Egg yolks alone were associated with artery-clogging plaque buildup .

This certainly ruffled some feathers.

Yes, eggs are by far the number one source of cholesterol in the American diet, but some letters to the editor protested that dietary cholesterol may have very little impact on blood cholesterol levels, citing a study published in 1971 in journal of lipid research on eight people.

But if one looks at dozens of studies together, covering hundreds of study subjects, we find that blood cholesterol concentration is “clearly increased by added dietary cholesterol.”

Of course the only reason we care about our cholesterol levels or how much plaque is building up inside our arteries is because we want to avoid the consequences, like a heart attack. So do eggs increase our risk of cardiovascular disease? The latest meta-analysis, the latest compilation of all the best studies on egg consumption and risk of heart disease going back to 1930, found that, overall, those who ate the most eggs had a 19% increased risk of cardiovascular disease, a 68% increased risk of diabetes, and, once you have diabetes, an even greater 85% increased risk of heart disease. It didn’t take much; less than a single egg a day was associated with a significantly increased risk of heart disease. Just over half an egg a day may increase heart disease risk 6% (40% in separated diabetes patients), and the risk of diabetes by 29%. The researchers conclude that their findings support the American Heart Association dietary guidelines, which advise restricted egg consumption in adults for preventing cardiometabolic disease, like diabetes, our seventh leading cause of death, and heart disease, our number one killer.

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Michael Greger, M.D.

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  • Please refer this also

  • American diet is HIGH CARB. Dietary cholesterol has absolutely no relation with serum cholesterol and that's why some countries do not place any relevance to this IRRELEVANT thing. This is just another dietary nonsensical advise coming from masters of HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet.

    Ask Any diabetic on LCHF diet and having eggs daily and this is the basic thing they will tell you from their own EXPERIENCE as per their medical reports that they follow.

    How about asking Kaizad Capadia?

    He is INDIAN and eats 6 whole eggs a day. I eat 3 a day most of the days since ages.

    Might as well take some time out and study the following site:

    All this cholesterol talk emnating out of US is for selling more CARBS and thus DRUGS.

    BTW, haven't found your own dietary habits, LIPIDS, Drugs, PPBS, A1C over the years posted ever during the close to three years. So, maybe share your details because these studies will not convince any sensible diabetic who is on LCHF diet to ever be scared -- because LIPIDS Improve on LCHF with 3 eggs per day also and 60% FAT is diet :)

  • BTW, following is a case of 80 year old diabetic who has CVD history and still enjoying great numbers on far lower drugs after switching to LCHF diet and eating eggs and butter. Clsoe to 400+ Indian diabetics on LCHF will tell you that LCHF is great :)

    Millions of diabetics on LCHF around the world just cannot be wrong and few white-collar researchers doing data dredging be right. We know where the money for all these researches again SFA come from.

  • Hey,

    Do you know what even the the fathers of SFA-CVD lie wrote to one journal?

    "The paper by Kern has received considerable publicity, with news reports suggesting that the study shows that cholesterol is unimportant, without discriminating between cholesterol in the diet and that in the blood. Dietary cholesterol has an important effect on the cholesterol level in the blood of chickens and rabbits, but many controlled experiments have shown that dietary cholesterol has a limited effect in humans. Adding cholesterol to a cholesterol-free diet raises the blood level in humans, but when added to an unrestricted diet it has a minimal effect. Publicizing the story of a man who ate 25 eggs a day will ultimately confuse the public and instill skepticism about nutritional teaching, an area in which emphasis on the fatty acids in the diet is needed.

    Ancel Keys, Ph.D.

    University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455"

    So, the much loved (by the Anti SFA lobby) master also says --

    "Dietary cholesterol has an important effect on the cholesterol level in the blood of chickens and rabbits, but many controlled experiments have shown that dietary cholesterol has a limited effect in humans. "

    Of course he was upset that his theory was debunked -- and that's why he wrote the last sentence which made no sense :)

    All this Dietary SFA-Cholesterol-CVD theory is dated and irrelevant in 21st century.

    Thanks to the INTERNET.


  • Adding to above:

    Sylvan Lee Weinberg, former president of the American College of Cardiology and outspoken proponent of the diet-heart hypothesis:

    "The low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet… may well have played an unintended role in the current epidemics of obesity, lipid abnormalities, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndromes. This diet can no longer be defended by appeal to the authority of prestigious medical organizations."

    So, Dietary SFA-Chilesterol-CVD theory isn't even believed by the founders and vocal proponets of the theory. Why should we trust such a theory then :)

    Bottom line still remains the same: LCHF DIET wins and it's the HIGH CARB LOW FAT unhealthy diet which is the cause for all health issues.

  • aks666 --

    So both the statements from two guys prove that SFA-Cholesterol-CVD theory was/is/will be JUNK SCIENCE.

    It is the High Carb Low fat diet which has ruined human health over the past few decades and made drug companies richer ever second. All so called nutrition experts are just busy peddling the decade old lies so that drug sales keep soaring.

    The statement from founder -- Ancel keys -- of this nonsensical theory should be an eye opener who repeat his SFA-CVD theory (or a LIE) over and over again. Time to stop that I guess, as the father of the theory himself didn't believe in what he founded, and perhaps in overnethusiam to oppose the author of the paper spilled the beans :D :D

  • From --

    "A computer analysis compared the nutritional content of the eggs with nutritional needs* and identified inadequacies in the levels of carbohydrates (5 percent of total calories), ...."

    Miriam Erick, R.D.

    Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA 02115

    Doesn't this statement prove that 5% carbs are the only essential need for humans? Even then, perhaps the RD didn't know that body can generate glucose from proteins. Obviously some guys who wrote to the editor were indeed caught off guard and spilled the beans -- just like this 5% CARB need as bare minimum, and Ancel Keys exposing himself, where he indirectly claimed he did not believe in his own theory?

    So, if 5% is all that's needed why push 60%??? Why call it healthy and balanced??? Why criticize or try to present data against LCHF diet when it works in reality??? The more one tries to project LCHF in bad light based on some OPINIONS without PROOF, more such TRUTHS will be posted here so that readers here know what is FACTUALLY correct. I am aware, pointed questions from me to anyone who talks against LCHF rarely get answered within the context.

    There's no PROOF that High Carb Low Fat diet is healthy. There's all the proof against High Carb Low Fat diet as being the most unhealthy diet.

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