Everything In Moderation -- A Failed Science?

Counting calories, using BMI for diabetes and obesity is a long failed science. In fact, no more a science but just another tool to fool diabetics into following the most horrible diet - High Carb Low Fat.

Most LCHF critics defend their carbs by saying -- everything in moderation is great. This is not so as per latest research:


Diabetics on LCHF never believed in "everything in moderation" theory. It's as useless as BMI and Calorie counting/hypo-caloric diets when it comes to reducing dependance on drugs and achieving A1C below 5.7. Only LCHF diet can help achieve this.

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  • Pl suggest LCHF diet for a vegetarian maharashtrian of age 50

  • LCHF diet is same for all. ~20% CARBS, 60% FAT minimum and balance proteins. Check my profile for links to meals as posted by diabetics on LCHF diet:


    PS: Since moderator (Vesa) allowed to post multiple links in profile, I have added to my profile. I am posting this note here so that anti LCHF guys don't take the unnecessary trouble of reporting this to admin.

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