Cure of Diabetes

"Cure of Diabetes" I think is a vague term so far as my experience is concerned. It's the "management of diabetes". People around the world are suffering with this dreaded disease and most of them are directionless. Same scenario is everywhere. People are visiting so called reputed 'Endocrinologist/Diabetologist' for their complications and they are prescribing medicines one after another, increasing dosages and finally advising to take insulin shot. Conditions are getting deteriorated day by day.

In this circumstances, it is very very important that people in this forum are managing their diabetes more efficiently than so called 'Endocrinologist/Diabetologist'. It is immaterial whether you are following LWMDR or LCHF.


This is somewhat like re occurrence of the common diseases viz. fever, headache, gastroentitis, jondis, typhoid etc.

I am using LW for the last 5 months. My sugar level is in between 90 (FBS) -100 (PPBS).

I was out of stations (Goa, Mumbai, Khandala, Mahabaleswar, Alibag etc.) from 23.10.15 to 02.11.15 and unfortunately I could not continue LW for some meals and just out of curiosity I had taken sweet dishes (Kheer, Chikki, Sweet Cakes, Sandesh, Sweet Curd, Firni and so on) almost everyday. On 03.11.15, my BG readings were FBS-111 & PPBS-167 . Today the same readings are FBS-95, FBS-105.

What will you say ? Is my diabetes cured ? under control ? Whatever you say, it's cured for me as I am enjoying sweets as well as other starchy foods like rice, bread, cakes, potatoes other than pure sweets and BG levels are well in control. For BG levels on 03.11.15-------!!! I WAS SUFFERING WITH F--E--V--E--R.

Best wishes to all of you. Good luck and God bless.


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24 Replies

  • CURE means you should never cross 140 on a 2 Hr OGTT with measurements done at 0, 30,60,90,120 minutes after taking 75 grams glucose and just sitting idle -- preferably lying down on bed. Mere 2 hr values isn't of any relevance because no non diabetic would ever cross 140 on OGTT at any moment. If anyone who hits 200 and claims being CURED it's ridiculous.

    When I am out on vacation trips, I can even tolerate 500 ml MAZA while climbing up and down to and from forts. This year, while on 3000 km vacation trip to Rajasthan, I would easily tolerate 500ml (maybe more) MAZA doing the following fort as it is around 400 feet above the city level :)

    Will be consuming Maza, and eating tandoorie rotee, naan, biryani, bread, noodles etc during this trip daily and yet land non diabetic numbers. Am I cured? No Way! If I do the same on a regular day, my levels will shoot to 200+ after every meal.

  • Thank you sir. Exactly what I wanted to mean "Claim for Cure of Diabetes" is nothing but making people fool. It is control of "Diabetes" so that people can enjoy life with a different lifestyle. Thanks.

  • Yes, cure of diabetes is not practically achievable.But Diabetes can be kept under control with proper diet and medicines together with a stress-free life.

  • Thank you sir. If your diabetes is well under control by diet and exercise only (and obviously without any oral medicines/insulin) and if you can enjoy life with normal foods along with sweets occasionally (not always ) then it should be considered as "CURE".

  • Your report is very encouraging. Congratulations for achieving it & thank you for sharing it in public.

    There are certain things which have to be experienced; can not be convinced by arguing.

    Getting FBS & PPBS values within range for a few days IS NOT CURE.

    CURE need not be a speculative or guess work. CURE can be ascertained by step by step lab tests.

    If you or any one else is interested, I can tell one by one; because I have done that.

  • Respected 'George Sir'

    Many many thanks for your encouraging comments regarding my progress. I was waiting for your comments for a long time.

    It was you and only you who showed me the light of controlling my diabetes when I was directionless and desapointed. You are angel for me and for rest of my life I will be obliged to you.

    In spite of oral medicines ,controlled diets (only boiled vegetables-1big size tiffin box container, chapati-1no each in Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) and 1 hr walking on road/45 min walking in a walking machine my BG levels were FBS-145-160, PPBS-190-220 & HbA1c shooted upto 8.4. I had also tried 'Aurveda-under supervision of a renowned doctor, cow urine therapy and so many things which I collected through net.

    When all my hopes were burried in the graveyard, suddenly one day I found your post and someone from my innerself told me "yes, it is what I was looking for day in and day out". Immediately, without knowing anything, I searched for Long Whet in the net and finally I got it from 'Maitreya Agro' Pune with the help of 'Mumbai Sulins'. I am also grateful to them (Mr. Rishi). Then, I came to know "Health Unlocked" the society where many diabetics are sharing their experiences.

    Sir, I don't even know "what is cure of diabetes", "whether it is curable or not", but one thing I can tell you, I am enjoying life. I am enjoying heavy sweets occasionally without spiking BS levels which I was not in a position even thinking of it some months back. It's you sir and your recipe and guidelines which made me so happy that I can't express. The rest of world may disagree but to me it is nothing but "CURE" of my diabetes.

    Sir, I am strictly following Long Wheat in Breakfast & Dinner along with restrictions as guided by you. My doctors are surprised seeing my progress day by day. They have already reduced medicines and doses, hope within next 3-4 months, I will be free from drugs. It's my hearty request to you, please advice me what should I do now. Your word is in bengali "Vedbakya" for me. Please advice sir.

    Have a good day and God bless you and your near and dear ones.

  • I am so happy for you . Can't express the joy I feel whenever I go through your post's telling about your progress and the fact that you are enjoying all the restricted foods. We diabetics never thought that we could be eating all these things again without further damaging our bodies!! Our progress also makes it clear that diabetes can be controlled and put into regression. This is a great relief. I had always heard that diabetes is a CHRONIC PROGRESSIVE DISEASE AND WORSENS WITH TIME. I always feared for the complications. But now we are relaxed as we know this is not true and we are not going to suffer. May God bless you with a speedy reversal. Sir do keep sharing your progress as it motivates all those on LWMDR.

  • Dear 'seemap'

    Thanks a lot for your encouraging message. Many people in this world are suffering with this dreaded disease and I know the pain which they are bearing day in and day out and at the same time some people are talking about 'cure of diabetes', arguing like anything regarding the same to prove their own theories. No matters what the rest of the world is thinking about this, but surely I will share my experiences in this forum to encourage members like you. I am telling diabetics around me about the progress of Long Wheat and in future also I will tell my story to my friends, colleagues and neighbors without any hesitation and fear of criticism.

  • Thanks sir for this commitment. Last week I had about one and a half sweet potato which was baked. After 1 hour I checked BSL on glucometer at home. It showed 107. Very happy. Was possible as I am following LWMDR and partly vegan diet. But now a days my diet is pretty relaxed and not that strict. I also intend to go for GTT. Let's hope l get courage for that.

  • Go ahead, no doubt God will surely help us to achieve our goal. Wish you all success in life.

  • Thanks asoreka sir for your good wishes and prayers.

  • For GTT courage is not at all sufficient. Your test results must satisfy the conditions. Otherwise GTT may bounce back. It may take to HYPERGLYCEMIC COMA.

    Do not think that since George has done it thrice after becoming diabetic, it must be simple & I also can do.

  • Thank you very much for the encouraging progress report for all the diabetics. You have made very good progress but may not be near cure. If what you told about taking sweets now is true, you may even jump to square one! My humble request is to have patience for some more time. Please report FBS, PPBS, HbA1c & Serum Insulin. FBS & PPBS in range need not be cure. We can confirm it by above test results.

    Thank you for the prayers. :-)

  • Yes sir. It's only after all this that I would be going for GTT. I want to give more time for this.

  • Rightly said George sir.

  • George Sir,

    I have started taking LWMDR from 1.9.2015 and am continuing it. During this period, due to inevitable circumstances, I was not able to take LWMDR for one dinner and one breakfast and excepting this, I am continuously taking the said diet for breakfast and dinner. Occasionally I am taking coconut chutney with LWMDR. For your kind information, I do take bed coffee(actually tea with milk and a spoon full of sugar) and another tea at about 6 pm after returning from my office every day. Despite all these things, my sugar level is under control. My fasting sugar as on yesterday(20/11/2015) is 95 and my post prandial level is 145. Though I have a long way to traverse with this LWMDR, I am happy about this control. Before taking LWMDR, my FS was 145 to 150 and PP was 198 to 220 and some times it has even crossed 290. I have come across with this diet for about 80 days as of 20/11/2015. I strongly trust I will be ok after a considerable time. During Diwali I took a good amount of savouries and two laddus. But I did not check my sugar level subsequently. I was initially taking Glyciphage 500 mg two tablets everyday. However in the recent times say about 6 months back, this tablet could not control my sugar levels and then switched over to Azulix 1 which I was taking one each in morning and night. I felt the dosage was little high. So I reduced it to half tablet each for morning, afternoon and night. After taking LWMDR, I skipped the morning 1/2 tablet. I am taking only 1/2 a tablet in the afternoon ( since lunch is heavy by rice, sambar and curd rice ) and 1/2 a tablet in night. I am planning to skip 1/2 tablet in night and only to continue the morning 1/2 tablet. Kindly look into my above said things and give me your feed back and advice as how I should go about in future. Thank you George sir. ( Sir for your information, I am 58 years old and diabetic from 1996). Thank you once again sir.

  • Keep it up. We are certainly going to see you going off medecines soon. God bless you and our shooter George sir for making our lives so liveable and stress free. Kindly keep on reporting your pro for the benefit of all of us.

  • Congratulations & thanks. Continue the course & keep reporting FBS/PPBS regularly. Wish you a speedy cure.

  • Dear George sir,

    I am surprised to see your reply and thank you immensely for your kindness and encouragements. I will keep reporting my FBS/PPBS to you sir. Thank you once again sir. Without you, it is not possible for is to reach this major breakthrough from this disease.

  • HOW ABOUT TAKING 'Ragi ' in stead of LONG WHEET

  • You can try. Eat and test. Glucometer is best friend of diabetics. But chances are that, it will spike BS as most millets are high carb and have less fiber.

  • Thank you seemap for your encouragement. Yes I will keep reporting my progress periodically. I would mainly like to thank Shooter Gerorge sir.

  • Is skimmed milk allowed for diabetic patient?

  • Dear 'Chiechie'

    It depends on purpose. In case of tea/coffee, skimmed milk is ok. If you want to consume it moderately on daily basis, then I will suggest to go for homemade Paneer (Ricotta Cheese) made from full fat milk.


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