Self experience feedback is expected from members. What you eat to alleviate D2.How much?

I am looking for notes and feedback that helped our member participants.

In what way are they convinced.

Which Calcium are they using and why and how much?

Exactly how much LONG wheat they are using and in which way Other their suggestions

are difficult to understand.

News items with relevance and some comments are welcome.

Appreciate the news items and articles,anyway.

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  • I am diabetic since last 22 years. In May-15 my sugar level was very high >300 PP and >400 PL after having Duatral 1/2,1/2,1/2 and Human mixtard 25 units daily for last 4 years. My diabetes specialist given me very strong dose (GP3) + Insulin. But not controlling. Hence went to other doctor at Jupiter Hospital, Thane and taken advise. She advised for diet control with GP1, Zitamet and insulin. (Dose reduced) and strict checking the level on glucometer for 10 days. Sugar level is <110 PP and <200 PL.

    Please control diet and do exercise.

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