Things Your Nails Say About You

Things Your Nails Say About You

Many diseases can be detected by looking at your nails. So, you need to pay extra attention to your nails to ensure your health is in perfect condition. Here are some of the pertinent things that your nails say about your health…

Darkened nails

A darkened nail can mean a few things; first, it could be just a natural, genetic pigmentary change, like a freckle. But if there is a dark streak along the nail from cuticle to tip and there is only one, or it is changing fast, it may mean something more ominous. This is a form of skin cancer and potentially deadly. Some nail fungus infections can also have dark gray or green colors, so when in doubt, see your dermatologist.

Bluish Nails

Bluish nails do not indicate a health problem. Instead it means that your body is not getting enough oxygen. You need to get yourself checked for respiratory disorders if your nails appear blue.


White nails can mean several bad things, but the most serious thing to worry about is liver disease.

Loose nails

When the fingernails become loose and can separate from the nail bed, it may indicate an injury or infection, as well as thyroid disease, psoriasis, poor circulation or allergic reaction to medicine

Pale Nails

Pale nails can mean a lot of things. Normally, paleness under the nails is associated with anemia or low hemoglobin count. But it could also mean general malnutrition or a sign of some sort of lung disease.

Spoon-shaped nails

Thin, peeling or spoon-shaped nails can imply iron-deficiency anemia.

Spoon-shaped nails

Thin, peeling or spoon-shaped nails can imply iron-deficiency anemia.

Yellow Nails

Yellow nails are immediately associated with the liver disorder. When a person is suffering from jaundice, the billirubin levels in the body rise. This casts a yellowish hue on the person's body. Eyes, skin and even nails get a yellowish tint.

Curling Nails

Curling nails are a sign of cancer. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to toe nails. Curling nails usually indicate a predisposition to lung cancer. But nails could also start curling due to age. Yet, you must get yourself checked.

White lines running across the nails

In this case the lines run parallel to the base of the fingernail. Don’t confuse it with white spots or streaks that are normal, but when there are parallel white lines across the nails, it’s a sign of low levels of protein in the blood, which can be due to malnutrition or liver disease.


If you have brittle nails that are hard but break easily, this can be a sign of dryness, or possibly hypothyroidism. This is especially true if it goes along with thinning or unusually dry hair.

Cracked Nails

Nails that crack or get chipped easily are a symptom of thyroid gland malfunction. You need get your thyroid hormone levels checked if your nails break too easily.

Horizontal Ridges

A deep horizontal ridge with normal nail on either side usually means there was some specific trauma, high stress, illness, or other metabolic disruption for a defined period before the nail went back to growing normally.

Uneven Nails

Your nails can sometimes have uneven thickness that gives them a rippled effect. Such uneven texture of nails could indicate the first stage of inflammatory diseases like arthritis.

Black Nails

If your nails start developing black lines under them then it could be a dangerous sign. Blackness of the nails indicates the most fatal type of skin cancer or melanoma. However, a fungal disease of the nails that is not healed for a long time may also turn your nails black.


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