Eggs and Cholesterol - Dietary Cholesterol Has Little Impact on Serum Cholesterol

Dietary cholesterol has no elation to Serum cholesterol. Ask any diabetic on LCHF who eats eggs and in 9/10 cases he will tell you that LIPIDS have improved and some have even gone off statin drugs. Rigged studies just to prove something that doesn't exists are useless.

More on Eggs and health parameters:

Eggs and Diabetes:

So, all this talk abotu choelsterol in eggs and LIPIDS/CVD is just a HOGWASH and the lie is pushed again and again so that people can be kept on the nonsensical dietary advise - HIGH CARB LOW FAT. Diabetics -- Stay away from HIGH CARB LOW FAT DIET.

More than any studies, it is the medical reports of actual diabetics on LCHF diet and taking 2 to 3 eggs per day that's most important. Studes can always be skewed depending on who is sponsoring it. Ancel Keys skewed one study, Sydney Diet Heart Study skewed another -- only to be exposed decades later.

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  • It is very genuine to belief in practical than believing in the theory.

  • Yes, "Practical Experience" is the BEST Teacher. And, that's how LCHF has gained momentum -

  • H!

    Anup ji,

    100 gm Amul Butter me Cholesterol 180mg.

    Kya y use kar sakte hai.

    I m diabetic trying LCHF.



  • Upar jo likha hai kripya padhen.

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