Frequent Urination

It has been observed that due to high sugar in the blood stream a diabetic can experience frequent urination so far as my personal experience is concerned. Whenever I had the problem of frequent urination, I checked my BS level and found high (FBS-150-170, PPBS-180-210). But, now my BS levels are well in control (FBS-88-92, PPBS-103-110), however, I am experiencing frequent urination till evening (not in night). If anybody in the forum can throw light on the fact, I think it will be very beneficial for other members also. Thanks in advance.

God bless & good luck to you all.

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  • Dear asoreka,Do you drink lot of water during whole day?

    I am having the same problem.My BS levels are almost under control but still I feel frequent urination,especially in the evening.

    Let us wait for answers from experienced and knowledgeable people in the forum.

  • Dear "All"

    Many many thanks for your early responses. But, actually I wanted to know what is the exact & clear cut solution, however, it is seen that and according to my understanding it's a common problem for diabetics.

    I drink more or less 1.5 ltrs. per day and that is also within 6-00 PM.In this context, I would like to mention that, some days back (60-70 days) I had no problems for the same (at that time it was around 5 to 6 hrs interval). The problem has started recently and perhaps there is no relation between high blood sugar with frequent urination as Mr" arunkumar3112" said in his opinion.

    Thanks once again.

    God bless & good luck

  • frequent urination is a very common problem for diabets.

    we have a very simple effectice solution in folk medicine.

    there is no harm in trying as it has no side effect but helps in controlling blood suger as well.

    1. put some fresh Amla fruits in freezer overnight.

    2.. remove one or two from freezer in morning and put in a cup at room temperature untill it releases the juice . you can squeeze it to extract the juice.

    3 .. Mix a tea spoon of Termaric powder in the juice.

    4. add half tea spoon of honey in the mixture . and consume it.

    from very next day you get rid of the problem.

    remeber only reason for frequent urination is what you eat. just remember your last diet and find the culprit. avoid it in future.

  • from ayurveda, i knew these things..

    -there is a disease named prameha.

    -meaning of the word prameha, is - urge of frequent urination.

    -as in diabetes mellitus, when a person's body develops condition to have sugar in blood and/or urine, it is called as madhumeha.

    -madhumeha is an advanced and complicated stage of prameha.

    -when a person takes care of his/her blood sugar and urine sugar and gets them under control by any of the diet, medication, exercise; the condition madhumeha gets under control.

    -but the underlying condition, prameha, still remains in the body.

    -that is the stage, when you don't have sugar problem but still experience frequency in urination.

    hope this will help you understand your problem.

  • I too am having frequent urination problem during night . My observation is during high blood sugar at night , I have to get up only once or twice during night . But when the Blood sugar is under control I have an urge to urinate exactly every hour through out the night . I always drink one glass of water before going to Bed . However , I avoid drinking water in the evening, even if thirsty .

    Any suggestions or comments ?

  • Please inform in detail and how to control in which ayurvedic medicine

  • Dera Milind_Chatrabhuji,Thanks for your reply.I have understood problem.Now,I am interested in solution.So,please suggest what can be done to stop frequent urination.

  • -first thing, human body has three natural ways to remove unwanted things from inside. They are feaces, urine and sweat. Don't stop them until and unless emergency.

    -if body is excreting more urine that means there is some problem inside, that's why the body is working hard to remove from the urinary way.

    -now you are knowing about your problem, that is diabetes. yes, it is diabetes. frequent urination is just a sign. so please don't try to stop the frequency of urine. correct the diabetes.

    -and for that, remove the unwanted things from body by the other natural ways, i mean feaces or sweat; and in not just quantity, but in quality.

    -remove those things which your body wants to remove from it.

    -you will follow a good diet plan and 'proper' feaces will be removed. you will do exercises needed, and 'proper' sweat will be removed.

    -when diet and exercises are not enough, take potent things in small quantities, to make your process faster, they are known as 'medicines'.

    -coming to medicines, 'remember your goal'. you need to correct the diabetes, not the frequent urination.

    -take such medicines which removes excess and unwanted materials from inside.

    -for fecal way, simply take triphala, danti, indravaruni, nagarmotha etc.

    -for sweat way, take haldi, daruhaldi, better you go for swedana.

    -use sorghum(jowar) in your diet by all ways you can use. eg. make decoction of sorghum flour or make roti.

    -once all the unwanted materials are out from body, the process is Not complete. the last step is to make the body back to normal that you don't get diabetes again.

    -vasant kusumakar and ekangveer are enough for that.

    -caution : all the matter i have written here are taken from charaka samhita and other books and my opinion is also the same as of them. But never go for all these on your own. These things are written here only for knowledge purpose. to get perfect treatment, consult your physician and do all things under his/her observation, otherwise you will get so many difficulties nowadays known as 'side effects'.

    wish you good luck !

  • Thanks a lot for detailed reply!

  • Frequent Urination may not always be due to Blood Sugar.The prostate problem may be checked also.Frequent urination in day time & night time may be of two different reasons.If anybody suffering from insomnia,indigestion,may have the

    frequent urine problem in the night..Kidney should also be checked,if there is swelling in the legs.Persons who are suffering from high BP,the legs may have

    swelling due to the medicine.This needs to be consulted with the Doctor.Thanks.

  • Iur problems more at night Finish your dinner at 8pm , stop taking water and liquid after 9pm , Take Runamoolam Kashayam 15ml with 30ml boiled cooled ( water will be in room temperature) twice daily


  • I too experience the same problem. I am running 76 and the old age might be a reason. Over and above any thoughts regarding urination provide urgent signals to body. Mind has something to do with the reactions of body.

    I do not travel by bus for fear of frequent urination.

  • check with your medication, if doctor has prescribed hydrothiazide as one of the composition for bp control then that the culprit. but it is essential as it controls the water retention problem leading to high bp

  • When you take more water, under tensed situation, you urinate often even the diabetic is under control. This happens to me. It looks when having Good metabolic state situation sometime urinate often due to blader capacity.

  • Go for HbA1C blood test, ask your doctor for some explanation on how to control type 2 by life style change.

  • befor four year back i have same problem.i asked to my doctor for this. he suggested to for sonography. after sonography observed some urin always balancing in gala blader.he give some medicine and problem bs is now fasting 90& pp 140mg/dl.

  • Please explain sonography and the findings.

    What is the connection between gala blader and urine blader?

  • The current situation of frequent urination may be due to ADH(Antidiuretic Homone) and the kidneys make /secrete more urine.

  • take 10 drops of homeo medicine syzygium jumbolanam mother tincture after 30min of meals.syzygium jumbolanam is made from bark of jamun can study this on materia medica also, it is a proved drug.

  • Have you checked your sugars in the evening? A well managed fasting and PP does not indicate what sugars u are running in the evening

  • If the urine is frothy it is not good. If you drink more water it causes water retention in the body and results in Edema. Are you taking any drugs to flush your system.?

  • Thank you sir, thank you very much. I think myself and probably all have got the answer.

    God bless you.

  • Hi can anybody tell what to do as I am also feeling same,getting urine for every 5 min,I am able to control for 1 hr

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