study says it :)


    No mainstream magazine or ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo ever highlighted this study to the extent that it needed to be highlighted because it proved that HCLF + Exercise is nothing but NONSENSE.

    PS: Users are allowed to post links once in 10 posts. So those who do not like the site that I have linked here may not waste their precious time trying to report to admin as I am playing by the rules.

  • While I agree that some people do not want to change their dietary habits and prefer to rely on heavy medication to enjoy what they think is 'normal food'. I personally know many diabetics who eat bananas and potatoes every single day but are unwilling to change their diet and reduce their dependence on medicine.

    However, now it is no secret that the drug business is about more profit rather than the health of a patient and the drug companies will do anything to push more and more medicine down our throat.

  • Drug companies enjoy keeping all of us illiterate -- just like politicians do -- and then use vehicles like ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo et al or their international equivalent to spread their dietary nonsense. A Lion in the wild is always more healthy than a lion in zoo. Why? Because Lion in zoo if being fed by "Diet Chart" designed by the so called "experts" :)

    Even domesticated dogs and cats are getting diabetes and hypertension these days as they are being fed with so called "HEALTHY" food.

    I refused to be a lion in a zoo the day i was detected diabetic. So, I don't really care what all these so called experts say about carbs and fats. For me, logically, if I am maintaining my health parameters on year-to-year basis, all this talk about "long-term" effect is NONSENSE. At the end of the day, everyone has to die. Might as well die healthy with lot of cash in bank than empty coffers to make the drug industry rich and leave nothing for the family.

  • "Drug companies enjoy keeping all of us illiterate -- just like politicians do"

    Couldn't agree more. This 'expert' advice is making more and more people sick. People keep saying that diabetes, High BP and Cholesterol are spreading like viral fever but no one is ready to acknowledge that the increase must be because of something that we are doing wrong. In this case, the extremely high carb and low fat diet.

    Yes, better to spend money on staying healthy than spending it on medicine.

  • Mr. Anup is a smart person. He doesn't speak in air.....

  • Right!

  • Anupji. The Indian pharma industry is slightly different. There is no big problem here unlike the way industry operates in US and other developed countries. By far it's a docile industry here. I am in this industry for the last 28 years. So I can vouch for the same. My company also sells all anti diabetics, cardiovascular etc medicines.

    But I agree with you that diet like LCHF will not be promoted by anyone whether Industry, Drs, nutritionists or the Govt itself as all will stand to lose lots of money and their livelihood.

    While I have been promoting anti diabetics since 1989 and do have a fairly good knowledge I still have gained far more by reading the blogs like these.

    It's upto us to propogate it.

    I am now slowing shifting from low carb+low fat to low carb+ increased fat (not the the extent of LCHF) and I can say that the control in terms of the spikes after meals are well controlled. I am on metformin for last 2 months also.

    But I believe that LCHF works and I will be fully into it in a few weeks.

  • Fear the CARBS and not Good FAT. Problem is INSULIN -- and excess of insulin in blood being the root cause of obesity, CVD, CHD, hypertension etc. Only LCHF diet can help is getting the residual insulin levels in blood down.

    For transitioning, I suggest one meal at a time for a week -- so three weeks transitioning to LCHF diet - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once settled then experiment with intermittent fasting :)

    Arun Kumar is also from drug industry with long standing experience like you. He managed his 25 year old diabetes on LCHF after reducing drugs by over 70% :)

  • Doctors involvement in corruption is an open secret:


    This is not something restricted to India alone. The US data is here:


  • Thanks every body here.karim

  • Seen all comments from drug industries it is 100 % correct This is not only for diabetic drugs and also all diseases.

    All are money making habits it is coming from politicians and passed through all departments including medical industries also

    But now the condition is without drugs it may not possible to control diseases Diabetic may control up to some extent until their insulin level decreases afterwards they may go for Insulin injection

    but other problems like typhoid ulcer cancer kidney problems and eye problems artho etc we may not do any much thing we mus go to Doctor either one or another .

    In india there is no suitable medical system other than allopathy is not obtained so far. Ayurveda and homeopathy and unani sidda was not popular until today

    So we are help less for controling this drug industries

  • Indian politics is seeing some cleanup under Prime Minister Modi.

    But drug companies will never cleanup. They will keep peddling horrible diet called HIGH CARB LOW FAT and keep peddling without any proof so that more and more humans get forced onto drugs for life.

  • Without unethical practices they can never make money. They grease the palms also for boosting sales.

  • Expensive gifts and paid holidays for families to exotic locations are common for doctors. All sponsored by the drug companies. Some are even gifted luxury cars in gift.

  • It's very common. They will do anything to increase sales even if that means by bribing.

  • Its really pathetic Anup,

    Everyone is doing their own business, But I believe People are also responsible for this, I was highly surprised, when I came a cross one of my colleague who was taking medicine given by doctor to reduce his triglyceride levels, He is a Qualified Person access to the internet , takes wise decisions he will advise others on which insurance policy to take, which mobile phone to purchase, but was not interested in knowing about his health.

    bottom-line is people should take their health seriously.

  • "bottom-line is people should take their health seriously."

    and just don't follow the drug industry's sales men (MD's) blindly. Don't even bother to look at what the so called "Associations & World bodies" tell you. They are just mouthpieces of the industry and survive on industry donations.

  • Exactly...now a days people are keeping their health in God's hand and giving first hand to career and financial planning :) and ultimately health become bottleneck to everything

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