Yestetday suddenly my neighbor'wife's sugar level reached 425 at 10 pm n he approached me I gave her the ayurvedic combination of 3 ingredients ( Neem oil,shilajit oil n jamun beej oil) within 30 minutes the sugar level came to 227 n than she took dinner. Today morning at 5.30 am her fasting sugar level was 128. This is what can b achieved with Indian herbs with no side effects as in chemical based medicines.

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  • What's name of medicine (neem oil,shelajit oil,n jam until been oil)

  • Hypoglycemic Oil

    Manufactured by westcourse drug co. Faridabad.

  • Where is it available? Can we buy this oil all over India?

  • thanks for the information but you have not mentioned how much we have to add?

  • Can it cure diabetes?

  • Yes , it can. Call Customer care no.

  • But,people say that diabetes can not be cured!Can you give even a single proof of cure?

  • All claiming cure are selling something ... diabetes "CURE" is a good flourishing business thriving on helplessness of diabetics to reduce carbs :(

    All claims are cure are HOGWASH, no matter how convincing they try to sound to sell something

  • That is what I see-"Diabetes curing people regularly visit to this forum!"

  • You will find many guys advertising on TV (specially late night on many channels) about some rehashed Gymnema mix sold for Rs 2500 (can't rcall but name was Gymnedine or something) when Himalaya sells it for 150. :)

    These guys are all in for making QUICK money. As Seen On TV ads type of advertisement. Best to stay away from.

    It's so easy, pick gymnena, fenugreek, jamun, mango leaves, tejpatta etc etc, mix it and then sell it at exhorbitant price. In the end it will FAIL.

  • Right!

  • Yes only LCHF WORKS.

  • Definitively!

  • Yes Mr.LCHF. u r right. Only yr diet can help people n nothing else. Thnx. I m not selling anything n moreover , I dont need customers like u who r not wlling to look ourside their well.

  • Don't get upset if you are not able to make money here. Yes LCHF works and we don't charge money for it. Yes you will never have guys like me as your customer because we know -- "Ghuttis costing fortune will never work" :)

    BTW, if you are not selling then why call me a "Customer" that you would never want. This in Hindi is known as "VIRODHABHAS" :)

  • Dear divinecure,It is for your kind information that Mr Anoop Ji,has helped me a lot in managing my diabetes without asking for a single rupee/doller.

  • Did I ask u to buy anything or asked u a single typee? I only shared my experience.

  • Even if you ask me for the same then I will not pay to you a single coin of 1 paisa.

  • What is fault in my language?Do you mean spelling mistakes??How many languages do you know???

  • How can u call me a seller or advertiser of oil n compare me with people or companies who are selling medicines on tv, without evwn knowing who I m. And as far as the language goes, I m capable enough to talk to anyone in this world.

  • (1)How can you call me pessimistic?

    (2)Actions speak lauder than words!

    (3)You are something not every thing!

    (4)First you talk to yourself!

    (5)Do not waste my time!


  • Hello Guys,

    This is not Indian parliament to argue and debate. Bring with good solutions for the others who are expecting help and advise. Nobody can and is forcing anybody to accept anything here. Just to share experiences.

  • Dear IsmayilKongad,thanks for your suggestion.You can understand the matter only after going through all replies.

  • Request you to provide me the Dosage Details - Ratios and frequency of dose.

    Also let me know where these oils are available and any particular Brand is recommended.

  • 12 drops twice a day, 10 minutes before meals.

  • Dear divinecure (Oil advertiser & seller),This is for your kind information.Please go through following:

    (1)I am not a super power.But,I can easily distinguish a helping hand and a cheater.Mr Anup Ji is a knowledgeable and experienced person and he has helped many diabetic people in managing their diabetes.For more information about him you may visit:

    (2)I am not a guardian of people in this forum and so I can not act like that.This community is for diabetic people to help each other by sharing their experience.It is not a market place.So,I can not welcome people like you whose interest lies in advertising and selling non-reliable products.What you are doing is not help but an attempt to do marketing.

    (3)A lion never bark and ruling over others is not choice of all people.So,you be relaxed and also be in your limits.

    (4)According to you-the cost of your medicine is Rs.225 which is not much and according to me-if the cost of a medicine is Rs.10 and this medicine is not effective then spending even Rs.10 for it is useless.I am good in general mathematics and can easily calculate that If you are succeed to convince 100 people in the forum to buy your oil then you will be able to generate Rs.22500 per month.That is why you are trying at

    your best.But,you do not worry no one will give you a chance to plant a money tree in this forum.

    (5)To understand facts about God and His creations,I do not need help of people like you.Once again,I want you to clear your concept that God is not only for you and He is not relative of you.

    I am an optimistic person and I always think positively that is why I have identified you as what you are.BTW,thanks for your suggestion.

    For your kind information-


    and you

    Dear Mr Oil advertiser & seller,let us to fulfill our commitment.Please do not waste our time.May God give you a life!

  • Dear Sir,

    I totally agree with your comments above.

    People should help each other not to do the business

    for there own interest. It shame if they are playing with sentiments of diabetic patients.


  • Dear Manjit,Thanks a lot for providing your support after knowing the facts!

  • No one needs a certificate here from someone who is too desperate to make money by hook or crook. Yes, I know for sure more than you on managing diabetes and I can bet my last penny on that.

    I have found it quite a common affair. When people cannot debate sanely, they start getting personal. Shows the hollowness of claims of CURE.

  • Even I dont need a certificate from u n yr associates. Bye

  • I don't have associates. It's just that diabetics who have benefited from LCHF Diet after being betrayed by everything else know what works and what is a SHAM and a money making SCAM. I don't even charge Rs 2.25 :)

    As I have said, I have discussed at length with doctors from Himalaya Herbal and also with Dr Pratap Chauhan (from your city and who is behind Have gone trough trial papers on Himalaya website.

    In fact, in one of the contest by Dr Pratap Chauhan on his FB page, I was the winner and he couriered me one of his books FREE OF COST.

    I would love to have "Certificates" from stalwarts like Dr Pratap Chuahan. A company like yours, which does not even have a good website is not worth a second look. So first spend some Rs 40,000 to 60,000 on a good responsive design website, by engaging a professional company and not some "mama-bhanja" type of web designing companies.

  • So it proved Mr.Lchf that u r doing business here, thats why u r advising me to get a website designed. Mr.Lcfh I m not selling anything so I dont need any website and as far as Mr. Chouhan goes, he is running his business and unlike YOU I dont criticize anyone.

  • Business means making money. I don't charge money or sell anything or cook up stories :)

    Get your facts right, else no would care about what you feel. It's aware that you are desperately trying to sell /endorse something and for that you want that "YOUR WORD" should be taken as proof. You are publishing contact numbers, selling price of product etc.

    BTW, I have a name. So get over with your sarcasm of calling me by some other name.

  • Dear divineless,Who will give a certificate to people like you?

  • Who wl ask a certificate from d,.....

  • For your kind information-Certificate is not given to any body on his demand.It is received on the basis of merit.Got it?

  • She needs to be seeing a health professional to avoid complications; your faffing about is lulling her into a false sense of security.

    Dietary-wise, she needs to cut her carb intake drastically, and eat a little more natural fat.

    Some people are so desperate for money, they don't care about the longer-term consequences to peoples lives; even if they mean well.

  • They are here to make quick buck. They shell out their email addresses and telephone numbers so that they can trap in privacy :)

    Haven't you seen "As Seen On TV" ads for various products -- how convincing they try to sound and then say Order Now and get gift worth XYZ FREEEEE :)

  • @concerned

    Rightly said.

  • Unproved claim by 'Divine Cure', please heed caution note by Concerned and TVMP. Diabetics experience wide and quick fluctuations. There is not a single scientifically conducted study that suggests Neem has a role in reducing blood glucose level. Bitter Gourd (Karela) is also a myth! Some varieties of 2kg karela may not be as effective as 1 gram of Metformin.

  • Shall I sign an affadavit n get it notarised than post here. I dont hv to prove nothing to noone.

  • First get your mix analysed by some independent laboratory and post results. Some Chinese herbal mix was caught with their so called herbal powder having some banned Allopathic anti diabetic drug. If you don';t have to prove anything then why are you trying to SELL here? This place is not for guys wanting to make some quick bucks.

  • Let us end this discussion here itself. If you necessarily wants to end yr life with insulin injections in yr stomach, even God cannot help. Pls go for it . May God gives u all the strength. N by the way this is not my combination, I m proscribing to my patients.

  • Very true. There is no full proof cure from any type of medicines whether herbal, homeopathy or allopathy. It is a bitter fact that diabetic can be only controlled by diet exercise and with support of allopathy medicines which help us to postpone the gravity of this disorder as May be seen from people living for more than 35 years with diabetics.

  • Come to me. I wl introduce u to 100 thousand people taking ayurvedic medicines n they r well with no side effects.

  • If you r so confident get the oil a patent right with proof of recovery through govt support of lab results so that the entire world is relieved of this disorder with permanent cure.

  • Let us end this discussion here itself. If you necessarily wants to end yr life with insulin injections in yr stomach, even God cannot help. Pls go for it . May God gives u all the strength. By the way this is not my Medicine n I m not selling it.

  • Divine Cure I never said your blood glucose level did not come down. Please check your comprehension skills. It is a fact that sugar level fluctuates for both diabetic and healthy (non diabetic) people. The fluctuation is greater in case of diabetic patients! What I conveyed is that you have wrongly credited the score change to whatever concoction you are trying to promote. These ingredients and proportions have failed to generate any positive outcome on most people. Even if it was not so, without double blind test on a large enough number of experimenters inference such as the one made by you is unscientific and irrational.

  • Once again I very humbly request not to prove the other person wrong without knowing the facts. If u hv not come across any gud medicine in yr life doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Ayurveda is a great science which is being recognised by the whole world n sad to say that we in India prefer to take poison promoted by Western countries. U think diabetes cannot b cured or there is no scientist in the universe who cannot make medicine which can cure diabetes, u r wrong , actually it can b produced but the companies which r selling these medicines donot want u to get rid of the disease. It is billions of dollars business per month. I think since yday I uv said enough. Thx n GOD BLESS ALL.

  • divinecure: The only item that may have some undetected content probably is long grain wheat. Please search LWMDR here and see the enviable neutrality and objectivity with which Shooter George has presented data and findings.

  • Right!

  • Dear Sir .

    Please send me name of Aurvedic combination .where i can get this.

    I will appreciate if you send me the information requested.



  • Dear All,

    We have to digest 1 important thing that DIABETIC can not be cured. Only we have to control it with food intake. It already proved in my case that LCHF diet is only solution available on earth to keep BS in normal range. So don't run after such so called drugs claiming it can cure it. Have LCHF diet, have exercise and enjoy every second in our life.

  • You r mistaken my dear, provably u hv not explored ayurveda.

  • I don't think anyone is bigger and more honest than Dr Pratap Chauhan of as far as Ayurveda goes. So don't make such tall claims. Mixing some oil with powder doesn't CURE diabetes. It never WILL.

  • divinecure: Health gains by following Ayurveda has been noticed in a number of heath areas but not in case of diabetes. Diabetes was meaningfully recognized in 1889 whereas Ayurveda evolved 5000 years ago!

  • My dear Sir,

    I have tried it also, several time. But my diabetic is not cured. If you know any drug which can cure it, whole forum will be happy to know it.

  • Dear Sir,

    I am totally agreed with you.

    Some people write the wrong medicine for there own interest and make money.

    That is why i am fed up. to read the comments and suggestions.

    Why these greedy people of mislead the diabetic patients.

    I don't know what wrong with these peoples.


  • They know that diabetic people are already suffering from lots of problems but they (cheaters) are greedy by nature so they try to make money by looting others.Is not it?

  • Agreed. This is true, but my dear u shud not treat everyone the same way because u hv come across some bad people.

  • Dear divinecure,it is clear from your replies that who is barking!Your words are reflecting your mentality.It is matter of sorrow that you have not learned a few good words even at the age of 60 years.It is shame for you.

    People in this forum can judge all about you easily by going through your replies.

  • Dear Mr.Manjeet,

    I fully agree with u, there r people out here in this blog who advertise wrong medicines just to make few bucks, but at the same time everyone can not b bad or wrong as yr own fingers r not the same size, one shud not treat everyone the same way. My cocern here is that pls donot judge people withot knowing the facts.

  • It's not uncommon to find snake-oil sellers. They thrive on FALSE claims of CURE. Here's what snake-oil means:

  • I uv no time to talk to people with no Knowledge n dont feel the need to justify. Bye

  • Thank you. Your knowledge is evident from the post where:

    (1) You fed that oil to someone at 400+ sugar.

    (2) Your oil acted faster than insulin ie within 30 min sugar levels dropped to 200+

    (3) Then, you never checked PPBS after dinner. That would have shown how well the oil worked. but, you smartly skipped that test.

    (4) You check FBS only next morning. 125 is not something to cheer about. We look for FBS in the 90's

    Sounds more like TVC Skyshop advertisement. In next advertisement, publish some numbers for post meal PPBS also to make it even more convincing. I really wonder how many will fall for it.

  • Great!

  • Mr.Great, chamchagiri ke ilaawa bhi kuch aata hai. 400 ke level ko apni LCFH se niche la ke dikha de, tab baat karna otherwise f......... yrself till than.

  • It is not LCFH.It is LCHF -learn it!For your kind information-The BS level of an LCHF follower ,in general,does not shoot up to 400.So there is no need of taking your farji oil.Even if you sale it for Rs.2.25.

    Remember-your words are enough to judge every thing about you.This is shame for you that even at the age of 60 years,you have not learned a few good words.

  • Your language clearly reflects hooliganism. "F" word isn't used by even a kid with decent upbringing. As for sugar levels, go visit and you will find many who have drastically reduced drugs or eliminated them completely and are enjoying non diabetic numbers on LCHF diet.

    And, we don't feel thrilled with FBS 128. That's a horrible blood sugar reading. So just don't go gaga over it. And remember, none of those on LCHF diet use some "noorani" tel from some obscure company which doesn't even have money to update their website.

    Oh BTW, getting 400 levels down on LCHF is like walking in the park when it comes to LCHF diet. Sugu (search for this user on this forum to look at his story in his own words) is one user who reduced his A1C from 13+ to 5+ with ZERO DRUGS. Do you know what A1C is?

    Learn some manners first because despite being 60 years of age, you seriously lack the same and your language borders around hooliganism. No sane person uses "F" word on forums.

  • Dear aks666,you are 101% right!

  • My dear Sir,

    Thanks for your experience and information.



  • Thanks Sir. Is available all over India ? Can you share it's price ? How and when it should be taken ? For how many days one should take this medicine ?

  • Price is secret (and I am sure will cost fortune). These mixes work on simple formula:

    (1) First claim CURE.

    (2) Then hook few diabetics by incessant spamming on different diabetes forums.

    (3) When the so called Ghutti doesn't work, they will say diabetes will need at least two years.

    (4) Patient keeps trying for two years.

    (5) Conditions get worse and patient gives up.

    But, by then such operators have skinned the helpless diabetic by four figures at least, besides causing more harm than good.

  • I told u Mr.Lchf, don't react without knowing the full facts. The cost of medicine is merely Rs.225/-. Noone is here to cheat others here n dont fool people with yr lchf diet program. I never said yr program is wrong, but it has to b combined with herbs which can cure. For yr information Ayurveda doesnot cure any disease but rectify yr system so that u can get rid of the deficiencies n can lead yr life normally.

  • I m sorry the word cheat is wrong n the correct word is mislead as u r not cheating noone.

  • 14

    Westo-Diabetish Capsule

    Hope for Diabetics

    60 C



    On west course drug company's website, above capsule is available. I have not seen any Hypoglycemic Oil in the price list as well product list.

    I am confused. Please guide me.

  • Its the same company. And the cost of product is only Rs.225/_

  • Dear divinecure,

    First you give proof regarding permanent cure of diabetes then ask people to buy your oil.

  • First of alo I m not selling any medicine and secondly the medicine we are talking here ia GMP certified. Once again I request all not to react or judge anything without knowing all the facts.

  • GMP certification is about "manufacturing process" and not about controlled trials.

  • I think if we mix "laung tel" "tejpatta tel" and "kalee jeera tel" to the mix, the same will become more potent and sugar will drop from 400 to 100 in 30 minutes :D :D :D

  • Ha ha ha . . . . . !

  • :D :D :D

  • aks666: Has the affect of 'laung tel', 'kale jeera tel' been measured for blood glucose level change?

  • I don't know why we are all reacting so much. Divinecure only said the sugar level came down after taking the drops. At a level of 425, it surely need some medical intervention to bring it down to acceptable levels. I don't see anything wrong here. Once the levels are brought down - be it any method - diets like LCHF or Long Wheat, etc, etc, can be followed to maintain the levels. And when the name of the company and phone nos are given, those who would like to try can always do that and those not interested can stay away. What's the big deal here?

  • Some time back, someone got duped by around Rs 5000 by one such claimant of curing / managing diabetes through some magic mixes. Then someone else on this forum posted for help on behalf of that some one else -- who got duped -- for help and how to recover the money. Commercial activity posts should not be allowed at all.

  • Right!

  • Yes yes right mr.pessimistic (chamcha, kurcchi of LCFH)

  • Dear divinecure,it is clear from your replies that who is barking!Your words are reflecting your mentality.It is matter of sorrow that you have not learned a few good words even at the age of 60 years.It is shame for you.

    People in this forum can judge all about you easily by going through your replies.

  • Someone (not naming him as his account is already deleted) used to use the words "BARKING/BARK" against anyone who talked LCHF here in the past. His account is deleted. But, this guy has same abusive style.

  • This fellow (oil seller) is using abbreviation LCFH instead of LCHF and thinks that he is a gyani.There is one more person who is marketing herbs for permanent cure of diabetes.

  • When anger takes better of you, then mind-hand-eye coordination takes a hit. :)

  • Absolutely right,Anup Ji!

  • I know tgis what u can do. Go ahead ans delete my account. Because u hv no reply to my comments thar u r promoting brands who manufacture food stuff. There r many ways to make money, directly or indirectly, and I know what u r trying to do. Ab jali jab sach samne ayaa.

  • No body will advocate for deleting your account.Because then he will be in the loss.In fact,you are an entertainment piece for the people and they will never wish to miss you.We are getting full entertainment.Please be regular in the forum and try to sell here some other product-"12 bundo wala,diabetes dur bhaganewala" oil ke alawa!

  • I let others who follow LCHF decide what I am doing. Guys who don't know what LCHF is all about only ABUSE and INSULT me I do not get bothered by it because these do not stick. This has been happening since Jan 2013 :)

    Carry on. Many have tried to irritate me in the past and have failed despite using abusive words :)

  • Westo-Diabetish Capsule

    Hope for Diabetics

    60 C



    On west course drug company's website, above capsule is available. I have not seen any Hypoglycemic Oil in the price list as well product list.

    I am confused. Please guide me.

  • Their site probably is not updated. You can contact them by phone if u wish to.

  • Site is not updated and yet you know everything about the oil, the company and everything else. Does some "divine" intervention passes on all the invisible-to-public information -- ingredient, pricing, doses -- about the oil to you or the company sends some scheme through confidential communication? Just asking.

  • Although I dont feel the need to justify anything, but mr.lchf when I m prescribing this medicine to my patients, I necessarily need to hv complete details.

  • Mr divineless,No body is your patient here and you have no right to prescribe any thing to any body in this forum.Even you are not a diabetic person then how can you share your experience of diabetes?We are diabetic people and what are our experience,we share with each other for the benefit of others.It is better you do experiments in your neighbor,if they are allowing.But-"Ham yaha par tumhari dal galane nahi denge!"Remember-we diabetic people are hard to handle.It is a lesson for you dear-"Do any thing in your life (sell face cream,toothpaste,toilet soap etc) but do not try to sell any oil or herbs here claiming for permanent cure of diabetes.We all diabetic people know that no permanent cure till date is available for diabetes and if a permanent cure will come in the future then "Chirkut" type people will not be credited for it.

    Also never try to argue with engineers kyoki wo heat treatment ke sabhi processes jaise-melting,boiling,quenching etc ke bare mei sirf theoretical nahi but practical bhi jante hain.So "piyo thandha and Jiyo thandha".Have a nice day,dear!

  • divinecure who ever you be a baseless duplicate person in real means, if you have confidence in diabetes cure your response is not showing the same across all your writings. a confident person need not to write as he is confident it will show at his act but you are not I am sure.

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