Diabetic People's Diabetes Research Association: A step to CURE Diabetes

I hope all of us are diabetic here. There is a lot of associations (like ADA) for benefiting the diabetic people and they supports the expected diabetes cure researchers and many more. But one thing, have we thought so much before we diagnoshed? Simply NO. Why we are so cautious and curious now? Ha ha we all know. Whatever! I think these two questions may clear that we need our won organization to support us and discover the real cure. The dependence on non-diabetics organisations are really helpful? No for me. Let's create our own association. Friends this is the time to organize ourselves for a real cure. I know it's not easy. But easier than cure the disease/syndrome and I believe that we can.

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  • Welcome!

  • Fantastic idea

  • If it is without strings, is good to be welcomed !!!!

  • ADA and CURE? Wishful thinking. Their DIET itself will make sure that diabetics lead to more sales of insulin and drugs. They ignore diet that really works.and recommend a diet that only makes things go from bad to worse.

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